“So, after their baptism, what’s next?” A Canadian missionary asked.
“Kick them out!” I replied.
This question is very crucial in making disciples. Your next move determines their growth. Unfortunately, in most churches we lock them up in a room and bombarded them with theological knowledge. We thought as if they would never grow without us teaching them. We thought as if we are the Vine and they are the branches. But we are not Jesus and surely not the Holy Spirit either.
Jesus, being our perfect example, mostly ‘cast’ His disciples out as early as He can (John 4:2) to make disciples. “Pray to The Lord of the harvest that He will ‘cast’ laborers unto His field.”
“Cast” as in ‘unprepared’ as to not create dependency on ourselves but to the One Who sends us. “Take no sandals nor bags” (In modern times, it should say, “take no high-tech gadgets nor laptop bags). “Don’t worry about what you would say for the Holy Spirit will teach you what to say.” Unlike today’s missionaries will have to go through ‘seminaries’ to be  prepared instead they must go to ‘cemeteries’ to die for themselves and be raised again to a whole new way of living in the field. God has to level ourselves down to minister to the people whom we loved. “The Divine clothed with human dirt and lived in the neighborhood.” (John 1:14)
Sheep must be in the field eating and growing, not in the barn. The field is the world, not the church. Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world.” We are the church and God must give us back to the world, that’s our heartbeat. Now, the church is saying, “Come ye to our meetings and behave til you are told what to do, when to do and how to do it.”
Jesus has always has crazy ideas. Either He has a ‘demon’ or just a ‘glutton.’ He has His ‘own ways’ of doing things the kingdom way. So, next time you are inclined to do it your way, seek His ways.