Hi, this letter was intentionally sent to you. You have subscribe to my site.I felt to do it this way: letting you know our ‘update’ – what’s going on with us here with confidentiality, except whoever you feel God would lead you to share our faith to.

What’s going on here is so fragile, that honestly, we are very cautious now to receive friends around the globe and nationally. Many have heard about what’s going on here and express to see it. Unfortunately, others are wanting to become a part of it by ‘adding’ something, in all honesty, they took advantage of us. It makes us grieve since even us could not even find one hint to be a part of the glory.

One thing for sure before I elaborate the things that takes place here in Cebu, as you receive this ‘update’ – though with ‘confidentiality,’ you are of course very welcome to be a part of us as me and my wife and the family here knows you. Either we have meet once or more or the way we correspond each other have built such enough relationships and trust over the years.

I trust you and want to affirm, that as you receive this, we receive you as our family in Christ, a part of our extended family.


I want to begin with my family. To expand the Kingdom of God is through extending your family. This be done by intentional obedience to the Great Commission. A part of us, me, my wife and my two kids: Shirley Faith [5] and Mike Angel [1.5], here with us are other 8 individuals: The siblings; Albert [19], Arlene [17], Analyn [15], Angeli [13], and Jinky [11], are my wife’s nieces and nephews. Their father is my wife’s older brother. They were living before in the West side of Cebu mountains, around 45 minute ride in a single motorbike up on the hills. It will need 2-hour walk to go to school and another 2-hour going back home. When we relocated here in our area [Liloan Town], 5 years ago, [7 years ago our house got burned, 2 years roaming around from house to house] we started taking these siblings two by two with us and live in our rented house pack like sardines!

Where are their parents? They stayed in the mountain where they live. Sickly, especially their father, he has diabetic body, and very skinny. Their father visits them here 3-times a week to see them and ate with us then goes back to the mountain. Their mother, started to get sickly too, she has some lumps on her right chest, tends the kids grand parents, that is their father’s parents, my wife’s parents. Since them too are sickly, asthmatic lungs, both of them, pretty old, so they too have to stop tending the ground to get food. Four of them are in full maintenance, unfortunately, we, my wife and I, not only took care of every need these 5 kids living with us, we can only took care of the medicines and doctor’s check ups and sometimes hospital admission of their grand parents, but not their own parents. Yet, we provide all the food, and electricity bills, and providing clean water for drinking to these four people.

Yes, every week or so we drop rice and other stuff that they needed there to survive. And at the same, these 5 kids we have here not only we have provided house, food and daily needs, we too send them all to school, except their older brother Albert. Arlen is in college, one is in high school and two is in elementary.

Arlen, we decided to sent her back to college to finish her HRM course. We felt we needed to send her back to school, but before enrolling we decided to sit down together with his brother and ask several questions but we’re stuck with one question: Why do you want to go back to school? He sob deeply for 2 minutes, crying. We couldn’t go on. So, I ask again. “I don’t want to be my mother,” she replied, “a helper from house to house, because she didn’t went to school.”

Their father’s work before is the slaughter’s house in the market, rip off the pigs and get money from it. Time of his work starts midnight til morning, and in the afternoon. Until he cannot do it anymore. He can only send one child to college, which is their older step brother who is in another island working now. They have to stop schooling at that time we’re ready to pick them up. And so they continued.

Their father is my wife’s brother. My wife too and her two older sisters [my wife is the youngest, 29 now] has to do house chores, a maid, a helper from house to house just to get food and go to school at the same time. They we’re so poor, that they earn their living by selling woods to the neighbors for cooking. My wife has to find them in the forest, and carry them on her heads. That leaves a crack on my wife’s skull til today, like a canal somewhere down deep on her head. You can feel it if you touch it. That gives my wife a headache too when hot season is around.

By the way, life is hard those times, when I meet her and know her situation, I directly said to myself, “I want to help her elevate her way of living, I want to help her family too.” Not knowing what I just said, how it will going to pass!

Two Orphans and a Widow!

Two years ago, one Sunday morning after church, a man was shot in the head while riding on his bike going home. Died instantly, the tragedy was said to be a ‘mistaken identity’ case never was solve. The guy is my wife’s brother in law! Every one in the family was shock. My wife’s older sister now is a widow!

The situation is not good, not safe for the kids. The man’s family was in a mess. Environment for their children and the wife is not safe. We felt to let them stay with us for awhile. We did. They are now staying with us. Kids name is Kimberly 3, and Dave 6. Dave is in school now too – Elementary 1. Kimberly then stayed at home playing with my son Mike Angel, every afternoon I am left alone with Albert watching these kids, co’z my wife will be with my daughter in school too.

What Did We Do?

