Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost? by Jon Zens

24 05 2010


By Jon Zens

Let me give a little perspective concerning what you are about to read. “Holy Spirit vs. Holy Ghost” is certainly not a “10” on a list of matters most pressing in the church today, especially in terms of the linguistic points that are highlighted. On the other hand, it may be tremendously important that we do a reality check concerning our use of religious language in and outside of the church.  We should be concerned about our responsibility to communicate what is true about our Lord.

In the movie “Idiocracy” an Army “hibernation” experiment goes awry and Joe Bauer and Lisa end up being thrust 500 years into the future.  The America of 2505 is dumbed down to the point where all use of water has been replaced with “Brawndo” (except in the toilet).  Joe observes with amazement, “they’re watering plants with a sports drink,” and as a result the plants are dying.

Having been appointed as Secretary of the Interior, Joe meets with his cabinet regarding this crisis, and the following interchange takes place:

    Joe: “I’m pretty sure what’s killing the crops is this Brawndo stuff.” Male cabinet member: “But Brawndo’s got what plants crave.  It’s got electrolytes.”
    Female cabinet member: “So what you’re saying is that you want us to put water on the crops.”
    Joe: “Yes.”
    Male cabinet member: “But Brawndo’s got what plants crave.”
    Female cabinet member: “It’s got electrolytes.”
    Joe: “Now I’m no botanist, but I do know that if you put water on plants, they grow . . . . So why don’t we just try it, okay, and not worry about what plants crave?”
    Female cabinet member: “Brawndo’s got what plants crave.”
    Child cabinet member: “Yeah, it’s got electrolytes.”
    Joe: “What are electrolytes? Do you even know?”
    Male cabinet member: “It’s what they use to make Brawndo.”
    Joe: “Yeah, but why do they use them to make Brawndo?”
    Another male cabinet member: “ ’Cause Brawndo’s got electrolytes.”

Obviously, these people were just parroting the propaganda doled out to them by the higher-ups.  It makes for great comedy and it’s easy to laugh at when we see it on the screen.  But would it be funny if Christians were guilty of the same practice, maybe with a different slant? Consider that, within the confines of what is called “church,” we learn certain religious words and phrases.  In fact, we’re often encouraged to keep these memorized and internalized as a sort of spiritual amulet against the forces of this world.  Yet, in doing so, many get in the habit of spouting out such language in an unhealthy way, without even considering if such usage is correct, proper, necessary or appropriate.  Do we speak out of realities in our life, or are we just repeating certain religious slogans to fill a void?

With this background, I would like to ponder the use of the phrase “Holy Ghost” in Christendom, and along the way touch on a few related issues that flow from this.

First, as a foundational matter we need to note that the Hebrew word for “Spirit” is ruach, and the Greek word for “Spirit” is pneuma. These words can also be translated in a number of other ways such as “breath” and “wind.”  In Old English forms of the word “ghost” were also used.  The Anglo-Saxon gospel referred to the demonic possession mentioned in Matthew 12:43 as “se unclaena gast.”

Many may not realize that our habit of using the phrase “Holy Ghost” is embedded in the oft-sung “Doxology,” published in 1674 by Thomas Ken.

Praise him above, ye heavenly host:

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Even though in history “Ghost” came before the more current “Spirit” usage, I would like to suggest salient reasons why we should now strongly consider to cease using the word “Ghost” in connection with God’s Spirit.

Throughout human history, language changes are endemic and unstoppable; most of us would think that Old English or even Middle English sounds more like German if we chanced to hear it spoken aloud, it’s that far removed from Modern English!  But this also means that word usage shifts significantly over time, too.  For example, the King James phrase, “superfluity of naughtiness” (James 1:21), might have meant something in 1611, but for people in the 21st century it would evoke blank looks or, at the least, require a dictionary to comprehend fully.  It is the same with the word “ghost.”

The word “ghost” dates from antiquity and probably originates from what current linguistic theory likes to call “Proto-Indo-European” or some of the very first records of spoken languages from the Indus Valley and Anatolian Plateau regions going back as far as 5000 years or more.  It has, during those millennia, had a variety of culturally specific meanings ranging from the supernatural to the horrific. In terms of the oldest English renditions of the Bible, “Holy Ghost” pre-dates “Holy Spirit.”  “Holy Spirit” first appeared around 1300AD in this form, “hali spirite.”  “Holy Ghost” dates back to around 900AD as “halgan gastes,” and also in other contexts as “halga gast,” “halig gast,” “holi gost,” “haligastes,” “ali gast,” “haly gast,” and “holigost.”  It should be noted that very nearly all references to Holy Ghost from 900AD onward are associated with religious documents and usage.

