Death is the prerequisite to acquire faith. Death is man’s choice, it’s voluntary. Anyone who wants to be a part of The King’s Kingdom must deny himself, align his life values to the King’s uncontested rule. Faith does nothing to dead people except to raise him from the dead, but has something to do when he will be raised – dying ‘daily.’ Faith let’s you do something what you do not like to do, not what you want to do nor what you want to get. Most of the time we impress people by our faith by the wrong things – how we got our house or car by our faith, mostly not to encourage them by our faith but to make them jealous of the things we now have, using ‘faith to acquire.’ I mostly hear people talking about: “God blesses me with a new car.”

Mostly I replied directly, “Really? How about those who don’t have it? Are they cursed if we are defining ‘faith as a license to get?” We even measure our faith by the things we receive or not receive. It’s faith by ‘calculation’: Faith plus our way of doing it equals blessings. We live in an age of consumerism – even our Christian brothers acquiring things they do not need to impress people they do not like. And they call it having faith – to acquire. Where is this in the Bible?

Faith does not give you permission to do what you like to do but to do what you should. This is not manipulation by faith, but power!

Jesus, the Son of God, clothed with human dirt, suffered, died, to the ‘point of death!’ “Let this cup pass from me,” He cried with sweat blood in the garden, “but not my will be done but yours.” Let God’s will be done on earth – Jesus fulfilled it in His life here on earth even to ‘the point of death.’ He voluntarily ‘gave’ his life. No one ‘takes’ His life, not even God because He ‘gave’ Himself up. He lays down His life for His sheep [Jn.10]. It’s how he got His Kingship. There will be a time when King Jesus will return in His body on earth then those who didn’t give their lives voluntarily, those who didn’t align themselves in the King’s rule – their lives shall be taken by force! Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

For now, while it is still called ‘today’ it’s your choice to recognize that you’re dead because of your sin – no Kingdom faith at all. Faith in God is given you know – only to dead people. When you realize this what sort of faith that you’ve got is maybe not faith at all.

Baptism is called Burial of self. A unsaved person needed to realize this if not then any kind of baptism does not make sense to him. Our sin does not only killed Jesus, it has also killed us first, right from the beginning we are all dead in our sin. Eph. 2:1: you were dead in your trespasses and sins. That’s why to enter into The King’s domain baptism is a sort of ‘initiation’ to one-self, but unlike any initiation of any group or fraternity, it is not force, but voluntarily. Jesus warned any violent people who ‘take the kingdom by force’ He never endorses it.  Being born a second time is prerequisite to enter into The Kingdom of God [Jn. 3] but before you will be born again you need not to enter into your mother’s womb but into God’s womb – born not of human will but God’s – through death to yourself, your old man, your old ways. Just as Jesus died you also died with Him in baptism, just as He was raised from the dead, by God, you also raised to new life. See, Jesus Himself gave up His life to death, not force, but voluntarily gave it, none takes it. It is God who raised Him from the dead, He became the Author of Life – he who looses his life shall find it!

Back to faith that it does nothing to kill you, to kill yourself is voluntarily aligning your values in the King’s command, but it does something to raise you from the dead, not ‘repair’ your life, sorry, God has no human shop – sadly, our churches is like a ‘machine shop’ – keeping the machine going through their programs by their money in their own ways to maintain the status quo of their product. When you rise up in that water of baptism, you are born a ‘second-time, alive in Christ, then it is where you can truly ‘live by faith.’