Around the community, me and Ian have become partners after dividing and setting up each team in the corner. Gathered up the people for them, telling them that if ‘anybody is sick and want’s to get healed instantly come out and be healed. It’s free I shouted. One even ask if there’s Salvation in it. “Sure, my friend there is for everybody.” After each team shared the gospel along with some Filipino interpreters, each also search for sick people in the houses around. Many got healed and some gave their lives to the Lord.

One of my favorite view is when Robin and Albert partnered together in preaching, Albert interpreted, leaving them for awhile while setting up others to do the same. When I came back from where they are, they were not found. I look and search for them and found them inside a small tent house where full of kids watching the happenings. I love the picture I saw, Robin and Albert laid hands on the sick child, he has high fever for 4 days. I took several shoots and get out, checking others. Later, I found the child with her mother in the basketball court healed instantly! The mother also got healed where Paul prayed in a different section. All along, the child got prayed by Robin and Albert and the mother got prayed where Paul and Jilian ministered. Mother and child doesn’t even know how that happened. So ice to see people, especially children got healed. I can imagine during Jesus time one earth, roaming around healing sick people, setting them free from deseases. What an exciting day!

EQUIPPING is the word…

Under the tree is where all the trainings took place in Cebu. What I liked this idea is simple, it can be done by just anyone would want to do. No cost, except Paul’s constant request of having coffee. Well, he didn’t request even once, instead I offered him and he politely say, “Yes, sure!” Seeing the simplicity and effectiveness this way is amazing. It becomes more of a family gatherings. Actually it teaches me a lesson of doing it the same way. I love it, it’s how we did discipleship – relationally like, instead of inviting Albert for a training, I invited him to swim in the beach along with Jilian and Jomy. And while there, teachings and learnings, and sharings of what has happening in their lives during the week or so can  be shared in a most natural way.  Just as easy as that. I’m glad we did it this way, no walls that wind could’nt pass through. It could have been hot like hell inside a room doing all the teachings, for its a hot season here this time. I find it more relaxing even to me as a host, doing all the preparations and most of the thinking, “What’s next!” A Conference idea could be done also, according to what is the goal, but talking about lifestyle, spontaneity and flexibilty is the name of the game. Such one is fit and easy to follow by just an ordinary person like Shadrack,Mishak and Abednego.

After the Ausies left, me and the boys went swimming but doing relational discipleship – talking about what has just been occured for the last 5 days. And yesterday also, til night, we had coffee together and talk and talk. We had so much learning….seeing the boys reactions and commments is an encouragements. I encourages the three of them to write their experience for thousands of people can read online. A personal story or testimony can be shared to one or two persons at a time, or a group of 20’s. Unlike blogging it, it’s unlimited and it’s always there for you. Sharing your life experiences to the world of internet!

Freeze the moment…..

Borrowing from Annete’s word, ‘freeze the moment’ have a lot of things to say to what most Christians do. We love to do it again and again until there was no life on it. Of course, we wanna do it again in the same or different community. We even had a plan sorted out that the 3 boys would do it in their own community with the three of them doing together. But Paul was right, if all we do is heal the sick and save people but not gather them around, equip them for what they need, and become a movement in the community, all there is about is indeed ‘freezing the moment.’ Honestly, the maintenance part is the hardest when it comes to starting simple church. It’s one way that we change our mindset of being a family together than just having meetings week after week. But then, as any family would do: What kind of father you are who does not see your sons and daughters. And what child you are who don’t see his parents. All needs space and time….what I want is the spontaneity of life governed the way we do church.  That is I dont’ wanna force anything trying to led the way. However, Paul’s word encourages me, “Be intentional in whatever you do.” I could not agree more.