In Tyndale’s New Testament (1526) both Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost were used, as is the case also in the 1611 King James version and the 1881 Revised Version.  Bible translations appearing in the second half of the 20th century on in to the 21st century have dropped the word “Ghost” and used “Spirit” uniformly.

Probably because of the lingering use and influence of the KJV and the continued use of traditional creedal liturgies, the phrase “Holy Ghost” continues to live on in some Bible-believing circles.  But it is important to note the reality that “Ghost” and “Spirit” cannot simply be used interchangeably in many Biblical texts.  “Ghost” works only in certain sentence constructions.  Romans 8 illustrates the awkwardness and the potential miscommunication that occurs when “Ghost” is used in place of “Spirit.”

    . . . . who do not live according to our sinful nature but according to the Ghost . . . . those who live in accordance with the Ghost have their minds set on what the Ghost desires . . . . the mind controlled by the Ghost is life and peace . . . . if the Ghost of God lives in you.  And if anyone does not have the Ghost of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.

As we attempt to faithfully and authentically communicate the Gospel in our generation – both among those in and outside of the faith – it seems best to stop calling God’s Spirit a “Ghost.”  In our current culture the word “ghost”  is primarily associated with the occult, Halloween and disembodied souls wandering about for no particular purpose.  The most common usage is probably reflected in a line from the Indigo Girls’ song “Ghost,” “I’m in love with your ghost.” From a cultural, as well as a translation-language accuracy perspective, there is no good reason to link God’s pneuma with the word “Ghost.”

In reality, there is considerable risk in continuing to use “Ghost” when the popular perceptions of the word are so far removed from anything it might mean inside the church.  As is the case both in religious and secular sub-groups, certain words and concepts acquire a life of their own.  Richard Damiani speaks about “loading the language” that occurs in groups that abuse their members:

    A special language develops within the group that would have little meaning to outsiders.  In the church that I was involved with, terms like “self-denial,” “mortification of sin,” “cutting off your right hand and plucking out your right eye,” were loaded with special significance carefully constructed by sermon after sermon on such topics.  The term “disaffection” carried a particularly intense meaning.  It summarized all that is evil and rebellious in a sinful member who dared question or disagree.  To be judged “disaffected” is to be considered worse than a leper (“Spiritual Abuse Within the Church: Its Damage & the Recovery Process,” Searching Together, 29:2-3, 2004, p.22).

Every subculture or definable grouping of human activities tends to give rise to a specialized vocabulary to suit its own needs.  When we hear complicated contract sentences created by lawyers it is called “legalese.”  It is not surprising, then, that there is a similar specialized vocabulary and way of talking within the church which is designated as “Christianese.”  Of course, some use of this language is perfectly justified. Yet there may be cause for us to revisit how we throw around that religious jargon and the perceptions likely to result from those viewing us “from the outside.”

For example, many preachers and Bible-teachers have a special way of speaking once they stand behind a pulpit or podium.  It’s like a switch is turned on when they begin discoursing from their “sacred desk” and they slip into an affected speech, peppered with specific intonations and emphasized buzzwords.  Then, after the sermon is over, the switch is turned off and they talk like regular Joes.

One glaring example of this that many of you are familiar with are the unusually loud preachers who reach a crescendo with, “What we need today is a fresh ahhh-n-o-o-i-n-t-i-n-g of the Whole-lee Ghh-o-o-o—ost.”  The way “Holy Ghost” is enunciated is designed to evoke an automatic, predicable, Pavlov-like emotional reaction from the listeners.  The manner in which “Holy Ghost” is used to punctuate sermons has nothing to do with Christ being lifted up, and often much to do with crowd manipulation.  Indeed, it has more to do with showmanship than the truth within any text.  Just as multitudes in Germany were worked up into a frenzy with the loaded language “Heil Hitler,” so religious people can be mindlessly stirred up by the use of in-house religious shibboleths.

    Words carry with them entire packages of implications, emotions, metaphors, and even past experiences . . . . Concepts can be relabeled with emotionally charged words which carry preconceived notions (Luna Flesher, “Thought Reform: Loading the Language,” www.rationalrevelation.com/tr/loadlang.html)

This is not to say the bad habit of “Christianese” is limited to those given to preaching sermons or just the clergy running the weekly “show.”  This habit seems common among the rank and file of dedicated, bible-believing Christians.  That is why it concerns me.  It is one thing to talk among ourselves with a degree of this “insider” language.  It is quite another to use it among those who have no means for understanding it in its proper context of ekklesia.

