Kelly Joel Weiler says: “I suppose many are looking for a new breed of hotshots who will be so much hotter than the rest. They’ll flash bigger smiles, have more confidence, walk with more polish, and teach the flashiest sermons. But how many have walked with Paul, or Peter, or Thomas, or Matthew? ‘The scum of the earth’ was what they were sometimes called. Crucified, homeless, despised by some, recognized and honored by others. I believe the Lord has been preparing a whole special generation of apostles and prophets for some time now. Though they may first appear on the scene in a somewhat typical fashion, ultimately I think what is brought to the church will significantly change the appearance of what we currently call church. Any ecclesiastical/political revolution will be the result of the content of their lives and ministry, but not throne seeking on their part. This will bring a whole new blood line into the leadership of the church. It’s not a political revolution, exercising a new type of dominion or papacy. What they bring is a revolution of heart foundations, which will inspire a revolution of leadership and ministry; returning the church to the foundations of ‘one body, one family, one for all and all for one.’”