A Father in the Lord

14 08 2009

Our corresponding emails today reminded me of him of how he is a father to me though we meet only for a week but the feeling that he left to me as a son remains forever. And what’s better is what I learned from those 7 days I am doing the same then. And the ‘not that good’ is why I just met this man that time. I wish I met him when I started my Christian walk.

I have been a Christian for 9 years and become a follower of Jesus for another 9 years. To have said that, becoming a Christian is easy – just go to any church you want out there and be faithful with its rules to maintain your Christian life. It’s easy, coming to church once or twice every week, either be a full-time worker or minister, part-time or even just a simple Christian on Sunday’s – a ‘Sunday-goer’ as we call it. I have no idea where did we got these themes. I wonder if Christianity is going to church Sunday-after-Sunday, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year both now and forever, amen…makes you like Jesus. Does Jesus ever went to a ‘church building’ on holy days? We see Him more on the streets raising the dead! family

On the other hand, following Jesus happens outside your four corners of the church. I once bump into a site about an atheist named Casper who was paid to work with a ‘resigned’ pastor of a church. Their ‘mission’ is to roam around 3 churches per week and the job of Casper is just to tell the pastor what he’d think about the church whom they visited. One time after the service he told the pastor, “Is this what your God tells you to do? I have read your Bible and I can’t find these liturgies in there.” To get rid of your religious routine you must get out of that religious edifices. Though getting out of the box is easier than getting the box out of your  brain, but it’s a good start. Following Jesus is all about ‘in everything you do….you do it for God’s glory. ‘Everything’ can’t be happening in your church eh? ‘Husbands loved your own wives..’ ‘Wives submit to your own husbands’ ‘Father do not provoke your children into anger’ ‘Children, obey your parents in the Lord…,’ ‘Honor your father and your mother.’ These commands can’t be happening inside the church building. They must be somewhere in your home and in marketplaces!

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Hearing God for Your Family

7 08 2009

“Let me hold your hand.” Patrick hear God speak.

Hearing God speak  is desperately needed in the church today, many Christians  doesn’t know how to hear Him, some heard occasionally but only few hear intentionally. When I say ‘intentional’ I meant not only asking God what to do when you needed Him but giving your ears to Him while you are on your evPatrick with Edwardery day life with Him. It is not a prayer anymore but a communion with Papa.

“Let’s go swim Papa.” As his son grabs his hand and headed towards the water. The photo you see is him with his son, I have no idea that God was talking to him while taking this shot. God uses my eye view, my love to see how a father and son relationships glow in my eyes while shooting them at their back. What I loved here as well in this shot is their reflection in the waters below. As they starts walking he recognizes the rocky ground beneath them while his son is excited running to the waters unaware of the dangers of bruising him. The tide is low enough for you to see some sea urchin which is surely harmful if you step on it. His child’s fear started to creep inside him and instead of taking him into his arms he just switch to holding his boys hand instead of his son’s hand holding to his. Actually he holds him by his wrist. Immediately God spoke to him.

This father, Patrick, my close friend as well have been in the journey of his family life. Married to his wife Cathy for 6 years and bear a son named Edward. Cathy was saved in the church who I pastored before and Patrick came to visit and they found each other. Such a wonderful couple to be with. They have been transferring from house to house to live, either offered by some to stay for free or they go hunt for a house to rent. Quite a struggle at the early stage of marriage. I remember my marriage life as well of how struggling yet challenging to start raising your own family.

As Patrick and his son interacting with the scenery, he and his God as well have a nice talk.

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