Should not an authentic representation of God be one of the primary goals of those who seek to follow Christ?  If authenticity is to flourish among ourselves and in our relationships with outsiders, we should communicate those realities rooted in Christ, and not just continue to rehearse religious clichés.  One sister tells the story of how she was with a carload of gals going to a Charismatic conference.  One woman repeatedly used the word “anointing” in the conversations. As a first-time visitor to this kind of event, the sister did not understand the context in which this word was being used.  When she innocently asked her what “anointing” meant, and the lady turned three shades of red and stammered a nearly whispered reply, “I guess I don’t know.” Although this word was coming out of her mouth over and over again with conviction, she really had no clue of its meaning.

Using “Holy Ghost” in our day as a catch-phrase is just one among many examples of how we perpetuate obsolete language that hinders the expression of what is really true. What void are Christians trying to fill by mimicking such engrained slogans?  It is the Spirit of Christ who quenches our thirst, not the electrolytes in religious Brawndo.

(The linguistic and etymological research on which this article is based was complied by Obie Ephyhm)


Great, Jon.  Well done, and much needed. Please let me know when I can include this in an e-Letter.  – Don Atkin, NC

Story submitted by Bonnie Jaeckle, IA:

While walking along the sidewalk in front of his church, our
minister heard the intoning of a prayer that nearly made his collar
wilt. Apparently, his 5-year-old son and his playmates had found a
dead robin. Feeling that proper burial should be performed, they
had secured a small box and cotton batting, then dug a hole and
made ready for the disposal of the deceased.
The minister’s son was chosen to say the appropriate prayers and
with sonorous dignity intoned his version of what he thought his
father always said: “Glory be unto the Faaather, and unto the
Sonnn, and into the hole he goooes.”

Hear, hear!  Good stuff, Jon!  I think you’re completely on target. I have a memory from my childhood of singing the Doxology in the Methodist church, but I misunderstood the words.  I thought the last line was “prays father son and holy goes.”  Of course I had no idea what “holy going” meant, but I was more puzzled by the question of where the father and son “holy go” when they “prays.”   After singing it this way for several weeks, I finally asked my mother, who told me it was “Ghost” not “goes.”  Ooooooh!  That was spooky!  The only ghosts I knew anything about were on the Casper cartoons; now they’re right here in church….  – Kyle Knapp, NE


I Baptized You With Hot Water!

12 05 2010
I Baptized you with Hot Water!!!

Monday at 11:30am, 11-2010
Jomy, 21, whom Albert made a disciple [Albert was my first disciple to make], have made a new disciple named Noel, 17. Just the 2 days ago, and yesterday he baptizes him here at my house. I interviewed Noel then of how did Jomy made him a disciple. Here are some of his own words:

“He shared to me about what Jesus has done to me by dying on the cross because of His love towards me.”

“And what is your response on what He has done for you?” I inquired.

“I want to follow Him” was Noel’s reply.

“How about your sin, what will you do with it since He died for your sin?”

“I will leave my sin” he said.

“And what else?”

“Bury it in the water [of baptism]” he replied.

“When your give your life to Christ, that means your life that you know before has ended in Him. And so Jesus, in other words will kill you. You cannot live on your own now. That’s why today, Jomie will busy you. This is your funeral service.”

Noel, just nod his head.

While interviewing Noel, Jomie just finished filling up the basin with water. Now a days, for months, there’s no rain in my country. So, normally the water is just heated through the sun. Though we’ve waited for an hour to let it cool down but only a slight changes happen. So, we decided to just do it right away. That means, the water is still hot!

Jomy ask how to baptized Noel now. It’s his second person that he makes disciple. I told him that, either way on whatever words you use such as, “I baptize you in the Jesus Name,” or you can use the three titles of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” It doesn’t matter really. Or you can pray a very short prayer thanking God for Noel as His new child. He proceeded anyway with a short prayer.

“What matters most Jomy, is Noel can just baptize anybody whom he makes disciple it is because you let him do it, and you let him see you do it in the simplest way.”

I poured the water and Jomy laid hands and prayed a very short prayer.

It’s done! But….

There is MORE…

Just before his visit at my house, Jomy passes by Noel, as they lived the same village and have been friends for awhile. Jomy meets Noel relative named Cherry Mae who is 17. Jomy felt that she too can be Jesus disciples. So, he started sharing the Gospel. Jomy was stopped just as he started witnessing.

“I’m done!” Cherry Mae said.

“What do you mean?” Jomy asked her.

“I believe now and will follow Jesus.” She replied.

“Who did it to you?” inquires Jomy.

“Noel.” she said.

“When?” Jomy ask again knowing that he just made Noel a disciple yesterday.