Helping these precious ‘lambs’ to grow needs parenting on our side. I often say, “How to father a child? Simple, treat him as your son.” We did. And “how to start your fathering journey? Simple, get an orphan!” Is it just a coincidence that these things are happening?

Two friends from US visited us, named Bob Lund and Jeremiah Hart, prophetic people. They knelt down in front of us and said in prayer: “I see children.” Then my wife cried.

My wife loves kids, and even wanting to do ‘feeding’ stuff ministry on which I don’t feel the same. But I know her heart for children. Not until last year we realized that what that means in this: fathering and mothering the next generation. This motivates everything that we do and even say.

We Are shamed.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are ashamed to call ‘ministry’ of what we are doing. So we keep it to ourselves. Imagine, letting you know [you know it already since from the beginning because we don’t keep secrets to you] and asking help at the same time when hard situations come to us yet for a fact that the children we have here are just our ‘direct’ families?

To call it a ‘ministry’ I refuse. To call it ‘family’ I affirm. And so we are not ashamed to call you a ‘family’ to us here. I will take this very moment to say, “Thank you very much for your love to us.”

Do Whatever We Can

To serve the next generation not only reaching them out making them disciples, in which I am going to elaborate that later. But also to do practical stuff, like a normal healthy family does everyday.

We rented two house, one for the kids and one for us, even then in one of the room we have there are 2-3 kids that sleep together in one bed. We do things together, ate same food in the same table under the tree outside- as house are too small to put a long table. We play together, clean houses together and create things together like: doing carpentry, gardening, doing repairs of any kinds. Specifically to get means, a mobile shop we started with the help of a father figure to us here. This helps some of the expenses. We started diggng the ground to grow crops such as tomatoes, squash, okra, eggplant, bitter gourd, beans, spinach, moringa, herbs such as tarragon and rosemarry, teas such as green tea, blackberry, lemon grass, etc, and herbs such as onions and garlics! Whatever we can grow that’s fitfor the nutrients on t he ground we do-it-together. Kids help either dig the ground and made their own plot and plant whatever they like, and dig them themselves.

We cannot just sit around and do nothing except ‘accept your blessings without condition’ – raising these kids involve the surroundings around us to for this changing world into a better place for them. Although in the Kingdom of God there is neither ‘buy or sell’ but ‘give and receive’ we do it ‘outside’ of us.

So, sometimes you have to forgive us if we have a need of you. Our hearts only wants to resonate what God has put in your heart already: Serving the next generation with me and my wife.

Making Disciples

As I said, that to expand God’s Kingdom is through extending your family through making disciples. This is what I will going to share with you with ‘confidentiality’ for the sake of people around wanting to ‘organize’ ‘plan’ ‘strategize’ or ‘add’ something what we’re missing! And it has become a headache then. We are so fragile at least for now.

“A seeking heart does not plan, it only anticipates God’s surprises” was a message to me as I seek the Lord to find new ways to reach the new generation. Honestly, I do more relax and rest more than ever! “Son, if you want to taste the fullness of the Hole Spirit, you got to trust me fully.”

I literally stop traveling and doing seminars or what. Unless God speaks to me specifically then I would consider and obey Him. Staying home with these lambs of Jesus have given us enough But something so contagiously spreading around here and have infected many people especially the younger generations of our time.

Making Disciples, in almost three years now has become a virus! If Neil Cole’s DNA stands for: D – divine truth, N – nurtured relationships, A – apostolic mission then mine stands only in the initiation of the Holy Spirit! Somehow Western thoughts are in line with some 1,2,3,4,5….points to finally get it, well, mine is not only crazy and even heretic!

We treated the Holy Spirit as a person because He is! The third person of the Trinity. In saying this towards the making of a disciples we DO NOT disciple people in a way of locking them up in a room, dump with Discipleship 101 materials, lecture them like adult children and kick them outside the room and into the walled church and here we go again, “let’s get another roll of dumb Christians to disciple.” Leaving a lot of spiritual orphans in the world. I am not making judgment based on ‘my’ ministry, but reading news-papers and research, one does not need to be a prophet to know this: they were lectured but not discipled.

One thing I do: I don’t think, I do.

Before “where in the world” I got this, a panoramic picture I want you to see. Please bear in mind, since we don’t disciple people then we do not share in the glory. Meaning, we don’t do Bible Studies, nor prayer meetings nor any kind of ‘meetings’ or ‘services.’ Not even ‘An outline on how to read your Bible from Genesis to Revelation in One-Year.’ But one thing for sure is happening: we change.

See, people want to see something to happen except one: they don’t want to change. Well, we did. So here are the picture, if you want proof, we have ‘stories’ to tell, these are not new ‘theories’ as we didn’t look for them. We got websites to visit with pictures and ‘detailed account’ for these stories.

