God is Moving!

25 08 2010

It has been quite a while since my last blog. It’s not because we’re not doing anything, oh well, yah we’re not doing anything except what God called us to do. To find His will is to be spirit-led. He may give us the whole picture but that’s rarely happen. The angels could have told Joseph to take Mary to Egypt and then do this and do that and do this and do that…..instead Joseph waited til he was given instructions by the angel. Today, through His Son’s Spirit in us, we are led from within!

5th National Summit in Tagaytay, Manila

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3 08 2010

“All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord,

and all the families of the nations shall worship before You.”

A Psalm of David, 22:27

To borrow from Roy Hession’s words from THE CALVARY ROAD,1

THOUSANDS of years ago, in the most beautiful Garden the world has ever known, lived a man and a woman. Formed in the likeness of their Creator, they lived solely to reveal Him to His creation and to each other and thus to glorify Him every moment of the day. Humbly they accepted the position of a creature with the Creator – that of complete submission and yieldedness to His will. Because they always submitted their wills to His, because they lived for Him and not for themselves, they were also completely submitted to each other. Thus in that first home in that beautiful garden, there was absolute harmony, peace, love and oneness not only with God, but with each other.

Then one day, the harmony was shattered, for the serpent stole into that God-centred home, and with him, sin. And now, because they had lost their peace and fellowship with God, they lost it with each other. No longer did they live for God – they each lived for themselves. They were each their own gods now, and because they no longer lived for God, they no longer lived for each other. Instead of peace, harmony, love and oneness – there was now discord and hate – in other words, SIN!

It was into the home that sin first came. It is in the home that we sin more than perhaps anywhere else, and it is to the home that revival first needs to come. Revival is desperately needed in the church – in the country – in the world, but a revived church with unrevived homes would be sheer hypocrisy. It is the hardest place, the most costly, but the most necessary place to begin.

To Recapture the Church We Must Recapture The Home

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