Annette has the longest laugh I ever heard…..everyone can recognize it, even my Dad. She’s the 5th mother to my son Mike Angel as she said while helping my baby put to sleep. Well, imagine, 6 Blinkin’ Ausies living right in my house? I have to buy a couple of more chairs and beds to make them comfortable. Honestly, this is normal for most fiipino’s if have the budget in which we have. Living together as family is wonderful, I learn something: Sharing. Giving is one way of living your life to the fullest. Sharing is a different story, a story fromwhich the early church mastered upon. They’re good at it. The Ausies took over control of my house, they live it as if their own house except for most, not some, of our personal belongings still inside the house. Lisa and I we’re just glad we had that house, for the purpose of guest like them. They are the first who has it anyway. It’s just a joy that you can host carefully and comfortably with your extended families. Though we feel not good with Ian and Robin’s room, wish at least there’s an air-con but sad there was not. Pretty sure next time they’ll come it be much more better.

Annette’s presence gives joy to everybody especially to my family. I always hear her names being mentioned though. She not only took good care of us here but also to the team like a Momma. Her heart for the kids here, especially for the girls, she took care of them, teaches them on how to share the Good News in simple ways. The team has some good combinations.

Along with her daughter Rachel, the girls enjoys her presence. Rachel saved Candy, a 24 year old girl. Crying while sharing the Good News. She trained also the girls on how to share the Gospel. Candy, started praying for sick people including her mother. She wrote her own story below, be shock with this cute lady:

April 31,2010 – about 1 pm..

i was talking with rachel & the time peter & his wife,a canadian couple, were having a chat with another group of circle where paul,annette,lucinda,ian & robin sits..rachel’s companion..they were all australian..& wonderful persons…ian suddenly called my name..then he introduced me to peter & peter’s wife..ian asked me if i would like to do what paul & the other guys had discussed & taught us the other day to peter..peter had a backache & i said yes of course! though there’s a little nerve in my flesh! then..we set peter in a chair & asked him to relax..with the help of ian..we aligned peter’s feet..& then everyone reacted when they saw peter’s feet ..the other was about 1 inch & a half i kneeled put my left palm at peter’s leg..& started to pray..deeply & deeply..then..there’s the sudden warm feeling flowed in my arm to peter’s skin..his shorter foot began to grow..& grow..& grow..& grow..then,someone’s touching my shoulder & i heard paul’s asking me to stop praying..because peter’s shorter foot became taller than the other foot..& so i & ian stopped praying..then the feet went to normal..then,the guys asked peter to stand & tell us what does he feel..he wiggled his hips & keep on shaking his head..& can’t find a word to describe it..he said the pain was gone..then he hugged me & thanked me..& everyone hugged me..i myself still amazed with what had happen..

May 7,2010 – about 11am

i went to molong’s nipa hut..i found jinky-a 6 year old girl,lying down & so silent..i asked her what happen to her..she complained her tummy’s aching..then..something’s whispering in my head that i should heal her.. it made me sweat a lot that i can’t understand..after a while of being uncomfortable..i kneeled near jinky & told her i want to heal her & so she have to trust me..the girl nodded..the funny thing mind got blank..i can’t remember the words..glad i saved in my phone the words ian had taught me..then..i paid attention at jinky & focused..i put my palm in her tummy & started saying..”holy spirit,i release your healing power healed & made whole..spirit or infirmity out! in jesus name!..”the same feeling i had when i was healing palm is so warm…after a while..jinky was running & biking..& not complaining about her tummy anymore..!!!

May 7,2010 – 9:45 pm

mama has complaining her backpain the other night..& so i remember what had happen to peter & jinky..
i asked her if her back is still before she went to bed..i did the healing to her..when i put my palm at her leg & closed my eyes..she suddenly talked..& asked me why not put my palm at her back..i also wondered but i immediately remember what paul taught..& so i explain to mama about it & that she should trust me & trust the holy spirit.. she nodded..& i start again..the next morning..i asked her about her backpain..she said it’s gone..!!my eyes went big..! lol! this is the confirmation that i waited after what had happen to peter & jinky..then i remember rachel’s text that night..”Love should be the main reason we want someone healed..”i told her what i did to jinky the other day..that i really wanted to heal the girl..can’t afford to watch her suffering pain..


