THANKS for the encouragement Molong! Yes we will do this together & will get more Christians involved to adopt more youths as the LORD sends them to us.
When i invited the 3 youths to come with me to damortis, i told them we will do two things.
First, they will finish reading the new testament while spending vacation in the farm, & second, we will Pray & ask GOD to reveal to us how they can pursue their studies. The 2boys who are friends of Kevin the boy in our house church finished the whole New Testament in 5 days! Kevin who has very poor eyesight having to wear reading glasses with very high grade did not finish but he has already read the New Testament last year when i was visiting them regularly.
Last Sat. we baptized them. i baptized Kevin, & kevin baptized Vlad & Sherwood his classmates coz he was the one who invited them.
On our trip back to Mla. kevin said Vlad was thinking of doing something to help share the Gospel. You see this Vlad almost Joined the Mormon’s when his family relocated to Marikina after his graduation from high school. That ended their group weekly bible studies. it was during that time that Vlad met some Mormon’s who proselitized him & he got confused. He got convinced when the Mormon’s said there is no such thing as a Trinity.
it was Kevin who so concerned for him that he would text me every now & then to update me about his group. it was no accident that the Sunday before Holy Week, i asked Kevin if he could see me coz i had something for him to do so he could earn a little money. Then he told me Vlad & Sherwood were there with him so i immediately called him & said lets meet. i fetched them & brought them to UP Diliman campus where we could talk under the trees. They tagged along two other girls who were their former classmates. so we were the church under the trees studying the word of GOD. i took the chance to invite them to come with me to Damortis if their parents would permit them. initially Kevin’s mom did not want Kevin to go coz she needed Kevin to sell Yacult in the market to help augment his father’s meager income as a home gardener. The other 2 boys would not want to go to Damortis if kevin would not join so i just told Kevin to Pray. When he appealed a second time in the evening, his mom agreed to let him come with me to damortis. And that trip gave them the opportunity to focus & finish reading the whole new testament, & they understood well why JESUS died on the cross.. And they will never be the same again..
Just try feeling out the girl in Bantayan who just graduated from high school. if she will want to take up agriculture in Damortis, i will try to find a family who will “adopt” her. i will make sure she is safe & well taken cared off. i will mentor her. i Pray we can encourage the youths to get involved in food production so that we will not have to import anymore rice & other basic food items our country needs so badly.
will keep you posted on the 3 boys. i’ll ask Eric to help me open a site so we can share our stories. i Trust the LORD will provide all our needs!