A Story from the Field

1 08 2011
“Helen, there are people who you can be with, people who you can work with, and people who you can build with. You must learn this or else you be wasting most of your precious time to nothing.”“Really, hmnn…..” she nodded her head. “And who are those people who I can build with?” She eagerly wants to do something with my statement.

“Look for people who believe in you, trust you and loyal to you. When I started this, I jot down all the friends I have including those that are in my family circle. At first I got around 30 names, on this lists I found 8 people who believe in me, trust me and loyal to me. The second thing I realize is that these 8 people that I pick out are younger than me. And this is very important, because there is fathering and mothering your next generation.”

“Do you mean, my child?”

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