“Just last night.” Jomie was out of words.

This story was being repeated to me, just as we baptizes Noel in my house and under the tree and with hot water!

I was outspoken, a bit shock, and thought, “Wow, that’s too fast! Just about half day only, now he started building his Jesus Family around him.”

“How did you do it Noel?”

“I just follow how Jomy made me” was his quick reply.

“Just that?”


I couldn’t agree more.

I am glad that he can just do that. Now, Jomy and Noel pays a visit today where Cherry Mae lives and will baptized her.

Making disciples should be simple, quick and fast to reach the growing population.

Just how quick you did yours?

Jomie baptizing Albert, May 10, 2010, lunch time.
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it really is that simple! : )
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Talk about Holy-Spirit led…JESUS nuff said (C:
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What? Again, it’s Trevor’s Fault?

11 05 2010

Around the community, me and Ian have become partners after dividing and setting up each team in the corner. Gathered up the people for them, telling them that if ‘anybody is sick and want’s to get healed instantly come out and be healed. It’s free I shouted. One even ask if there’s Salvation in it. “Sure, my friend there is for everybody.” After each team shared the gospel along with some Filipino interpreters, each also search for sick people in the houses around. Many got healed and some gave their lives to the Lord.

One of my favorite view is when Robin and Albert partnered together in preaching, Albert interpreted, leaving them for awhile while setting up others to do the same. When I came back from where they are, they were not found. I look and search for them and found them inside a small tent house where full of kids watching the happenings. I love the picture I saw, Robin and Albert laid hands on the sick child, he has high fever for 4 days. I took several shoots and get out, checking others. Later, I found the child with her mother in the basketball court healed instantly! The mother also got healed where Paul prayed in a different section. All along, the child got prayed by Robin and Albert and the mother got prayed where Paul and Jilian ministered. Mother and child doesn’t even know how that happened. So ice to see people, especially children got healed. I can imagine during Jesus time one earth, roaming around healing sick people, setting them free from deseases. What an exciting day!

EQUIPPING is the word…

Under the tree is where all the trainings took place in Cebu. What I liked this idea is simple, it can be done by just anyone would want to do. No cost, except Paul’s constant request of having coffee. Well, he didn’t request even once, instead I offered him and he politely say, “Yes, sure!” Seeing the simplicity and effectiveness this way is amazing. It becomes more of a family gatherings. Actually it teaches me a lesson of doing it the same way. I love it, it’s how we did discipleship – relationally like, instead of inviting Albert for a training, I invited him to swim in the beach along with Jilian and Jomy. And while there, teachings and learnings, and sharings of what has happening in their lives during the week or so can  be shared in a most natural way.  Just as easy as that. I’m glad we did it this way, no walls that wind could’nt pass through. It could have been hot like hell inside a room doing all the teachings, for its a hot season here this time. I find it more relaxing even to me as a host, doing all the preparations and most of the thinking, “What’s next!” A Conference idea could be done also, according to what is the goal, but talking about lifestyle, spontaneity and flexibilty is the name of the game. Such one is fit and easy to follow by just an ordinary person like Shadrack,Mishak and Abednego.

After the Ausies left, me and the boys went swimming but doing relational discipleship – talking about what has just been occured for the last 5 days. And yesterday also, til night, we had coffee together and talk and talk. We had so much learning….seeing the boys reactions and commments is an encouragements. I encourages the three of them to write their experience for thousands of people can read online. A personal story or testimony can be shared to one or two persons at a time, or a group of 20’s. Unlike blogging it, it’s unlimited and it’s always there for you. Sharing your life experiences to the world of internet!

Freeze the moment…..

Borrowing from Annete’s word, ‘freeze the moment’ have a lot of things to say to what most Christians do. We love to do it again and again until there was no life on it. Of course, we wanna do it again in the same or different community. We even had a plan sorted out that the 3 boys would do it in their own community with the three of them doing together. But Paul was right, if all we do is heal the sick and save people but not gather them around, equip them for what they need, and become a movement in the community, all there is about is indeed ‘freezing the moment.’ Honestly, the maintenance part is the hardest when it comes to starting simple church. It’s one way that we change our mindset of being a family together than just having meetings week after week. But then, as any family would do: What kind of father you are who does not see your sons and daughters. And what child you are who don’t see his parents. All needs space and time….what I want is the spontaneity of life governed the way we do church.  That is I dont’ wanna force anything trying to led the way. However, Paul’s word encourages me, “Be intentional in whatever you do.” I could not agree more.


