This is how we make disciples in the Philippines: We make disciple through our friends, friends who believe in us, trust us and loyal to us. Theese are unbelieving friend at this stage. We show the ‘light’ and ‘salt’ as we are in this world. be ask, ‘what does it take for them to believe in what we are going to say and do?’ That is our life then is meant to be a light. Here we call ‘disciple for awhile.’ Co’z we don’t disciple people, we are only ‘making’ a person into a disciple of Jesus not mine or who.

Then we sit down with a coffee or meal with the person, and talk straight to him, “You know what, I will make you a disciple.” Or “Do you know what is going on between us? I am making you a follower of Jesus.” Or “I will help you how to follow Christ.” And normally, a person who is curious ask, “What’s that?” Based on experience, all that we make disciples wanting to become a disciple – those friends that each one has who believes in us, trust us. If making disciples must be a job of everybody and not one man alone, then it should among friends, like Jesus making friends with everybody and when the person believe in Him, trust Him and loyal to Him like Nicodemus, Simon the Pharisee, Zaccheus, etc, He makes them His disciples.

“What’s that?” a seeker friend would ask. Then here are five ‘sort of’ steps that we let him go through. This is not consequential.

1. Believing.

We answer him directly, “You are already saved. Jesus has paid for your sin 2,000 years ago. It’s done. You just need to know.” Whatever explainations needed, the point that we want the person to understand is that, God has saved him already, nothing the person that he can do to make God love or accept him more or less. It’s done, it’s finished. Until he is convince that he is saved and that nothing he can do anymore, then we won’t continue making him a disciple.

2. Repenting.

“Now that you are saved, what is your response to what Jesus has done for you on the cross?” Repentance is not something that you do to get save, but it is something that you respond to what has been done already. If it is something that you must do to get saved then Christ died in vain. We just have to repent then and done. We’re saved not because we repent, but because Christ died for us. If what the person knew is to repent in order for him to get saved no wonder they have a hard time accepting the truth. And many have though and believe that they are saved because they repent more than Christ died for them. Repentance is God’s work, it’s His kindness that led us to repentance. The question is not, “What must I do to GET saved?” But, “What must I do to BE saved?”

“Leave your sin” we simply admonish the person. “Now that Christ died for your sin, leave it.” We don’t explain a lot of theological stuff co’z if the person believes in you and trust you then he simply nod his head and understand what you want him get it. And also, we want to make disciples as quick and simple as we can. Later, as we do relational discipleship, then more teachings about it will be discussed.

‎3. Baptizing.
“Next thing that you will do with your sin is to bury it. You’re dead without Christ [Eph.2:1] And following Him meant to deny yourself, the life that you know now is not your own. Jesus will kill you and now I will bury you!” based on experience, we make disciples from 5 minute at least to 15 minute at most. We dump him in directly. … Tumingin paWe teach that baptism is not merely a symbol but a command. With all the verses in the Scripture about, it must be a must. It is Jesus last words before He leaves earth.

Those who can make a person a disciple he will be the one baptizing him. Either there’s a short or long prayer or no prayer at all, we dump him in! Point is, let’s make it quick!

4. Receiving the Holy Spirit.

Right after baptism of water, we just laid hands on him and say, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Either he speak in a tongue or not, sooner or later he will. It is Jesus who will baptize him with fire. “Now you become the temple of God, the Holy Spirit lives in you. You are the church, we are the church.”

5. Accepting him into your family.

Church is about family, having spiritual parents and spiritual children Eph. 6:1. “Now, you’re not only my friend but a family member. We are a part of you, and you are a part of us.”

Lord’s Supper.

Then we have meals together, this time a prayer of the Lord’s Supper will be made by the one who just made him a disciple, welcoming him into your family.


We don’t do scheduled meetings week after week. We gather spontaneously, Heb.10:24-25. No one ask a family, “When is your meeting?’ Just like prayer, He’s my Father and whenever I want to talk to Him I don’t need a schedule called, “Prayer meeting?”

House to House

Not commune, but live close together from house to house, living Jesus life together, doing things together. One is called ‘Intentional Discipleship.’ This we call, “Relational Discipleship.

This is how we make disciples.