Making Disciples to a person in just 10 minutes is a tough one. I was with the three young people we have here. Just been made a disciple and sorry, they have never been to church! We visited one of their house and just we knew that this guy, 22, named Jomie has just made his older brother a disciple of Jesus the other night.

Wanna hear his story? CLick here:

Watch out, every one who made a disciple shall he baptized also. And much more, we don’t do a lot of theories, or theological stuff in our websites. We’re not good at it and there’s much sites already about explaining stuffs. If it opposes your belief, you just have to forgive us. Our aim is help readers on HOW to make disciples the simplest way for new Christian to do the same, the fastest way that even without you it works, and quickest way to reach the growing population.

In other words, we blog, we make stories………word for word….situation by situation…..and with pictures!

Enjoy my friends. And don’t forget to give reward for Jomie’s obedience. In case you be led by the spirit to drop a coin just hit PAYPAL button on the right side of the page!