Quick Conversations on Making Disciples

26 02 2012

Jenny: a 22 year old woman working in a Japanese company. She has made her co-worker a disciple and her 3 brothers and her mother.

One Sunday we’ve baptized 5 college girls and we’re having dinner together as our Lord’s Supper. “So, have you made any disciples yet?” I asked.

“Two.” She replied.

“Did you baptized them yet?”

“Yes. This week.”

“How did you made them? Can you tell us your story?”

“We are sharing each other’s experience about our boy friends,” she started, “and she realized something different inside me so I told her that I am a disciples of Jesus.”

“What is a disciple?” My friend ask.

“‘Well, this is my life before,…’ I shared to er my old life story.” ‘And this is my life now…”

“I work time shifting, so there are several breaks for taking our meals and snacks, so every day we have 30 minute talk. Next day I was surprise when she ask me: “Jenny, can you make me a disciple?”

“I did and that night at her boarding house, in their comfort room, we fill up something with water and dunk her.”

She shares this story in front of about 20 saints in the table while having our dinner.



Gather, Kill, CAST

15 02 2012

Jesus said, “Pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will send laborers into His field.”

In an Apostolic Hub, there are three things that is happening: gather, kill and cast. Basically it’s the spirit of God initiating it. Whenever people wants to follow Jesus He basically do these three things to them. He would ‘gather’ them to Himself, then He will ‘kill’ them. “In our churches we gather them,” says Wolfgang Simson, “but who kills them?” Means, making them a disciple. Denying one self to follow Christ. Then after killing them He ‘cast’ them out to the world to make more disciples.

Jesus didn’t use the word ‘send,’ He will be too kind to His disciples then. Instead in Greek He uses the word ‘cast’ as in literally like casting out a demon out of person.

Having thought of it, I found it interestingly challenging. “Sending” would basically means, they are prepared, that is you train them enough to send them out in the field. But “Casting” it isn’t. You are just prepared yourself to be surprise by what God can do through His own ability in you and other disciples. Obedience is crucial when it comes to literally obeying His commands. Many Christians wanted to safely that they need to figure out things before they actually do it. That’s not only make ‘God’s surprises’ absence in the situation but also it’s an unhealthy way of trusting God. The Bible says ‘not to lean on our own understanding’ when it comes to ‘trusting God.’ Again, we don’t trust Christ ‘alone’ but a ‘lot.’

So, not wanting to delay your excitement, here is a story of Albert and other 7 other ‘new’ disciples being ‘cast’ out to the other island of Cebu. Click the link below to get into Albert’s site.





Video: With the Saints in Vigan

13 02 2012