I Baptized you with Hot Water!!!

Monday at 11:30am, 11-2010
Jomy, 21, whom Albert made a disciple [Albert was my first disciple to make], have made a new disciple named Noel, 17. Just the 2 days ago, and yesterday he baptizes him here at my house. I interviewed Noel then of how did Jomy made him a disciple. Here are some of his own words:

“He shared to me about what Jesus has done to me by dying on the cross because of His love towards me.”

“And what is your response on what He has done for you?” I inquired.

“I want to follow Him” was Noel’s reply.

“How about your sin, what will you do with it since He died for your sin?”

“I will leave my sin” he said.

“And what else?”

“Bury it in the water [of baptism]” he replied.

“When your give your life to Christ, that means your life that you know before has ended in Him. And so Jesus, in other words will kill you. You cannot live on your own now. That’s why today, Jomie will busy you. This is your funeral service.”

Noel, just nod his head.

While interviewing Noel, Jomie just finished filling up the basin with water. Now a days, for months, there’s no rain in my country. So, normally the water is just heated through the sun. Though we’ve waited for an hour to let it cool down but only a slight changes happen. So, we decided to just do it right away. That means, the water is still hot!

Jomy ask how to baptized Noel now. It’s his second person that he makes disciple. I told him that, either way on whatever words you use such as, “I baptize you in the Jesus Name,” or you can use the three titles of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” It doesn’t matter really. Or you can pray a very short prayer thanking God for Noel as His new child. He proceeded anyway with a short prayer.

“What matters most Jomy, is Noel can just baptize anybody whom he makes disciple it is because you let him do it, and you let him see you do it in the simplest way.”

I poured the water and Jomy laid hands and prayed a very short prayer.

It’s done! But….

There is MORE…

Just before his visit at my house, Jomy passes by Noel, as they lived the same village and have been friends for awhile. Jomy meets Noel relative named Cherry Mae who is 17. Jomy felt that she too can be Jesus disciples. So, he started sharing the Gospel. Jomy was stopped just as he started witnessing.

“I’m done!” Cherry Mae said.

“What do you mean?” Jomy asked her.

“I believe now and will follow Jesus.” She replied.

“Who did it to you?” inquires Jomy.

“Noel.” she said.

“When?” Jomy ask again knowing that he just made Noel a disciple yesterday.

“Just last night.” Jomie was out of words.

This story was being repeated to me, just as we baptizes Noel in my house and under the tree and with hot water!

I was outspoken, a bit shock, and thought, “Wow, that’s too fast! Just about half day only, now he started building his Jesus Family around him.”

“How did you do it Noel?”

“I just follow how Jomy made me” was his quick reply.

“Just that?”


I couldn’t agree more.

I am glad that he can just do that. Now, Jomy and Noel pays a visit today where Cherry Mae lives and will baptized her.

Making disciples should be simple, quick and fast to reach the growing population.

Just how quick you did yours?

Jomie baptizing Albert, May 10, 2010, lunch time.
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Elijah Ray Bonifacio Avenido

Monday at 11:38am · Flag
Kathryn Bippus

Kathryn Bippus

it really is that simple! : )
Monday at 3:48pm · Flag
Kimo Acob

Kimo Acob

Talk about Holy-Spirit led…JESUS nuff said (C:
Yesterday at 1:35am · Flag
Analyn Pacquiao

Analyn Pacquiao

its so amazing :)!!!!!
3 hours ago · Flag
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