“Hey Molong, what are your schedules look like on these dates? [April 23 to May 3]” was this friend called Trevor wrote me from Australia just three weeks  before the team’s arrival.

[This report/documentation are all about what’s going on when www.spiritlednetwork.com team’s visit in Cebu for 10 days.]

This mate whom I met in Hong Kong during the 2nd Asian House Church Conference, it was about 3 years ago. The first time I saw him is when he was carrying his huge luggage going up to his room sweating and tired. From the ground level up of the mountain of small island where the summit was held, it was a long way up carrying everything with you. Everybody was exhausted even me as I help fetching several people from the pier of main Hong Kong City to the venue. I took several ferry trips like a tourist guide there, was invited by the host to come early to help others lead the way. Imagine, its your first time visiting the place and yet you can be an instant guide? Anyway, it’s where I meet the man, with not much words in our mouth, we separate our ways, handing him a book on which I intend to give away to others who might be in need. Taking with me several different copies, the last book I had was in this man’s hand. If I hadn’t done it, I should not be sharing our short story with you.

A Network of Relationships

God has a new way of revealing His plan to His people, that is by and through relationships, nothing more; nothing less. Anyhow, this is what church is all about. He don’t look around for one man anymore to fulfill His plans, instead He’ll look for people who have relationships already workin’ out. Who has common beliefs and passion for something that’s futuristic,  a visionary I mean, who sees future events and say, “Why not?”

Trevor is a networker, after a month of my trip to Hong Kong, we became friends, corresponding each other through email, and its a shame for me to know that he has given the book that I gave to him to somebody! Well, he already read it and no use of keeping it instead he gave it away. Whatever book that might be, either helpful or  not but it surely gives us a connection even then. He let me meet the man Stuart Gramenz in Cagayan de Oro, and some of the blinkin’ Ausies like Jody  Bolstad and Paul Thomas, Margareth and Chris Dent, Andrew and Kirima Smith, Paul Land with his son David, Ian Jenkins, and others whom the Lord only knows their first names LOL. Not only friends multiply though this one man’s journey together but also the book that I gave has multiplied too, a set of Stuart’s book was handed to me and just last week I received 50 copies of his Spirit Led Life book!

The journey begins…

Paul and Jody came to Cebu, at last. It was my first experience on HOW to heal the sick stuff. Oh well, I got some good one’s in CDO too, encountering healing taking place instantly. But hosting Paul Thomas and Jody Bolstad here with me and the churches is quite different. This time we did a big conference in the city, about 1oo leaders from different churches, including networks of house churches around. My first demo was given, and it felt good. Word that caught me is the “HOW’ and the “DEMO.’ How in the world would they do that? I saw healing takes place in Benny Hinn’s crusade, though it was just on TV, saw Reinhard Bonnkies healing crusades in my place and healing would take place right in your own eyes. But joining and seeing, now hosting something like this never occured honestly in my mind. What? Teaching you ‘HOW?’ Churches and ministries around are full of ‘what is and what’s that’ but unlikely they never know ‘how.’

Indonesia Healing Demo’s…

After Cebu Conference I went to Indonesia for the 3rd Asian House Church Conference, Mike Limmer from their team was sent, I first met him in CDO too. The Conference lasted for 5 days, but this time is the 4th day in which a presentation on How to Heal the Sick is scheduled, not on the first session but on the last session of the day on the night in which people gets so full of teachings and have some tired butts already. There you go, Mike is teaching with so much enthusiasm, speaks very quickly as he ran through over the materials with the help of an sophisticated LCD projector.

And suddenly…

“Excuse me,” some interrupted “is there anyone would need this teaching?”

“Does anyone does not believe in healing here?” he continued. Around a hundred tired people in the room and almost everyone nodded their heads. A short debate has arose among the brethren, chat chat chat, talk talk talk, blah blah blah over here and over there. Eman Abrea stood up and said, “We believe in healing.” Not getting the propose comment to end the session right there and then. I felt bad co’z Mike was stop right in the middle of his teaching. So I stood up as a witness of what’s happening in Cebu asking the question to everybody in the room, “We believe in healing, we all do. But that is not what this session is all about. Do you know HOW to heal?” Randeep Matthews of India, shout, “Yah, that’s it lets do it! Without further ado, I said, “Let’s get in to the DEMO! Anybody got some back pain?” Three people came forward, Dr.David Lim from the Philippines, and a guy named Cris from Malaysia and one other. Though a demo was given but Mike does not pray even instead he call up others to pray and boom! …atmosphere change. Many got healed in that Conference, it has become a How to Heal the Sick Seminar for awhile LOL…..

Now lets get to the main issue of why this man Trevor gets the blame….

I found out on the 3rd day while the healing team is with me at my house that I was a sort of a ‘leftovers.’ No wonder Trevor just handed me a fix date and see what Molong is up to? Third day event always revealed some secrets: Jesus death gives the Devil’s success but His resurrection reveals the secret of His power. It took me 3 days to know what’s going on around. Anyhow, let’s clarify these matters in some detailed ways. May my memory reminds me of what the Holy Spirit has done in a couple of days here through the team that he’s sending.

