It be more on the practical side of our story on what I am going to share to you friends and families. Bear with me for a little while, lend me your heart.

When we started ‘simple church’ back 9 years ago, it’s when I marry my beautiful wife Lisa. We both hear from God, I close my eyes and can only see her in my future. And she too was having a dream that she will marry me. This happens to us before considering to court each other. Married in 2003 of April, lost our first born son, and now has a daughter, Shirley Faith 5, and Mike Angel 8 month old.

Even when I was a single man, I do traveling already though not much til I get married. I once was in a shipwreck at 4 o’clock in the morning, where it’s only light I saw was my ship where I am to is burning with fire. Part of some painful experience is when my house got burned a couple of years after the incident, but this fire is a second time around. Yes, our house got burned twice! After then, for a year we transferred different locations. Here we are, newly married, lost a baby, house burned, doing house church, traveling, it’s crazy but its living life to the fullest!

One summit I hosted in my province, friend who I meet in Indonesia came to visit. It is Bob Lund, a prolific writer of a book entitled: What Church Ought To Be. He came with a brother named Jeremiah. Not a part of the session, during the break, they knelt down to both of us and prophesied: “I saw children,” Bob says. And this is all he said. And my wife cried. Well, my wife’s heart since then is kids – you know having some ‘children’s ministry,’ ‘feeding,’ we did serve kids on my pastor’s friends ‘children’s shelter’ but not for long we got out. Not until we rented our own little house, and decided to get one girl from the mountain who is my wife’s niece. But ended up getting two, they are sisters named Arlene and Analyn. The only reason to get them is to be with my daughter to play around, and also we didn’t have fredge on our own to preserve left over food, so we can probably take care of their food and more – send them to school. These girls, before they lived in the mountain, they have to walk 2 hours to school and another 2 hours going back home. So, they started walking at 5 in the morning, that is they would wake up earlier than that. Catch the 7 o’clock school time and ended at 5pm. Arriving at their house around 7 in the evening. Normal food for most people living in the mountain here is dried fish, noodles and sardines.

Then after a year we decided to get another two of their younger sisters. Same food we ate, same house we live, same table we have dinner together, and send them to school. Cost started to go up! And more, since my wife will have another baby again, we decided to get their mother – to take care of them while they go to school. And then their brother Albert, and then Jomie who’s needing to learn a lot of things. My extended family is growing fast!

One night, we discuss with my wife what to do ¬†best. We have come up an idea to, “Why not send them all back home?” Yah right, crazy idea hey?

“We can but we cannot.” I said.


“Because this is their home and they have become our children and we have become their parents.” Unknowingly, slowly God showed us that what these two guys, Bob and Jeremiah, has been prophesying has come to fulfillment but not just the way we look in our own ¬†understanding. We are fathering and mothering our next generation already.

Time to make them disciples of Jesus. So, Arlene and Analyn was baptized by their brother Albert, after I make Albert a disciple of Jesus and baptizes him. Then not for long Albert baptizes his father himself! And Jomie, who happens to be Albert’s close friend and school mate was made disciples by him and baptize him as well. I predict his mother is the next for she already confess that it is my son [Albert] whom I wanted to baptize me.

Albert, the guy that I made disciple a year ago has made many disciples beginning on his family first and then to his friends like Jomie. And Jomie made disciples to his brother Ranie, and to his own friends. Yes, we make disciples who make disciples! And we got ‘detailed stories’ if you don’t mind. Shoot me an email and will send you their own blogs. Full of wonderful stuffs in there.

Anyway, my extended family is growing so as the cost. We rented two houses now for $200 per month. Electricity and water bills, internet reach to $100. For a sack of rice for 15 people lasted only 17 days is $40, so a month goes up to $80. Plus school bills, everyday fares, foods we ate, gas in the tank for cooking, as well as my trips it goes up to $1,000 per month to maintain.

Only two people have promised to give, one is $120 per month and another is $350 every two months. Others may give without a promise and they gladly do it. One dear friend gave sacrificially, hoping we have not become a burden to him. The ‘extended families’ in my own family reach 15 people – last December, my wife’s brother in law was shoot in the head, it was a mistaken identity. He was a Christian, just came out after church on Sunday, driving his motorbike going home and it happened. Everyone of us was shock. Leaving two kids named Kimberly 2, and Dave 5. They are now with is for a moment until things get settled with them.

Brethren, we need help and hope you can extend your helping hand. We got a college student with us, Arlene, took Hotel and Restaurant Management as her course, very good at school, her grades shows up as 1.0 to 1.5. Pretty good and she loves to go on. This alone is quite very heavy, per semester is reach $700, that is every 3 months! She did take her final exam but cannot get the results and could not enroll next semester until we can pay it in full amount, $250. Someone gave $50 and $65 already but we needed more.

Keep us in your prayers and let your faith express it in love towards us.

Molong, Lisa and the Lambs here.