Every time I leave house either buying food or meeting someone or whatever. My daughter would always approach me and ask, “Papa, where are you going?” This determines her next question: “Can I go?”

So, one morning that’s what she did. Sometimes she would go with me and it’s fine. I love to be asked at the same time. Sometimes, she just leave me and continue playing with her friends. And sometimes, she forces herself to go with me. Sometimes, I will let her go and sometimes I told her she can’t go with me this time.

Then as she goes on with her usual routine, I thought about it while on my bike. “There is something in here. What do you want to tell me Lord in this situation?” I ask Him.

“Molong, if you believe that I am on the move, ” He replied, “then you should be asking where am I going.”

This determines my whereabouts, daily.

And honestly, most of the time. I stayed home. Better. 🙂