“Get some cooked rice” I said to John, 12yo as we prepared some chicken soup together. He helped sliced some veggies, ginger and string onions.

“There’s no cooked rice.” He said as he check out the rice cooker.

“Do you know how to cook rice?”

“No” was his reply.

“Come here, I’ll show you how.”

We went into the kitchen, prepare the rice cooker and rice, get a measuring cup and started counting 1,2,3-7 cups for everybody. Wash the rice with water twice and put 8 cups of water, etc. Ready, turn on the rice cooker and showed him how to know if the rice is cook.

We consumed 50 kilos of rice every ten days. About a dozen to 2 dozen of people comes and goes to do ‘yahshab’ here during the week to practice denying themselves and laying down their life to one another by serving one another. Teaching them how to live, not just about God. Teaching them to obey, not underline their favourite verses in their bibles.

We ate together that night (last night) with others as we work in the garden.

“So, John, you know how to cook rice now?” I ask him as he grabs his food.

“Yes.” He said.

“How do you know? Have you cook rice yet?”

“No” he replied.

“If not, why did you say you know how to cook rice?”

“Because you taught me how.” He said with a smile.

“So you mean if someone taught you how to do this and that without doing it yourself you know how?”

“I’m confused.” A 12yo boy were selling cigarettes in the cockfight arena just trying to figure things out in his head of what I said.

“Which do you think of these two who can say he knows how. One who were taught and was shown how but didn’t do it himself yet or one who were taught and shown how and did it himself?”

With a smile he said “the last one.”

“You got it. So do you know how to cook rice now?”

“Nope.” He said plainly.


“Because I didn’t do it yet.” He understood.

He will be cooking rice for everybody to practice what he learns from now on. Not all at the time but sometime. Raising a child to a son involves some responsibilities to do for other people.


“He who has an ear, let him hear.”

“He who has understanding, let him understand.”

Many who were taught and was even shown how to do things – in seminars and conferences – yet thought they think they know without doing it themselves. “Teaching them to obey” is different than “teaching them to have knowledge.”