BELIEVE, TRUST, LOYALTY – learn from Albertalbert
6-20-09, 12:29am

[Note: On the the first publish of this report, Albert’s new friend is not named as Lloyd, sorry for that, but Louie Jay]

Albert came today from school and excitedly shares his ‘making disciples’ journey.

He is 17 yr old and his new found friend, Louie Jay who is 15. He is again proving that it’s easy to make a person a disciple of Jesus if you know that that person believes in you, trust you and loyal to you. 2 Tim.2:2

Here is his story.

“Yes! I made another disciple again!” You can see the excitement on his voice as he shares.

He’s a bit proud of how this 15 year old guy believed in him because of the amazement that this guy responded to him whenever he speaks or shares a word. At first, while giving a report class several of his classmates including Louie Jay is afraid to stand in the front. He gave him a word of encouragement by saying, “Stage freight is only but a moment, but regret is a lifetime.” Not only Louie Jay was encourage to stand but also others who overheard him say that. One even came to him and informed, “You know, I only overheard you said that word but I was encourage too. Thank you.” This gives Albert a bit of confidence as people started to believe in him.

They have good times with Louie Jay then, and conversations reach up to the point of sharing Christ and the Bible. And Albert could see how this guy so believed in him, everything that he said they’re always a good comment from Louie Jay. And so he handed him a book of John booklet, handy, easy to carry and read. The next day they meet, in their room while the teacher taught something, Lloyd grab his book of John and showed to Albert the underlined verses which confirms Albert’s words that was shared to him. “Hey, I’ve found what you’ve said yesterday to me, it’s here.” Albert gave a smile to himself knowing that this guy does not only believe in him but also by Louie Jay reading the booklet that he gave means that he trusted him as well. This continues sharing about some verses that Lloyd wrote at the back of the booklet confirming words from John’s gospel.

During break time, they meet together for drink at the cafeteria or just sit at one of the schools court chairs and talk. Their friendship for a week develops already into a loyalty level.

I will make you a disciple of Jesus
Today, he said that he offers Louie Jay to be a follower of Jesus. “What’s that?” he responded. Which is the common questions of those who are curious on following Jesus. And he shares to him on how to follow Christ. Repentance was shared and an invitation to baptism. They suppose to do it directly as I have instructed them, checking the schools comfort room it has no basin to get some water and poured it onto him. A push and push faucet is available but no pale.

Intentional Way
While he shares this story, we laid on a hammock under the tree. I then ask him, “When is the time that you know that your job is done in making him a disciple?”
Albert gave a thought but no words. I told him that your job is done when he makes other disciples to other people too. Just like Jomy whom you make a disciple too, right? I told him to let Louie Jay understand why you need to say it [I will make you a disciple of Jesus], and what to do [Repent, Baptize] and mostly, how quick and fast you are to bury him in the water, that’s what he will do as well to others. So we are discussing together some possibilities to baptize new believers directly in his school. We go farther to let him bring a towel in his bag, and a short pants and let the person change and find some pale and pour some water, whatever. He suggested that he will just go with his classmates house if it is nearby, or go in my house after school. Whatever it takes as long as it is quick!

Relational Way
“What we’re doing right now Albert is the relational way. Though I hate to name it like this because you are my son in the Lord, you’re a family but laying on a hammock under this tree or having a meal or a coffee or swimming together is the relational way of making disciples of Jesus. Relational is the opposite of having a structured and systematic way of discipling using manuals and curriculum’s without having a relationship between each other. Sitting together in a table with a materials in our hand and will teach you about faith have no relationships built with it. Why? Because I do it for the sake of the materials. Because we have a materials to answer, that’s why. But spending time with you and just knowing you and we can be able to share more than the subject of ‘faith’ is the most fulfilling way of making disciples. Why? Because it’s relational.”

“This is what will going to happen as well between you and Louie Jay. He’ll be your brother in the Lord, a family to you and to Jesus’ family. The relational way of learning together to know Christ more and more. And this is lifetime, not four years like Bible schools, or a 9 month training and then leave him.” And he understood this.

Let’s pray for Albert as he continue making disciples of Jesus with his colleagues.