discipleSHIFT: Intentional-Relational Discipleship

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Making Disciples Conversations

"I just want to find out so I want to ask about what you're doing regarding making disciples in Cebu. Now that it has reached up to the 14th degree in 4 years time, what is the biggest obstacle that you encountered?" In front of some pastors and saints at the house,...

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Housechurch: What is it Really?

A simple, organic, house church is not 15-20 people dropping to see each others faces once-twice a week in someone else's house over a cup of tea with cookies or a meal doing bible study 'meetings' complete with praise and worship and prayers. Nothing wrong with that...

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On forgiveness

You call a situation an 'experience' if you only learn from it. A journey of which your life grows... "If someone says to you you're a horse, ignore it. If two people calls you a horse, look for a tail. If three people calling you a horse, get inside the cradle!" This...

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What a Difference the Spirit Makes

In my post Two Leadership Blunders According to Jesus of November 24, 2010, I got an insightful response from Molong Nacua, who is a simple church planter on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. His post 10 MEGA-SHIFT IN MAKING DISCIPLES was the basis of my post of...

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Jesus is crazy, that is why He changed the world

Jesus is crazy, that is why He changed the world. Is this how you live? Is this how you think? 1. 2. 3....and so on. Or, A. B. C.... Many people, and unfortunately religious Christians have made their lives into a box-shape world. And for them this is 'normal' whose...

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When you find the kingdom, what would you do?

A beautiful picture and atmosphere of what an apostolic hub is is found in Acts 2:42-46. "And they (3,000 disciples) continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Then fear came upon every soul, and many...

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Follow their Way of Life

A quick summary of what Life is in the early church, it is where Christians lived together 'from house to house,' sharing everything in common (except our wives and money - money is always sacrificial giving and voluntary), no buying and no selling, they only give and...

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The Call to Deny

Many of us are having a hard time obeying God not because we're not willing to do them but because we're not willing to leave behind what He wants us to leave. We just loved to "add" His stuff to what we already have, therefore "subtract." I told a friend who's a...

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Part one: On Hearing God’s Voice, A story

“I have started doing that.” Peter affirmed me when I said that seeing his mother at his house is God’s Will. Peter and I have been discussing the other day about hearing God’s voice. And when he learned about some simple steps or ideas “how” he simply took it with...

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Welcome to our website

My name is Molong Nacua and I live with my lovely wife Lisa on the beautiful island of Cebu in the center of The Philippines. My heart is to be used by the power of the Holy Spirit to build a network of Apostolic Hubs for Jesus in my country.

Please stay and explore.


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