Immediate Needs:

28 10 2010

1. Bibles
2. Albert and Jomie, see their websites [,] will go to Bohol island looking for ‘man pf peace from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3. They need funds for this trip. Drop your help, click ‘paypal’ logo and make ‘Bohol Trip’ to designate it.


It is undeniably the Holy Spirit!!!

26 10 2010

Noel comes home, to his extended family here. And everything he shares blows our mind! I believe it will do the same to yours. Again, the way we blog on how we make disciples is go through by detailed account of what is really actually happened. So, here is a new one!

For a couple of days we, I, Jomie and Albert, we still could not finished the dressing cabinet that we’re making for the Lambs here. I thought of buying a plastic drawers but my wife Lisa suggested that since we have unused plywoods why not make one instead. We did, so one day Noel came. I will go through what we’re discussing while we do the carpentry and we let Noel paint the other box. We made two, but one is still on the process of building it.

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Faith Expresses In Love

22 10 2010

It be more on the practical side of our story on what I am going to share to you friends and families. Bear with me for a little while, lend me your heart.

When we started ‘simple church’ back 9 years ago, it’s when I marry my beautiful wife Lisa. We both hear from God, I close my eyes and can only see her in my future. And she too was having a dream that she will marry me. This happens to us before considering to court each other. Married in 2003 of April, lost our first born son, and now has a daughter, Shirley Faith 5, and Mike Angel 8 month old.

Even when I was a single man, I do traveling already though not much til I get married. I once was in a shipwreck at 4 o’clock in the morning, where it’s only light I saw was my ship where I am to is burning with fire. Part of some painful experience is when my house got burned a couple of years after the incident, but this fire is a second time around. Yes, our house got burned twice! After then, for a year we transferred different locations. Here we are, newly married, lost a baby, house burned, doing house church, traveling, it’s crazy but its living life to the fullest!

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The Kingdom That Is Not “Here” nor “There”

15 10 2010

by: Mike Peters

IT would be best to elaborate in a practical way, with your permission, a little more on the following point. The real McCoy, a true expression of God’s reign and “Dwelling Place” amongst His People (Eph 2:22) will not wait for the gavel to pound for the beginning of a meeting. As the People of God, we’ll be singing or praying together in smaller groups continually as a life, without any cues or “meetings” to set us up for that. “As we rise up, as we sit down, as we walk along the way.” In living rooms, in restaurants together — or even in jail together (Acts 16:25‑26)! We will be singing the praises of God inside and outside of “meetings”…because it’s our life.

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The Church: A Family of Families

14 10 2010
In Jesus’ classic style of pedagogy He used many forms in expressing many truths. Many of these forms are loaded with picture words, or types, analogies and metaphors that are in parabolic form bringing clarity to the truth of His essential teachings. For the kingdom He used land, pearls, parties or banquets. For lost things He used coins, sheep and prodigals. For the church itself He chose many pictures.
These include: a bride, a body, a building, a candlestick, sheep, a garden, a loaf, light, salt, an army and a it appears that is the optimum one, the main one, even the most image-filled one the family. Romans 8:29; Galatians 6:10; Ephesians 2:19; I Timothy 5:1 – 2; 3:15; I Peter 2:2; 1 John 2:12 -13, again and again synonyms for family, family phrases, family experiences, family dynamics. We are born into this family through a “new birth,” we are the “children of God,” we are the “sons of God,” “fathers,” “brothers,” “sisters,” and even the “household of faith.”


12 10 2010

1. From Traditional Discipleship to Intentional-Relational Discipleship

Johnny was forbidden by his pastor to start his making disciples journey, instead he was sent to a 2 year training on Bible Classes everyday. After the training, he found that making disciples is actually a complicated job.

For many years we have tried to make disciples through a lecture hall and start collecting materials and people to create one. If we want to see Christianity change in our generation then we should re-think discipleship, SHIFT it to making disciples, it is how Jesus make disciples intentionally and relationally. And it is quick, simple and fast to reach the growing population.

2. From One-man Discipling Everybody to One-another Making Disciples to Everybody.

Inspite of how busy the pastor and the church are in their weekly activities, most still having a hard time HOW to make disciples. [ ] Survey shows that ‘pastors’ don’t know how to make disciples’ – this shows the number one weakness of any church. Two reasons: They don’t know how, 2. It’s complicated. And third fatal reason is, they try to do it on their own.

For so long, one-man trying to disciple everybody and leave others undiscipled because they don’t make disciples [Bill Bright, 97 percent of Christians are not discipled and they don’t know how to make disciples], this not only creates a clergy-laity division but also makes disciple-making complicated with all the requirement and qualification needed to become one. It  is time to change the way we think about the Great Commission, right from the beginning, the intention is for every disciple of Jesus would make disciples.

3. From Discipling the Believer Already to Making Disciples to Non-Believing.

It is when we complicate the Great Commission when it looses its focus: unbelievers. For so long, we didn’t make any disciples at all because all we do is disciple the saved person already [The 4th Shift would explain this more]. It is the fact that there are many wandering Christian babies still wearing their spiritual diapers and never graduated in their Sunday School Classes. Creating more irresponsible Christians transferring from church to church without changing their lives, having no spiritual parents who treated them as ‘sons and daughters’ in the Lord. From the beginning, the intention of the Great Commission is to make disciples to those who are not.

4. From Discipling to Make Disciples

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