All i can say is..I am happy thAt HE is within me…Amen!!! ; )

The Woman Revivalist….

Her name was Lusinda, always creating some trouble wherever she was invited. Along with Robin they visited one of my Auntie’s hospital where she work as a chief nurse. [Wish I had some pics.] My two Auntie and one of my relatives witnessed what has been transpired. Healings all around the hospital. It was just good. I remember one of  my deep thoughts, if Benny Hinn or one of the healing guys has really has some healing Gifts, why not get in to the hospital and directly prays for the sick? This crusades are manipulating God with their high expensive preparations. Looks like their God could not move without a song or an opening prayer? It takes two simple people only to see what I have been envisioning – Lucinda and Robin are doing some great damage in the hospital. They are ruining their business!

My auntie’s are full of stories of what’s going on – they ended up praying for the nurses it’s because they want them to get prayed! My auntie says that it’s their first time to see this inside their worplace.

Next day, two of them visited my Auntie’s community, 5 cities block far, it takes for them about an hour and a half travel by jeepney, stayed there whole day, went home a bit late in my house. We eat ahead of them. A text was sent to my cell phone that many things has been happening where they’re at. People wanted to hold them for a night. I took about 2,500 shoots in one week while they’re here. Two locations we’re not documented, their hospital visit and my Auntie’s community place.

“No worries, just relax, at the end of the day what matters is people getting healed from their deseases and set free!” – Paul Land

First Healings…

My father was ministered first right in the middle of a crowded restaurant on the first day that we all meet. He is a trainor of gun shooting and so being reluctant wearing an ear protector his ear was damage and can’t hear anymore. Actually half of his face was sort of paralyzed. Can’t hear, can’t see one eye, and can’t breathe one side of his nostrils. And also he has sore back…all for many years. It’s different seeing someone in the community got healed, co’z you don’t know them so well. But say, your own father? That’s different. The healing takes instantly is his sore back, then his ear has some pain while praying and could hear a bit…it is recovering..and after 2-3 days he was completely healed. I tease him to cover his ear and hear me speak from a bit far. And guess what, he hears me speak and even follow what I’ve said!

Many healings took place in my house also, you better watch out, the holy spirit is here with us! A mother who has leg pain was healed instantly, she’s Candy’s mother – once a nieghbor, now a family. A Canadian couple named Peter and Margareth visited my house for a couple of hours before their flight back to Canada has been healed instantly by a prayer of 2 day old Christian, it’s Candy and Analyn 13 years old and Derick my niece, 10 years old.

All in all we ministered in 3 communities, trained about 20 people only. One community we baptizes 6 people instantly. But healings could not be counted. Albert, Jomie and Jilian has their own websites just being made. And their story can be written by their own hands then. Soon, this report can be edited with their links.

Dumaguete City

Two days in Dumaguete has some experience too, 9 of us, including me and Albert and Jomy, this time Jilian stayed. Jomy and Albert, is their first time to attend a traditional church, they didn’t even know that it’s a born again church LOL. And its their first time also to speak in front of people in  the church meetings. They’re good though. Many young people was encourage by their boldness to pray for the sick. I am very proud of my boys. It’s their first time also to get out Cebu and do some healing [mission] stuffs he he. It was just much fun. Ministering about 5 churches there in one day!

Now a lot of things must be done, leaving me a lot of assignments to follow up. But at least I became jobless instantly on healing sick people. I’m tired of sick people, they make me sick he he. Now my healing team can take over my job. I hardly pray for the sick when the Ausies are here, they hardly call my name to pray for the sick, always the boys or the girls. Think they want me jobless here. I think so, what do you reckon?

What!!! Oh that’s a filipino way of, “Pardon me?”

Ian, please explain.

This is all what I mean why it’s all Trevor’s fault. I got some reservations for him: Why he didn’t show up in Cebu? Now mate, please explain.