flower6Hours of talk tonight with a close friend of ours named Cathy. All has to do about on how to start a house church. Though I have been sharing to you about this on my past articles but as we get into specific details there are some important points that we came up with. This will be only a short one though.

In the middle of our discussions, “How to make disciples of Jesus” by starting to write down your friends that surrounds you and pick the people who has these 3 qualities on you – believe in you, trust you and loyal to you. Then talk to each of them for a meal or coffee and invite them to become Jesus followers. We started from sharing God’s love and let him repent of his sin as a response to what Christ has done for him. She was stuck realizing that I didn’t include in the sharing of the Gospel to the person about his sin, “For all have sinned and….” It’s quite awhile that I  didn’t get what she mean, actually she was referring on how we share the Gospel traditionally like you start from Romans 3:23 6:23 or somewhere pinpoint to him his sin.

I told him that man’s awareness of his sin is undeniable and irrefutable. He knows that he sinned against God. We only need to share the Good News that Christ died for him of his sin, no need to pinpoint, or make him guilty about it for he knows it. Actually we often use guilt to a person because we want him to repent of his sin. And that will look like ‘repentance’ is something that he do to GET saved rather than a response to what Christ has done for him to BE saved. Repentance then would be a bit harder for him to do it since his salvation was dependent on that. She understood when I first said to a person who you make disciple, “God has already saved you.”


Why find within your friends people who believe you, trust you and loyal to you. Here are some important points.

1. They are the workers of the fields.

2 Timothy 2:2 – “…find faithful people who can be able to teach others also.” You only know them by the three qualities that you look for. They are the easiest to make them Jesus disciples. They are the one’s who can carry the baton of disciple making.  Making Disciples up to your fourth generation can only be possible by these kinds people, even without you!

2. They are your genuine fruits.

Imagine having people who believe in what you say, trust you as a person and follow your leading, just what kind of a person you are? Trustworthy, honestly, integrity, character what else do you have then? So, what does it take for people to believe in you? What does it take for people to trust you? And be loyal to you?

3. They are committed.

These people simply would read their Bibles, pray and obey the leading of the Lord in their loves. These people will do what you ask them to do, go where you want them to go. Why? They have your trust!


In these stage, you lead for awhile, disciple for while, then draw them to Christ. Do not draw disciples for yourself. We have been doing that for many years and ain’t no good at all – the become dependent on me and not the Lord. However, don’t cut off your relationship with them – they be your ‘children int he Lord’ and you be their ‘parents in the Lord.’ Ephesians 6:1


Following Christ is a journey. The mistake in traditional church is that they want their members to become perfect, and so whenever someone is in error they can easily find it out who, what had happened and what should need to be done for it not to happen again. They became an expert of fault finding and problem solving in spite of broken relationships that may result. They value more on the church legislation’s than building healthy relationships. Their relationships is a church-based relationship, not family-based.

In this journey of making disciples, you treat a person as if your own son or daughter. How will you raise a son? Simple, you allow him to make decisions on his own and though he commits mistakes you still have the patience to teach him. No short cutting in building healthy relationships, there are risk to enter into such reality.

Have a nice day.