Here are what the team did…we went to a nice restaurant and have a beer…ophs wrong word….LOL

Paul Land and Ian Jenkins, sort of Ian is the leader but it looks like he is not, think it’s Paul co’z he does most of the talking and Ian does most of the demon’s, ophs, demo’s I mean. One thing you can learn from this guy Paul is his quotes which are always for ‘free of charge’ he said. Unlike Ian has some 700 peso price tag on what he would ‘sometimes’ share. Maybe he’s a staff from 700 Cub, that’s why he he.  Also Paul’s “JUST RELAX” favorite step number one on how to heal the sick sessions.  I couldn’t find it in the  book and during Paul and Jody’s visit here, it was not just there. But what I find is it has become a reality to us Filipino’s.

First Lesson: JUST RELAX

When it comes to healing let someone else do it. But letting you do it? That’s a different story. Paul was probably spirit led when he keeps on saying these words every time he let someone do it. It’s important honestly to hear these words. One instance he taught Lucinda how to do it, he was just sitting on a chair giving instruction: “Yah, that’s it, let him sit down straight, just relax, let him relax, yap, ok. Lift his feet up a bit, ophs, not too high you might hurt his back . Ok, just relax, yah ok, now you can pray.” He himself is relax! Honestly Paul, you are even relax than Stuart!

Shadrack, Mishak and Abednigo

‘Just Relax’ becomes a dominating word whenever 3 of my boys Albert, Jomie and Jilian do it. The training just took place under our star apple tree. Even my Dad and mom joined in. Then we went to the community and do some practice. Before, to heal the sick is the main thing, now it has becomes a practice, that means it becomes simple and easy to do it. We had all the fun then, healing atmosphere are everywhere in the community. Children are following us, actually leading us where the sick people. At times we have to cross a river, a dirty river with some smelly poos around. If Ausies didn’t smell it it is because it’s a filipino kind LOL…

Paul nick-named my 3 boys as 3 brave ones in Daniel’s book. They had a discussion on it one morning of the story. They’re just a couple of months being saved. Never been to church, never knew about being religiosity. What they will learn they can gladly do it without hesitation. “Just relax” is what they need when face the sick person. One time in the community, Paul is calling someone who has some back pain, I saw Jilian full of enthusiasm wanting to pray. I look at him and gave a signal to take over Paul. And he did.

Healings in the House

In 5 days these 3 boys have been with us everyday til night. Their parents started to worry and was questioned where and what they have been doing. “We joined a training from Australian people in Kuya Molong’s house and being trained how to heal the sick [under the tree]” And this gives opportunity to pray for her mom. “Do you have back pain Mama? I can pray for you. His mom was led to sit on a chair, just relax, and boom! -you know what that means.  And right then Jilian’s grandparents arrive and ask the same question. “We learn something about Jesus will heal the sick.” Jilian replied. His grandmother bluntly speak, “If this is all about God then I believe more than you.” Saying this she meant that she’s older than them and knows much about God than him. Jilian then challenged her grand mother, “If you have more faith than me then you should believe that God can heal you right Lola?” Her grandmother thought about it  for awhile and agreed to be prayed for. BOOM! Another power flowed out of Jilian. And in the morning, Jilian saw her lola doing some cleaning in the ground with a broom stick in her hand in which she couldn’t do that because of back pain. And as he walks in the community to visit us again in my house, people started looking at him for they were witnesses of what had happened the other day. His mom commented on him, “What had happened to you my son. You are now a… healer?” What I liked about Jilian, he always blames it to Jesus if ask by those questions. I hear it myself.

“Just Relax” goes too far with Albert, after the community experience on the first day, he approaches his mom and prayed and then to his father. Took a chair, let his dad sat down, told him to ‘just relax,’ carryng his foot and prayed. Then his father hugs him and thanked. I could see Annette’s flowing down her cheeks. Did I? probaby her heart did.

Jomy did the same thing, he prayed for his mom also as he was asked of his whereabouts. His mom has constant pain because the kind of work she did everyday at work. She was instantly healed. This has become the reason for them to leave home and stay in my house for the whole day and be with the blinkin’ Ausies.

“Loooo…k at the moon!”

Mr. Ian, please explain….even just tonigt I hear kids outside in my room saying to other kids, “Look at the moon.” I did got out as I heard it and try looking at the moon, see if its a fact that there’s a moon shining but no moon could be found. The people that you’re sending here Trevor mate are contagious and infectious. Better watch out my friend.

Ian Jenkins, a gentle guy compared to Paul and Robin – they do a lot of chit chat, ya know talkin’ and talkin’ – Paul doin’ the teaching stuff I mean, and Robin keeps sharing the Gospel around and giving tracts! At times, we have to wait on him to just stop talkin’. Ohh Ian is  kind, soft voice, slow to speak type of guy but stern -sometimes I have a hard time hearing his side of opinions and thoughts for he never argue. He just said, “Yah, I understand what you’re saying.” And then what? The man does most of the demo part in healing the sick. Giving instructions, making stories, explaining things. He does so well with it. I even heard Albert muses that he is learning of what most Ian speaks some things.

To be continued…