The day is the 16th of May, ’09.

New Families of Jesus

Arlene and Analyn are the younger sisters of Albert. He has been sharing his faith to them whenever he visited them at my house. [The sisters stayed with us].Analyn's Baptism

Finally, we call it ’spirit-led’ or ’spontaneous’ meetings here, he and his classmate Jomy who he makes disciple of Jesus came one early morning and we had breakfast together. Topics are about anything including discussing ‘making disciples’ of how Jomy and Albert did it to Mark his classmates too. The sisters listen Arlene's Baptismand interact and ask questions until they decided to follow Jesus. Immediately, we invited a neighbor, friends to come along and celebrate with us and to witness the event. We went to a nearby seanear us and baptize them.

Albert is the one baptizing them, my wife backs him up. At the back is Jomy celebrating. Me? the photographer

 Jesus Family