Annette has the longest laugh I ever heard…..everyone can recognize it, even my Dad. She’s the 5th mother to my son Mike Angel as she said while helping my baby put to sleep. Well, imagine, 6 Blinkin’ Ausies living right in my house? I have to buy a couple of more chairs and beds to make them comfortable. Honestly, this is normal for most fiipino’s if have the budget in which we have. Living together as family is wonderful, I learn something: Sharing. Giving is one way of living your life to the fullest. Sharing is a different story, a story fromwhich the early church mastered upon. They’re good at it. The Ausies took over control of my house, they live it as if their own house except for most, not some, of our personal belongings still inside the house. Lisa and I we’re just glad we had that house, for the purpose of guest like them. They are the first who has it anyway. It’s just a joy that you can host carefully and comfortably with your extended families. Though we feel not good with Ian and Robin’s room, wish at least there’s an air-con but sad there was not. Pretty sure next time they’ll come it be much more better.

Annette’s presence gives joy to everybody especially to my family. I always hear her names being mentioned though. She not only took good care of us here but also to the team like a Momma. Her heart for the kids here, especially for the girls, she took care of them, teaches them on how to share the Good News in simple ways. The team has some good combinations.

Along with her daughter Rachel, the girls enjoys her presence. Rachel saved Candy, a 24 year old girl. Crying while sharing the Good News. She trained also the girls on how to share the Gospel. Candy, started praying for sick people including her mother. She wrote her own story below, be shock with this cute lady:

April 31,2010 – about 1 pm..

i was talking with rachel & ruth..by the time peter & his wife,a canadian couple, were having a chat with another group of circle where paul,annette,lucinda,ian & robin sits..rachel’s companion..they were all australian..& wonderful persons…ian suddenly called my name..then he introduced me to peter & peter’s wife..ian asked me if i would like to do what paul & the other guys had discussed & taught us the other day to peter..peter had a backache & i said yes of course! though there’s a little nerve in my flesh ..lol! then..we set peter in a chair & asked him to relax..with the help of ian..we aligned peter’s feet..& then everyone reacted when they saw peter’s feet ..the other was about 1 inch & a half short..so i kneeled put my left palm at peter’s leg..& started to pray..deeply & deeply..then..there’s the sudden warm feeling flowed in my arm to peter’s skin..his shorter foot began to grow..& grow..& grow..& grow..then,someone’s touching my shoulder & i heard paul’s asking me to stop praying..because peter’s shorter foot became taller than the other foot..& so i & ian stopped praying..then the feet went to normal..then,the guys asked peter to stand & tell us what does he feel..he wiggled his hips & keep on shaking his head..& can’t find a word to describe it..he said the pain was gone..then he hugged me & thanked me..& everyone hugged me..i myself still amazed with what had happen..

May 7,2010 – about 11am

i went to molong’s nipa hut..i found jinky-a 6 year old girl,lying down & so silent..i asked her what happen to her..she complained her tummy’s aching..then..something’s whispering in my head that i should heal her.. it made me sweat a lot that i can’t understand..after a while of being uncomfortable..i kneeled near jinky & told her i want to heal her & so she have to trust me..the girl nodded..the funny thing is..my mind got blank..i can’t remember the words..glad i saved in my phone the words ian had taught me..then..i paid attention at jinky & focused..i put my palm in her tummy & started saying..”holy spirit,i release your healing power now..be healed & made whole..spirit or infirmity out! in jesus name!..”the same feeling i had when i was healing peter..my palm is so warm…after a while..jinky was running & biking..& not complaining about her tummy anymore..!!!

May 7,2010 – 9:45 pm

mama has complaining her backpain the other night..& so i remember what had happen to peter & jinky..
i asked her if her back is still aching..so before she went to bed..i did the healing to her..when i put my palm at her leg & closed my eyes..she suddenly talked..& asked me why not put my palm at her back..i also wondered but i immediately remember what paul taught..& so i explain to mama about it & that she should trust me & trust the holy spirit.. she nodded..& i start again..the next morning..i asked her about her backpain..she said it’s gone..!!my eyes went big..! lol! this is the confirmation that i waited after what had happen to peter & jinky..then i remember rachel’s text that night..”Love should be the main reason we want someone healed..”i told her what i did to jinky the other day..that i really wanted to heal the girl..can’t afford to watch her suffering pain..


All i can say is..I am happy thAt HE is within me…Amen!!! ; )

The Woman Revivalist….