* The first disciple that was made is Albert 19yo, since then his generation up to 4th generation is making disciples. He keeps on making disciples, 2-4 people on his 2nd generation is making disciples. Albert is the one making disciple to his entire family, he dunk her mom with rain water in a drum! His dad on the sea, and his grand mother same with his mom. Albert has many stories on his site www.albertpacquiao.wordpress.com that many of them are still need to be written down!
* Jomie 23yo, was Albert’s 1st generation. He is my 2nd generation. He too have made many disciples by name. See his site: www.jomiepation.wordpress.com
* Noel, 15yo. has made many of his classmates in high school disciples of Jesus. I have his story on my site: www.molongnacua.wordpress. Just scroll down, search it as with gold!
* Arlen, 17yo, Albert’s sister and 2nd generation has made 3 disciples of her classmates, and those 3 have made two! Five of them were baptized same day. Arlen will soon have her sites, she’s still writing her story as a draft.
* Jenny, 21yo, saved April 9 this year, that same day that Arlen’s 5 we’re baptized she is sharing her story while having The Lord’s Supper with us that she just made two disciples! One is her younger brother and the other is her workmate that’s forcing her, “Please make me a disciple now!” She’s a disciple ready before she is ready! Her site will be out soon, since these things are just newly happened so they started writing their own journey in making disciple! You will be informed through my site.
* Jason, 21, saved on my wife’s birthday April 25 this year, made disciple to his younger sister.

Take note: these new generation of believers have never been to a church. We are seeing a new breed of Christians from the unchurch generation!

Apostolic Hub

My house has become a refuge for them – to be with their extended family: My family. It is a realization that when your son is far from you as a father, you will not like the way he grows outside of an extended family context. Being church together as family is important. So, these ‘children in the Lord’ have stayed close to their ‘parents in the Lord’ [me and my wife], anytime they want. They sometimes sleeps here for a night or two. What do we do? Like any healthy family does. Specifically, discussing the Bible, prayers, prayer for the sick as opportunities show up, – doing-life-together as daily as we can from house-to-house.

My place is a place to gather, kill and cast. Whenever people wants to follow Jesus, He would kill them [disciple] and then send them out back to where he schooled, work, do business with a vision of The Great Commission. They have been captured by the vision now!

Since they are younger generations, more and more resources we needed. At this time, we make sharing a part of everyday life here. Whenever there’s someone who has a birthday, everyone contributes. We don’t do ‘weekly gathering’ but uses normal special days like birthdays. Specially, celebrating our ‘second-birth day’ which is the day when we are made into a disciple of Jesus and was killed and buried in baptism.

The Key to What We’re Doing

Though we don’t do Discipleship as in ‘lecture’ we do however relational teaching – focus on being family together. Not one-man show but altogether ‘priest of God’ to one another. As Jesus gifted every child of God so everyone has a job to do. Unlike other churches, only one or two gifting is allowed to express, the pastor and the worship leader, etc] and every one has the same gift to express at the end of it – giving! Not so in The King’s meeting, everyone participates in the making.

We only ‘make’ a person a disciple of Jesus, we don’t disciple him as in telling the person what to do. We don’t because anyone can be spirit-led. I only make you a disciple of Him, so follow Him! That’s quick! In Jesus time, He’s in the quickest one – “Follow Me” he said. Our’s today must be, “I will make you a disciple.” – “Go and make disciple…”

We say, “My job is to make you a disciple. The Holy Spirit’s job is to disciple you. And Jesus’ job is to build His Church.” See, we don’t plant churches, we just ‘plant’ disciples that plants other disciples in the neighborhood [your friends who believe in you and trust you]. The Holy Spirit lives in you to ‘guide’ you into ALL truth. Jesus didn’t give you a ‘guidelines’ on how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, He gives you His own Self to be spirit-led. This is His covenant with you: “I will be with you always.”

We “teach them to obey all that I commanded you” with the awareness of being spirit-led or else the person can be ‘Molong’s-led.’ Scary and dangerous that is – drawing disciples for myself? Huh!

Who Get’s The Glory?

There is ‘no glory’ to call upon in part of human intervention! Not even I, couldn’t figured this out except we’re just doing our job: make disciples. Not even in the name of ‘leadership’ that I could think of! Right from the beginning I am aware of this: “Go and make followers” Not leaders! Who told you to make leaders when you are told to make followers? Let God made him, you go make followers.

Just today I understand of why I cannot lead this new movement of God: He Himself is raising new ones!

Folks, I share this feelings to you, my heartaches, and concerns and even warnings! Simply because me and my wife felt that you are a family to us, you have ‘become a father [mother]’ to us here [ 1 Cor. 4:14-15] in many ways we can imagine. Our love with the saints here.

Molong and Lisa and the Lambs here. [Pictures will be sent spontaneously if needed]