Baptizing Albert and Jomy

29 06 2009

Albert, Jomy, MolongBaptizing AlbertBaptzing JomyThe day is the 3rd of April, ’09. Albert and Jomy was baptize.

A short summary of how Albert became Jesus disciple was when he came one night at the house and we have coffee together at our lawn. I already planned to make him a disciple. After we talk for about 30 minutes, I handed him a New Testament Bible and headed home. The next time he visit me again was after 3 weeks where he informed me that he keeps reading the Bible and in our conversations he has full of stories to tell which I am awe of how easy it is to disciple someone who believes in you, trust you and  loyal to you.

And during that day, I encourages him to find those friends who believe in him, trust him and loyal to him. And he did find Jomy and Jilian and make them a disciple. So one day, on the 3rd of April. Him and Jomy came at the house and decided to be baptize, we’ve invited my whole family to celebrate with us.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…” and we did.

What a memorable day for us.




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11 09 2009

making disciple is very simple. you dont need to have a material or schedule. all you want to do is list down all your friends and examine them if they have this three factors. loyal to you, faithful, and people who have trust in you. your Barkada albert.

16 11 2009
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