Amazing how we can do something without God’s Spirit leading us!

In the process of making disciples the way God does He has already challenged me right from the beginning. I am so tired of following a pattern, a model, whatever. Although, I want to see something new but still I thought that this ‘new’ would still came from other people’s thoughts and ideas. So much a human could do without God – not only that we’ll miss the point [that’s it’s all about Him] but also in danger of loosing lives just because we interrupted Him!

To my surprise He said, “Molong, if you want to taste the fullness of the Holy Spirit, you have to trust me fully.”

“What does this mean to You Papa?” Huh! Thought He would led me to ‘do’ something. “Do not disciple them,” I got this word very blunt to me when I hear Him speaks, “do not do follow-up, do not do visitation.”

In a quick moment I realize, ‘How can I disciple the person since I am not the Holy Spirit? Do I know what the person thinks? Do I know the deepest thoughts of his heart?’ ‘Follow up? of what? Visitation of what? If the person is a part of my family, say my younger brother or sister, what is ‘follow-up’ and ‘visitation’ means?’

I am very convince that the Holy Spirit is the discipler, I trust Him as a ‘person,’ the third person of the Trinity. To have ‘my way’ is to distract Him of His job.

So, here is a story recently from Arlen’s generation of disciples. Arlen, 17 yo, was made disciple by Albert, her older brother, a year ago. And I made Albert a disciple that year too. So, Arlen why in school made 3 disciples one day at school, and that 3 have made two. They all came to my house one Saturday to be baptize. We did. This all happens last month. Then Arlen again, came with the other two disciples brought another one – a Mormon background.

Arlen, approach me, “Uncle, we will go swimming!”

“Tonight?” was my reply.

“Yes,” was her quick reply with a smile, still staring at me wanting to say something.

“Are you going to baptize her?” [The mormon friend].

“Yap, maybe. What should I do? She’s very curious and keeps asking questions. Help me.”

And here am I starts thinking, “Hmnn….what can I teach her to say?” I thought of many things and start talking and explaining. But honestly, I was prompted to think at the same, “This is good. Because her friend is a mormon and Arlen and her two new disciple friend have no traditional background whatsoever. I wonder what will going to happen.”

Dropping them at the beach with Albert, two bikes then, with her friends two by two at the bike, plus my 1.5 year old son Mike Angel in my front. While driving I started explaining to Arlen what she can talk ‘about.’ She nod her head, drops them and leave back to home with one hand holding the wheel and my other hand holding my son! We manage to arrive safely. Excited of what’s going to happen. “Whow, at this time span, someone’s gonna be a disciple again!” My head’s spinning.

In less than an hour, Arlen send a message that they’re ready to be pick up. It’s obvious nothing happened, “What’s up?” I ask her. “Ah, we didn’t swim, it’s low tide.”

Having dinner together, I talk about family and other stuffs – building relationships. That night went well except no disciple was made. It’s OK.

“Lord, still somehow there’s some sort of emptiness going on, there’s an empty void somewhere in the middle of it. What is it?” I still ask.

“You’re interrupting me Molong.” He said. It’s the word that I’m getting. I immediately told Albert, and he laugh so loud at that. He get it.

I cannot believe how I manage to have my own way of trying to convince, lead, and hey, ‘interrupt’ Him, and still felt ‘excited?’ Imagine that, how can I be so excited when I planned it all out? Huh!

One day as I ride on my bike I ask the Lord, “Lord, what can a person do if He is hungry for You?”

“Molong, a seeking heart does not plan, it only anticipates My surprises.”

I simply stand in awe of Him!