Her name was Lusinda, always creating some trouble wherever she was invited. Along with Robin they visited one of my Auntie’s hospital where she work as a chief nurse. [Wish I had some pics.] My two Auntie and one of my relatives witnessed what has been transpired. Healings all around the hospital. It was just good. I remember one of  my deep thoughts, if Benny Hinn or one of the healing guys has really has some healing Gifts, why not get in to the hospital and directly prays for the sick? This crusades are manipulating God with their high expensive preparations. Looks like their God could not move without a song or an opening prayer? It takes two simple people only to see what I have been envisioning – Lucinda and Robin are doing some great damage in the hospital. They are ruining their business!

My auntie’s are full of stories of what’s going on – they ended up praying for the nurses it’s because they want them to get prayed! My auntie says that it’s their first time to see this inside their worplace.

Next day, two of them visited my Auntie’s community, 5 cities block far, it takes for them about an hour and a half travel by jeepney, stayed there whole day, went home a bit late in my house. We eat ahead of them. A text was sent to my cell phone that many things has been happening where they’re at. People wanted to hold them for a night. I took about 2,500 shoots in one week while they’re here. Two locations we’re not documented, their hospital visit and my Auntie’s community place.

“No worries, just relax, at the end of the day what matters is people getting healed from their deseases and set free!” – Paul Land

First Healings…

My father was ministered first right in the middle of a crowded restaurant on the first day that we all meet. He is a trainor of gun shooting and so being reluctant wearing an ear protector his ear was damage and can’t hear anymore. Actually half of his face was sort of paralyzed. Can’t hear, can’t see one eye, and can’t breathe one side of his nostrils. And also he has sore back…all for many years. It’s different seeing someone in the community got healed, co’z you don’t know them so well. But say, your own father? That’s different. The healing takes instantly is his sore back, then his ear has some pain while praying and could hear a bit…it is recovering..and after 2-3 days he was completely healed. I tease him to cover his ear and hear me speak from a bit far. And guess what, he hears me speak and even follow what I’ve said!

Many healings took place in my house also, you better watch out, the holy spirit is here with us! A mother who has leg pain was healed instantly, she’s Candy’s mother – once a nieghbor, now a family. A Canadian couple named Peter and Margareth visited my house for a couple of hours before their flight back to Canada has been healed instantly by a prayer of 2 day old Christian, it’s Candy and Analyn 13 years old and Derick my niece, 10 years old.

All in all we ministered in 3 communities, trained about 20 people only. One community we baptizes 6 people instantly. But healings could not be counted. Albert, Jomie and Jilian has their own websites just being made. And their story can be written by their own hands then. Soon, this report can be edited with their links.

Dumaguete City

Two days in Dumaguete has some experience too, 9 of us, including me and Albert and Jomy, this time Jilian stayed. Jomy and Albert, is their first time to attend a traditional church, they didn’t even know that it’s a born again church LOL. And its their first time also to speak in front of people in  the church meetings. They’re good though. Many young people was encourage by their boldness to pray for the sick. I am very proud of my boys. It’s their first time also to get out Cebu and do some healing [mission] stuffs he he. It was just much fun. Ministering about 5 churches there in one day!

Now a lot of things must be done, leaving me a lot of assignments to follow up. But at least I became jobless instantly on healing sick people. I’m tired of sick people, they make me sick he he. Now my healing team can take over my job. I hardly pray for the sick when the Ausies are here, they hardly call my name to pray for the sick, always the boys or the girls. Think they want me jobless here. I think so, what do you reckon?

What!!! Oh that’s a filipino way of, “Pardon me?”

Ian, please explain.

This is all what I mean why it’s all Trevor’s fault. I got some reservations for him: Why he didn’t show up in Cebu? Now mate, please explain.

This is all Trevor’s fault!

6 05 2010

“Hey Molong, what are your schedules look like on these dates? [April 23 to May 3]” was this friend called Trevor wrote me from Australia just three weeks  before the team’s arrival.

[This report/documentation are all about what’s going on when http://www.spiritlednetwork.com team’s visit in Cebu for 10 days.]

This mate whom I met in Hong Kong during the 2nd Asian House Church Conference, it was about 3 years ago. The first time I saw him is when he was carrying his huge luggage going up to his room sweating and tired. From the ground level up of the mountain of small island where the summit was held, it was a long way up carrying everything with you. Everybody was exhausted even me as I help fetching several people from the pier of main Hong Kong City to the venue. I took several ferry trips like a tourist guide there, was invited by the host to come early to help others lead the way. Imagine, its your first time visiting the place and yet you can be an instant guide? Anyway, it’s where I meet the man, with not much words in our mouth, we separate our ways, handing him a book on which I intend to give away to others who might be in need. Taking with me several different copies, the last book I had was in this man’s hand. If I hadn’t done it, I should not be sharing our short story with you.

