Louie Dan’s Baptism

29 06 2009

The day is the 23rd of May, ’09.

Louie Dan, classmateLouie Dan's Baptism of Albert, Jomy and Jilian was baptized in my
baby’s swimming pool. He came with them at the house, and we gave them
time together to make him a disciple of Jesus. After about 30 minutes,
we ‘interrogate’ him to check if he understood the gospel and is ready
to follow Jesus, and he did.

At that day, a feast was made again in heaven!


Jilian’s Baptism

29 06 2009

Jilian's BaptismThe day is the 19th of May, ’09.

Jilian who has beliefs in Roman Catholicism’s charms, wearing some crosses and taking with him a rosary on his backpack. When he finally decided to follow Jesus through the life witnessing of his classmates Albert and Jomy, he get rid of it all, but we advices him to still continue wearing them, maybe not all, but some for the sake of his friends for him to remain the friednships he has for his friends and witness. When he came one day, he was baptized by Jomy. It was a sort of ‘special’ day to him co’z an Australian friends are present to celebrate with him that day.

Baptizing Arlene and Analyn

29 06 2009

The day is the 16th of May, ’09.

New Families of Jesus

Arlene and Analyn are the younger sisters of Albert. He has been sharing his faith to them whenever he visited them at my house. [The sisters stayed with us].Analyn's Baptism

Finally, we call it ’spirit-led’ or ’spontaneous’ meetings here, he and his classmate Jomy who he makes disciple of Jesus came one early morning and we had breakfast together. Topics are about anything including discussing ‘making disciples’ of how Jomy and Albert did it to Mark his classmates too. The sisters listen Arlene's Baptismand interact and ask questions until they decided to follow Jesus. Immediately, we invited a neighbor, friends to come along and celebrate with us and to witness the event. We went to a nearby seanear us and baptize them.

Albert is the one baptizing them, my wife backs him up. At the back is Jomy celebrating. Me? the photographer

 Jesus Family


Baptizing Albert and Jomy

29 06 2009

Albert, Jomy, MolongBaptizing AlbertBaptzing JomyThe day is the 3rd of April, ’09. Albert and Jomy was baptize.

A short summary of how Albert became Jesus disciple was when he came one night at the house and we have coffee together at our lawn. I already planned to make him a disciple. After we talk for about 30 minutes, I handed him a New Testament Bible and headed home. The next time he visit me again was after 3 weeks where he informed me that he keeps reading the Bible and in our conversations he has full of stories to tell which I am awe of how easy it is to disciple someone who believes in you, trust you and  loyal to you.

And during that day, I encourages him to find those friends who believe in him, trust him and loyal to him. And he did find Jomy and Jilian and make them a disciple. So one day, on the 3rd of April. Him and Jomy came at the house and decided to be baptize, we’ve invited my whole family to celebrate with us.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…” and we did.

What a memorable day for us.

Philippine House Church Summit ’09

23 06 2009

Summit is set on August 26-29 at Living Spring Resort, Cagayan de Oro City. For more information: molong.nacua@gmail.com

Relational Discipleship

23 06 2009

In my first series article entitled Intentional Discipleship, I sighted that ‘our job is to make disciples to all nations and our goal is to finish the Great Commission.’ Here are the highlights:

1. Who made you? Who did you made? When it says ‘go and make disciples’ it means that there are people who made us a disciple and people who we can make into a disciple. We knew each other then, those who made us one and those when we are going to make. It’s intentional because it’s a relationship.

2. Find from your circle of friends . Mostly the ‘how to find people to make disciples?’ question is frequently asked. The easiest way is from your circle of friends and from there pick those people who believe in you and trust you. I believe that these are the people whom God prepared for you to ‘make disciples’ of Jesus.

3. Take them to Christ. As my friend Mike Peters says, ‘we are taking men to Christ to be discipled by Him.’ We only ‘make’ them disciples of Jesus, not ours. We are not told ‘to disciple’ people but only to ‘make’ them. We are not the discipler, the Holy Spirit is. We serve Jesus to lead them to Himself. It is time to fully trust the Holy Spirit’s work in a person’s life.

4. Lead for awhile. Lead from behind, not in the front. This will not make the person dependent on you but this is thrusting him to depend on Christ right from the start. The person may follow ‘you’ because he is ‘lost’ but that’s only for a while because your intention is to let him follow Jesus and not you. So, you lead him for ‘awhile’ like John the baptist having his own followers but not for long because sooner his followers followed Jesus ultimately.

5. Be a parent in the Lord (Eph.6:1). Our relationship to the person is simply to father/mother him/her in the Lord. It is not a lifetime of discipleship that we are maintaining here but we are ‘engaging’ ourselves in a lifetime of ‘relationship.’ Like Timothy became a ‘son in the Lord’ to Paul and John the Beloved becoming a father to many children. Their hearts was never to ‘draw disciples for themselves’ (Acts 20:30) but to draw the disciples to Christ.

