There have been many “fads” in the Christian world over the years. The latest “fads” are perhaps those of “house church movement” and “community” and “everyone gets to talk” cells, simple, house and organic church fads.

Christians have been on the search for some “new” and fulfilling Church Life.

But, the Reality is, that EACH of those “fads” were thought to be the ultimate big deal for a few years—until it was discovered that STILL 50% of the marriages were destroyed, and 75-80% of the teens were still choosing the devil over Jesus, 50% of their men have a serious admitted addiction to deep sin, and “70% of all leaders don’t have a single person they can name as a close friend.” (Barna, Gallop, Graham, Jakes, Wilkerson, Hayford)

There is Truth in the Scriptures that will NEVER be popular, and yet will change lives by the millions for those who turn to Jesus in obedience to this Truth. There is freedom found in doing things Jesus’ way.

Some of the Answers to the tragic mess of cultural christendom lie within the pages of these books. No gimmicks, but a CROSS. Laying down our lives and sitting at Jesus’ feet…Together. Read on.