A Network of Relationships

God has a new way of revealing His plan to His people, that is by and through relationships, nothing more; nothing less. Anyhow, this is what church is all about. He don’t look around for one man anymore to fulfill His plans, instead He’ll look for people who have relationships already workin’ out. Who has common beliefs and passion for something that’s futuristic,  a visionary I mean, who sees future events and say, “Why not?”

Trevor is a networker, after a month of my trip to Hong Kong, we became friends, corresponding each other through email, and its a shame for me to know that he has given the book that I gave to him to somebody! Well, he already read it and no use of keeping it instead he gave it away. Whatever book that might be, either helpful or  not but it surely gives us a connection even then. He let me meet the man Stuart Gramenz in Cagayan de Oro, and some of the blinkin’ Ausies like Jody  Bolstad and Paul Thomas, Margareth and Chris Dent, Andrew and Kirima Smith, Paul Land with his son David, Ian Jenkins, and others whom the Lord only knows their first names LOL. Not only friends multiply though this one man’s journey together but also the book that I gave has multiplied too, a set of Stuart’s book was handed to me and just last week I received 50 copies of his Spirit Led Life book!

The journey begins…

Paul and Jody came to Cebu, at last. It was my first experience on HOW to heal the sick stuff. Oh well, I got some good one’s in CDO too, encountering healing taking place instantly. But hosting Paul Thomas and Jody Bolstad here with me and the churches is quite different. This time we did a big conference in the city, about 1oo leaders from different churches, including networks of house churches around. My first demo was given, and it felt good. Word that caught me is the “HOW’ and the “DEMO.’ How in the world would they do that? I saw healing takes place in Benny Hinn’s crusade, though it was just on TV, saw Reinhard Bonnkies healing crusades in my place and healing would take place right in your own eyes. But joining and seeing, now hosting something like this never occured honestly in my mind. What? Teaching you ‘HOW?’ Churches and ministries around are full of ‘what is and what’s that’ but unlikely they never know ‘how.’

Indonesia Healing Demo’s…

After Cebu Conference I went to Indonesia for the 3rd Asian House Church Conference, Mike Limmer from their team was sent, I first met him in CDO too. The Conference lasted for 5 days, but this time is the 4th day in which a presentation on How to Heal the Sick is scheduled, not on the first session but on the last session of the day on the night in which people gets so full of teachings and have some tired butts already. There you go, Mike is teaching with so much enthusiasm, speaks very quickly as he ran through over the materials with the help of an sophisticated LCD projector.

And suddenly…

“Excuse me,” some interrupted “is there anyone would need this teaching?”

“Does anyone does not believe in healing here?” he continued. Around a hundred tired people in the room and almost everyone nodded their heads. A short debate has arose among the brethren, chat chat chat, talk talk talk, blah blah blah over here and over there. Eman Abrea stood up and said, “We believe in healing.” Not getting the propose comment to end the session right there and then. I felt bad co’z Mike was stop right in the middle of his teaching. So I stood up as a witness of what’s happening in Cebu asking the question to everybody in the room, “We believe in healing, we all do. But that is not what this session is all about. Do you know HOW to heal?” Randeep Matthews of India, shout, “Yah, that’s it lets do it! Without further ado, I said, “Let’s get in to the DEMO! Anybody got some back pain?” Three people came forward, Dr.David Lim from the Philippines, and a guy named Cris from Malaysia and one other. Though a demo was given but Mike does not pray even instead he call up others to pray and boom! …atmosphere change. Many got healed in that Conference, it has become a How to Heal the Sick Seminar for awhile LOL…..

Now lets get to the main issue of why this man Trevor gets the blame….

I found out on the 3rd day while the healing team is with me at my house that I was a sort of a ‘leftovers.’ No wonder Trevor just handed me a fix date and see what Molong is up to? Third day event always revealed some secrets: Jesus death gives the Devil’s success but His resurrection reveals the secret of His power. It took me 3 days to know what’s going on around. Anyhow, let’s clarify these matters in some detailed ways. May my memory reminds me of what the Holy Spirit has done in a couple of days here through the team that he’s sending.

Here are what the team did…we went to a nice restaurant and have a beer…ophs wrong word….LOL

Paul Land and Ian Jenkins, sort of Ian is the leader but it looks like he is not, think it’s Paul co’z he does most of the talking and Ian does most of the demon’s, ophs, demo’s I mean. One thing you can learn from this guy Paul is his quotes which are always for ‘free of charge’ he said. Unlike Ian has some 700 peso price tag on what he would ‘sometimes’ share. Maybe he’s a staff from 700 Cub, that’s why he he.  Also Paul’s “JUST RELAX” favorite step number one on how to heal the sick sessions.  I couldn’t find it in the  book and during Paul and Jody’s visit here, it was not just there. But what I find is it has become a reality to us Filipino’s.

