It has been quite a while since my last blog. It’s not because we’re not doing anything, oh well, yah we’re not doing anything except what God called us to do. To find His will is to be spirit-led. He may give us the whole picture but that’s rarely happen. The angels could have told Joseph to take Mary to Egypt and then do this and do that and do this and do that…..instead Joseph waited til he was given instructions by the angel. Today, through His Son’s Spirit in us, we are led from within!

5th National Summit in Tagaytay, Manila

Attended with over 30 networks around the country, with 3 Ausie’s from Stuart Gramenz team, and a friend Phil Walters, and two British prolific writers Tony and Felicity Dale. The Summit indeed was fulfilling. Almost every body shares and gives what they can offer: some gave out books, t-shirts as souvenir, a lady who is longing to have a cellphone got one surprisingly. But most, each enjoys the relationships  being built in the atmosphere. Concerns of everybody is being written in the board and discuss thoroughly with the brethren. Highlights are:

Making Disciples, one of the main issues raised is not to focus on church planting much but disciple making which in turn when they gathered become simple churches everywhere. Two disciples from CEBU went with me in the summit and they share their making disciples journey’s – these two has no trace of religion whatsoever. You can visit their sites here and here.

Leadership, especially their role in the infrastructure in the movement. Tony and Felicity Dale shared their input here. It’s just like a foundation of the building, unrecognizable yet you can know the strength of it. Felicity’s site mentions some principles here. In our group along with Ausie’s, we went further from leadership to fathering your next generation. Fathering is more on relational issue than leading. A leader could not father, but a father can lead. It is more on treating the person as your son than your student or member of a church. Church is a family, and family has parents – they are the ‘parents in the Lord’ Ephesians 6:1. See my whole article about being a family here.

Being Family, instead of having meetings , let’s get away with it and just be family. A question is pose, “If there is no meeting then what is it?” My friend John White says, “The ultimate description of a church is family.” Families have no meetings, they have spontaneous gatherings. Simple churches in most cases is a meeting-based relationships, not family-based. “It is Gary Goodell who says, “If you keep on doing meetings then you cannot be family. We have to stop doing meetings and be family.”

Without showing some favor, visit this wonderful site HERE, they are into fads of church models, but just being family together for over 23 years! Also their book and cd’s are available for you to learn what they’re doing practically, living and doing it, rather than just believing it HERE.

Hearing God’s Voice, the Ausies shared about hearing God’s voice which is the main thing about simple church. As Wolfgang Simson says, “Our meetings should be listening to God. If He doesn’t speak then we will check ourselves of sin. But if still He will not speak to us and tell us what to do then we might as well go home and comeback tomorrow!”

And an interesting pastor for 14 years, have a thousand member, receives $800 per month as his salary resigned after finding out about these new ways of doing church. As Tony Dale would say, “housechurch is about living Christ 24/7 to one another” and I would say that someday, or not for long, we may get away with the word ‘house church.’ To most christians today this word scares something inside of them andhave no idea why.

Who Called Them?

I quote Daddy Dan Hubbell while discussing this movement around the world, that “wherever I went around the world,’ he says, “98 percent that those who are in this movement are called by God.” I agree, my story resonates with this statement.

Making Disciples on the GO with Albert and Jomie, lots of wonderful stories here of we make disciples wherever we go. Learn how simple, quick and fast it is to reach the growing population. They just baptizes someone recently here.

We just bought their bikes as they roam around the community finding man of peace. They are also a mobile technician to be self-sufficient in their housechurching.


I got several trips ahead from August 30 to September 24. Here are some details.

September 1-4 to Cagayan de Oro City, meeting with the network there and network in Butuan City. We will meet to fellowship and discuss concerning matters to further God’s Kingdom in their areas.

September 5-8 to Iligan and Bukinon, meeting with MSU muslim students, teaching them how to start simple churches in their campuses.

September 11-14 to Davao City, Tagum City and Panabo City. In three locatios we will gather the friends, extended families and networks their for a purpose.

September 17-20 to Siargao Island.