Packed like Sardines!
On the 29th in the morning, Ambruce and I were heading south to Nueva Ecija, a 5 hour by bus. Since I am close and my flight back home is on the 31st, better drop there and see some friends in the network. We finished up having wonderful times together as friends and family discussing and talking and praying. I shared some different views too on a couple of topics, including Making Disciples. Traditional church, house church or even Making Disciples of Jesus is just the means of fulfilling God’s purpose for His Church – as his Bride to be, His family. For two days we’re together in a room, transferring to our friend’s house for meals together and more talks. We sleep together in one room, packed up like Sardines in a can!

Learnings from Summit
Building Healthy Devoted Relationships, here:, is the most important when it comes to church stuff. Nothing more, nothing less. When Jesus speaks of loving God and one another and all the other ‘one-anotherings’ in the N.T. this can only be fulfilled through relationships. Discussing genealogies, theologies, and whatever other ‘gies’ we’ve got that is different from one another is not that important at all. As my friend David Lim argues, our present theologies are not the same ones we had 5-10 years ago, the point being that maybe next year you might change it again. Arguing and discussing traditions and theologies maybe helpful ’til we all come to the unity of faith’. However in the end debate will not bring us to unity – ‘speaking the truth in love’ will. Eph. 4:13-15.

A Family Together
One thing we agreed upon, we will treat one another as members of our own family. It shows by the way we treat with one to another. And this is very important. We ate together, and encouraging one another in love, with understanding and accepting one another’s weaknesses. My prayer is that ‘we will grow up in all things into Him who is the head, even Christ.’

On The Way Back
God has been good on my journey, He has always been. On the first day of my trip my wallet was gone, either it was some pickpocket gang around Manila or I drop it in the seat on the bus as I slept while travelling for those 9 hours. Anyway, going back to Manila we all travelled together, about 6 of us pack up in the car. Travelling back was 5 hours, tiring because of a two hour traffic journey in Quezon City. I couldn’t believe I slept during those hours and when I woke up still the traffic is there. Wow, what an amazing traffic! Slept for a night in a friend’s house, and while on the way to the airport I almost lost my flight! Poor Molong. Finally got home last Sunday, and nice to be back with my family – without my Drivers License, ATM card (which is below maintaining balance), my official receipt of motor registration, some important receipts, and money too. Thank you for Filipino friends who offered help in anyway during this 6-day trip. How did I get back without showing any ID at the airport? Dennis was gracious enough to get me an affidavit of the loss.

I have been to crises and back – and back is important!