We do things together, being church as a family, live from house to house. No buying and selling but giving and receiving – shared everything in common. At most, that’s whats going on as we keep going on…

It’s about the Kingdom of God my friend, not so-called ‘house church’ stuff, new style of doing endless meetings. Even if that kind of style who won a Grammy Award Winning type of church could not compare how the early church meet from house to house – they do not live in community – there is only one kind of church – a hundred fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. It’s how Jesus defines it!

It’s not about having meetings with people but their relationships – look how they love one another! I always say this: there’s a big difference between ‘talking about life’ together in meetings once a week and ‘doing life’ together in a daily basis from house to house. My goodness, how can you have a schedule having Bible Study when you can just sit down with me having coffee every morning and discuss the Bible? Simply because you live next door to me.

A brother who says, “How was your wife? How was your kids? blah blah blah…?” Simply because he’s not seeing you and your family in a daily basis. Let’s say, about teaching and correction and rebuking? One guy trying to teach me and correct me – my reply? “Hey brother, where were you yesterday hey? And where will you be living tomorrow?”

Living house to house like in the NT way, is not a principle to follow – sorry, that’s just the result of who they are and what they are made of! – new creations born from above, loving and caring for one another. 58 one anothering in the Bible, how is it possible to do that? Simple, change your priority – live next door to each other.

Living together doesn’t make you love one another as quick as you can- as iron sharpens iron- the crook of the matter is their relationships. It is when we disagree and still together [forgive one another], it is when people around us will trust us. “Look, how they love one another deeply!”

As the Wolf says, “They may hate one another yet still love another.”

Or take heed what Gary Goodell’s advice: “If you want to be family then stop meeting. You cannot be family by having them.”

Recently, one of the new disciples here comment, “If there is a meeting then, it is not family.” I look at her in the eye and thought, something that has captured her being – family.

Or as Mike Peters says, “The Great Commandment is really just helping one another how to love Jesus more and how to love one another more.”

If there is a kind of ‘ministry’ that you need to be focusing, specialize on this!