6. Be friendly. “I’m not gonna make someone a disciple unless he’s a friend.” I said to my ‘evangelist’ friend. “What if God told you to make him into a disciple?” He ask. I replied, “Well, I’m gonna make him my friend.” We are relational people, we’re called to relationships. This is not commanded of us, this is ‘expected’ from us! Just as Jesus makes friends, he calls people by their names, we too should act the same. He’s called a ‘friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ Dear friend, the command to make disciples was never to the ‘found’ already who’s sitting next pew to you at the church building. To make disciples is to the ‘lost’ who is in the ‘world’ not in the ‘church.’

We have lost the connection: we don’t have ‘unbelieving’ friends anymore. All our friends were Christians already. Remember that the ‘field’ was never the church, it is the world! “Light of the world, You step down into darkness. Open my eyes let me see…” What a wonderful song but unfortunately, what the churches does instead of going out and takes that light outside of the four walls of their building they just stand and stood very still and sang with their hands both raised up high with their eyes closed! Why? I do not know but I have an idea. Maybe their light was being puffed up by the way they lived after they get out of their churches? The Good news to the world was never the message from the pulpit – that only produces pew-sitters and bored-listeners, not disciples. The Good news is Jesus Christ and how your daily life with Him is affecting those around you! Read the rest of this entry »

Making Disciples ‘in Action!’

21 06 2009

BELIEVE, TRUST, LOYALTY – learn from Albertalbert
6-20-09, 12:29am

[Note: On the the first publish of this report, Albert’s new friend is not named as Lloyd, sorry for that, but Louie Jay]

Albert came today from school and excitedly shares his ‘making disciples’ journey.

He is 17 yr old and his new found friend, Louie Jay who is 15. He is again proving that it’s easy to make a person a disciple of Jesus if you know that that person believes in you, trust you and loyal to you. 2 Tim.2:2

Here is his story.

“Yes! I made another disciple again!” You can see the excitement on his voice as he shares.

He’s a bit proud of how this 15 year old guy believed in him because of the amazement that this guy responded to him whenever he speaks or shares a word. At first, while giving a report class several of his classmates including Louie Jay is afraid to stand in the front. He gave him a word of encouragement by saying, “Stage freight is only but a moment, but regret is a lifetime.” Not only Louie Jay was encourage to stand but also others who overheard him say that. One even came to him and informed, “You know, I only overheard you said that word but I was encourage too. Thank you.” This gives Albert a bit of confidence as people started to believe in him.

They have good times with Louie Jay then, and conversations reach up to the point of sharing Christ and the Bible. And Albert could see how this guy so believed in him, everything that he said they’re always a good comment from Louie Jay. And so he handed him a book of John booklet, handy, easy to carry and read. The next day they meet, in their room while the teacher taught something, Lloyd grab his book of John and showed to Albert the underlined verses which confirms Albert’s words that was shared to him. “Hey, I’ve found what you’ve said yesterday to me, it’s here.” Albert gave a smile to himself knowing that this guy does not only believe in him but also by Louie Jay reading the booklet that he gave means that he trusted him as well. This continues sharing about some verses that Lloyd wrote at the back of the booklet confirming words from John’s gospel.

During break time, they meet together for drink at the cafeteria or just sit at one of the schools court chairs and talk. Their friendship for a week develops already into a loyalty level.

I will make you a disciple of Jesus
Today, he said that he offers Louie Jay to be a follower of Jesus. “What’s that?” he responded. Which is the common questions of those who are curious on following Jesus. And he shares to him on how to follow Christ. Repentance was shared and an invitation to baptism. They suppose to do it directly as I have instructed them, checking the schools comfort room it has no basin to get some water and poured it onto him. A push and push faucet is available but no pale.

Intentional Way
While he shares this story, we laid on a hammock under the tree. I then ask him, “When is the time that you know that your job is done in making him a disciple?”
Albert gave a thought but no words. I told him that your job is done when he makes other disciples to other people too. Just like Jomy whom you make a disciple too, right? I told him to let Louie Jay understand why you need to say it [I will make you a disciple of Jesus], and what to do [Repent, Baptize] and mostly, how quick and fast you are to bury him in the water, that’s what he will do as well to others. So we are discussing together some possibilities to baptize new believers directly in his school. We go farther to let him bring a towel in his bag, and a short pants and let the person change and find some pale and pour some water, whatever. He suggested that he will just go with his classmates house if it is nearby, or go in my house after school. Whatever it takes as long as it is quick!

Relational Way
“What we’re doing right now Albert is the relational way. Though I hate to name it like this because you are my son in the Lord, you’re a family but laying on a hammock under this tree or having a meal or a coffee or swimming together is the relational way of making disciples of Jesus. Relational is the opposite of having a structured and systematic way of discipling using manuals and curriculum’s without having a relationship between each other. Sitting together in a table with a materials in our hand and will teach you about faith have no relationships built with it. Why? Because I do it for the sake of the materials. Because we have a materials to answer, that’s why. But spending time with you and just knowing you and we can be able to share more than the subject of ‘faith’ is the most fulfilling way of making disciples. Why? Because it’s relational.”

“This is what will going to happen as well between you and Louie Jay. He’ll be your brother in the Lord, a family to you and to Jesus’ family. The relational way of learning together to know Christ more and more. And this is lifetime, not four years like Bible schools, or a 9 month training and then leave him.” And he understood this.

Let’s pray for Albert as he continue making disciples of Jesus with his colleagues.