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What do you think are some of the biggest problems to solve (or obstacles to cross) to get church planting movements (CPMs) going among all unreached peoples (UPGs)?

Alphabet soup of obstacles to CPMs amongst UPGs (and elsewhere)

Abstract messages unrelated to the facts of the original Good News. (See bottom of this message.)
Big-group tactics that fail to train individuals in needed skills
Coaches wasting time on favorite personnel who do not carry out plans
Dependence on external sources of finance that cannot keep up with opportunities
Elders who do not meet biblical qualifications or do not perform biblical duties
Foreigners in charge of local workers, enforcing irrelevant methods
Groups combining folk from different ethnies, languages, backgrounds
Home groups run like little chapels with one guy doing all the talking
Identifying the gospel with despised, national, Christian churches
Judging locals as too unreliable, incompetent or unwilling to win others
Killing off the first believers by insisting in public baptisms or Christian symbols
Local leaders who do not empower workers to obey all Jesus’ commandments
Methods, means and materials not appropriate, affordable or available 
National workers motivated only by money and social advantage
Ordinary believers left to rot in chapels, who could start home cells
Public meetings, preaching, baptisms, instead of quiet, secret methods
Quick reproduction of believers, disciples and churches believed to be unsafe
Relatives are ignored in favor of individualistic spirituality
Staying too long in unresponsive towns or social groups
Timothies who do not know how to train others, in turn
Uninformed mission leaders who mistake nationality for ethnicity
Vested interest in non-CPM-related activities, ministries and theologies
Westerners who count other cultures and languages too hard to learn
X-factor “additive” quality favored over “reproductive” quantity
Youth and children counted as too young or too stupid to obey Jesus
Zero receiving and following of directives revealed by the Holy Spirit

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1. This is the Good News that Jesus commanded and that his apostles announced.
2. God has fulfilled all that his prophets foretold in the Scriptures about his promised “Messiah”.
3. God sent Jesus,  anointing him with his Holy Spirit and with power. Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.
4. Although Jesus was the holy and righteous one, lawless men killed him by crucifixion. It was God’s plan for his Messiah, the Author of Life, to suffer and to be put to death, for human sins. Afterwards, men buried his body in a tomb.
5. Third day after his death, God raised up his servant Jesus from death back to life. After this, Jesus appeared for many days to many men who knew him. God has given assurance to all men but exalting Jesus up into heaven as Leader and Savior.
6. God now commands everyone everywhere to repent from his wickedness, and to turn from the power of Satan to God. Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.
7. God will forgive you of your sins through Jesus’ name. All who believe in Jesus are freed from everything they have done, and Jesus makes them clean.
8. God is going to judge all people everywhere, by Jesus whom he appointed Judge of the living and the dead. Jesus has commanded his followers to tell this message to all people everywhere.
9. After Jesus rose from death, he appeared to those who had lived with him and saw him being exalted to the right hand of God. God chose these men to serve as witnesses to these things.
10. God gives his promised Holy Spirit, with power, to those who obey Jesus.

*Luke 24.44-49; Acts 2.22-25, 32-38; 3.13-15, 19, 26; 5.29-32; 10.38-43; 13.28-33; 17:1-4, 29-31; 26.18-23; 1 Cor. 15:1-8