The Church of Jesus Christ Lisa and her niecesbears no name, however it has a description – a body, an army, a bride, a family.
Let’s take for example a family. It has ‘parents in the Lord’ and ‘Children in the Lord.’
It has ‘many fathers, mothers, brothers and sister’ as Jesus would describe it.

As Gary Goodell’s hearts desire for the church to be he says, “I wish we stop having meetings and just be family.”
As my friend Mike Peter’s would say, “We don’t have many christian neighbors, we are family.”

If you are a member of a family no one will ask you, “When is the meeting?” Meeting of what?
If you are a member of Jesus family no one should be asking the same question.
The meetings is not the church but the church meets.

I am a member of my family, it would be absurd if someone ask me, “When did you meet?”
We meet with my family, talking, eating together, having a party but we don’t make a schedule of it, we don’t make a tradition out of it.
So having names of your church; is not a family at all.
Having scheduled meetings and activities to attend to is not a family at all.
Having ‘materials’ and ‘curriculum’ in order to raise a spiritual son and a daughter of Jesus is not a family at all.
In other words, its not a church at all.

So what is it?
I do not know, its up to you.
But you can call it whatever you want except a ‘Church.’