First Lesson: JUST RELAX

When it comes to healing let someone else do it. But letting you do it? That’s a different story. Paul was probably spirit led when he keeps on saying these words every time he let someone do it. It’s important honestly to hear these words. One instance he taught Lucinda how to do it, he was just sitting on a chair giving instruction: “Yah, that’s it, let him sit down straight, just relax, let him relax, yap, ok. Lift his feet up a bit, ophs, not too high you might hurt his back . Ok, just relax, yah ok, now you can pray.” He himself is relax! Honestly Paul, you are even relax than Stuart!

Shadrack, Mishak and Abednigo

‘Just Relax’ becomes a dominating word whenever 3 of my boys Albert, Jomie and Jilian do it. The training just took place under our star apple tree. Even my Dad and mom joined in. Then we went to the community and do some practice. Before, to heal the sick is the main thing, now it has becomes a practice, that means it becomes simple and easy to do it. We had all the fun then, healing atmosphere are everywhere in the community. Children are following us, actually leading us where the sick people. At times we have to cross a river, a dirty river with some smelly poos around. If Ausies didn’t smell it it is because it’s a filipino kind LOL…

Paul nick-named my 3 boys as 3 brave ones in Daniel’s book. They had a discussion on it one morning of the story. They’re just a couple of months being saved. Never been to church, never knew about being religiosity. What they will learn they can gladly do it without hesitation. “Just relax” is what they need when face the sick person. One time in the community, Paul is calling someone who has some back pain, I saw Jilian full of enthusiasm wanting to pray. I look at him and gave a signal to take over Paul. And he did.

Healings in the House

In 5 days these 3 boys have been with us everyday til night. Their parents started to worry and was questioned where and what they have been doing. “We joined a training from Australian people in Kuya Molong’s house and being trained how to heal the sick [under the tree]” And this gives opportunity to pray for her mom. “Do you have back pain Mama? I can pray for you. His mom was led to sit on a chair, just relax, and boom! -you know what that means.  And right then Jilian’s grandparents arrive and ask the same question. “We learn something about Jesus will heal the sick.” Jilian replied. His grandmother bluntly speak, “If this is all about God then I believe more than you.” Saying this she meant that she’s older than them and knows much about God than him. Jilian then challenged her grand mother, “If you have more faith than me then you should believe that God can heal you right Lola?” Her grandmother thought about it  for awhile and agreed to be prayed for. BOOM! Another power flowed out of Jilian. And in the morning, Jilian saw her lola doing some cleaning in the ground with a broom stick in her hand in which she couldn’t do that because of back pain. And as he walks in the community to visit us again in my house, people started looking at him for they were witnesses of what had happened the other day. His mom commented on him, “What had happened to you my son. You are now a… healer?” What I liked about Jilian, he always blames it to Jesus if ask by those questions. I hear it myself.

“Just Relax” goes too far with Albert, after the community experience on the first day, he approaches his mom and prayed and then to his father. Took a chair, let his dad sat down, told him to ‘just relax,’ carryng his foot and prayed. Then his father hugs him and thanked. I could see Annette’s flowing down her cheeks. Did I? probaby her heart did.

Jomy did the same thing, he prayed for his mom also as he was asked of his whereabouts. His mom has constant pain because the kind of work she did everyday at work. She was instantly healed. This has become the reason for them to leave home and stay in my house for the whole day and be with the blinkin’ Ausies.

“Loooo…k at the moon!”

Mr. Ian, please explain….even just tonigt I hear kids outside in my room saying to other kids, “Look at the moon.” I did got out as I heard it and try looking at the moon, see if its a fact that there’s a moon shining but no moon could be found. The people that you’re sending here Trevor mate are contagious and infectious. Better watch out my friend.

Ian Jenkins, a gentle guy compared to Paul and Robin – they do a lot of chit chat, ya know talkin’ and talkin’ – Paul doin’ the teaching stuff I mean, and Robin keeps sharing the Gospel around and giving tracts! At times, we have to wait on him to just stop talkin’. Ohh Ian is  kind, soft voice, slow to speak type of guy but stern -sometimes I have a hard time hearing his side of opinions and thoughts for he never argue. He just said, “Yah, I understand what you’re saying.” And then what? The man does most of the demo part in healing the sick. Giving instructions, making stories, explaining things. He does so well with it. I even heard Albert muses that he is learning of what most Ian speaks some things.

To be continued…