It’s about 24/7 Christianity, not a Sunday-Cum-Wednesday Night nor separating our lives between sacred and secular. It’s a ‘lean not on your own understanding,’- that is changing the way you think about Church. It’s not an ‘attendance’ ‘meeting’ based church, as we know we cannot ‘attend’ Christ. It’s not a church-based-church relationship like we know each other because we’re Christians and we go to the same church and all our talks is revolving around ‘church’ stuffs. It is a family-based-church relationship. Family conversations involves about everything. We have become family because we are Christ’s, inspite of our names [-in which honestly it divides Christianity, to be ONE in Christ, names should be eradicated-] all my intentions to you is because we are family, not ‘Christian neighbors.’

I am really wondering if ‘Christianity’ is about ‘doing and going to church,’ for how long are we going to do this? You don’t ‘maintain’ your brother by ‘attending family meetings,’ in our churches it’s ‘attending Bible Studies’ that if one stops ‘attending’ then he’s out. It’s just like playing a game that if you cannot play by the rules then you’re out of the game. Is this what we call ‘church’ with much ‘rules and regulations?’ Christ set us free from the world and now He has to set us free again by the church!

We may discuss the Bible but don’t call it a ‘Bible Study’ Program. We may pray but don’t call it a ‘Prayer Meeting.’ For if every time we meet if that’s what we will do then it will soon becomes a tradition. In your ‘assembling of the Saints’ try not to planned out things, just let them be who they are and what they like – we normal people normally talks so we don’t need someone to tell us to talk, well, what happens really when the programs starts, we stop everybody to talk except for a few! Our brethren are people just like us not wanting to be controlled or manipulated by. They have their own emotions and will and mostly Spirit of God, no ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ spirit but the same spirit. See, the moment the sort of worship leader or Emcee starts talking in the midst of everybody’s conversations, “All right everyone, let’s stand up and sing some songs,….” is the moment the life of the Church died. Someone may sing a song, other may join or not it does not matter. Anyhow, singing is not worship and worship is not singing. [Read Romans 12, whole chapter, it tells you HOW to offer your lives as worship, NO ‘singing’ mentions there. ‘Singing’ may be a part but not the whole.

You may find out that doing life together [] all may end up in MORE discussions about life, MORE prayers that you can ever imagine. Like Gary Goodell says, “We don’t do meetings but we meet a lot.”
Yesterday, we’re dropping to one of our extended family and suddenly more people came and the conversations is revolving around everything and one encourages someone quoting Scriptures, and kids are not having a ‘Sunday School Program’ [when is their graduation?], but playing around the house, running, having fun. And the host is an English mother married to a filipino, and she says that last night something happened that while she’s with her 4 kids the topic suddenly shift into Bible discussions, and suddenly it shift into normal talks – but all is a part of our “Christian” Life right? And I ask her exclaiming, “Wow, you got church in here?” She said, that somehow you cannot create ‘simple church,’ it just evolves while you do life together.

True, you cannot create Church, just like you cannot create family, you just have to BE family, don’t try to create it, just be one. Same as church, you are the church and just be one. It is BEING church.