Image“Come with me and I will baptize you.” 
This 20 year old disciple named Jonathan has been using this kind of introduction for every friend and family members he has whom he likes to become a disciple. His first generation disciple named Boboy, was baptized first ‘without’ an explanation. This happened when I first went with some disciples whom we sent to this island (olango), I ‘explained things longer’ to Jonathan because he was baptized already by Albert and Joana. His friend Kevin was with him listening to me as we sat together at the cottage on the beach. Jonathan then went to baptized his friend kevin then I told him, that he can start making his friends a disciple of Jesus. 
“Just by the way I explained to you,” i said, “you can do it as well.” 
“I cannot remember all you’ve said (I think I talk about 30min explaining how to become a disciple), that’s too many” he replied. 
I stopped and think for awhile. I thought the way I explained it to him was simple enough. But to the new generation, still it’s complicated.  And that’s not good. If i myself cannot explain it simply then i did not really understand it. If I continue doing it this way I may be the very reason why Jesus wouldn’t come back yet! 
Jonathan look around and call someone walking and said, “That man,” he spake out, “come here, I will baptize you!” 
“What is that?” The man ask. 
“And I will explain it to  you  later why.”  Was his reply. 
Right there and then, he did baptized the man, that’s after he baptized Kevin. The man named Boboy. 
What can I say? When it was totally so wrong for me specially against my way on doing it that’s when I want to stop and think and ask God. Although He doesn’t answer me, guess He just wanted me to see what He will going to do. 
When we first saved, we loved doing things ‘for’ God. Then we mature a bit and we began to do things ‘with’ God. And then finally, we don’t do things ‘for’ or ‘with’ God anymore but we just ‘watch’ God do His thing without asking our permission. And if He ask us to cooperate with Him then let’s do it. If not, we better not disturb Him. We, this generation should father the next generation. And the older generation should learn how to become a ‘grand father’ to the next generation. You know, children doesn’t only need some fathering but also some grand fathering. Unleash the church! 
How do you know that you have made a disciple? Simple, you baptize him. 
Please read on, I’m not sharing to you a new theory, but a new story. Stories from the field where making disciples should happen: to the world, not inside churches (barn) having discipleship classes. 
As I’ve always said, many Christians loved to evangelize and preach the gospel, this is so right, but most of them doesn’t know how to bring a person into a decision to become a disciple. A brother just shared his experience of how he was so appreciated by a young man about his presentation of the Gospel that his was so different than any others. He was glad and so happy and ‘made my day fruitful’ he said. 
“And then what happened?” I ask. I got no reply. 
The person whom you are sharing the Gospel may be full of excitement as he listens to you. But what comes next is crucial. How are you going to entice the person to become a disciple? How are you going to bring him into the kingdom of God? In other words, do you really know how to make disciples? Or you just like to keep on sharing the Good News but left them empty handed afterwards. 
You may ask, “What if you have shared the Gospel and he accepted it and even repeats the ‘sinners prayer’ with you, is he not a disciple yet?” 
Maybe a half-baked Christian. I got a theory, its only a theory that Christians goes to church, disciples follows Christ. No wonder that most of them who does the unbiblical ‘repeat after me prayer’ can only served God “part time” and not “full time,” or “just a “Sunday-goer” Christian and not a “24/7” one. They always attend meetings and discipleship classes but never made any disciples yet. Baptism is the sign in the NT that a person is saved.  And that is done ‘immediately’ within some minutes of conversation. Phillip did it with the Eunuch. And I often thought that he was so good at making disciples that it is the Eunuch himself that ask him to be baptized in water! Never delayed baptism once a person realizes that he’s dead because of his sin, dunk him in the water. Delayed baptism is disobedience. 
Evangelism is a “hit and run” activity. We do not do evangelism, nor the Bible ask us to do (what is that?). Making disciples is the command. Evangelism in the NT maybe ‘befriending’ with those people who are seeking for the truth and reality of life. Jesus did, He makes friends with people and if He finds that there’s some ‘curiosity’ in them about His life and teachings with the demonstration of His kingdom life, then He would make them into kingdom citizens. But the Bible doesn’t call that ‘evangelism,’ nor calls it any ‘religious activity’ name. Well, the Pharisees just sees Him as ‘friends of sinners.’ Simply put, make friends to make disciples. Now, that shows us some problems in Christianity. We don’t have unbelieving friends nor knows how to make friends with non-believers either. If all we’ve got are believers then it is likely that we have become religious. Evangelism activity doesn’t treat people as friends, they are treated as ‘projects.’ 
Making disciples should be simple, quick and fast to reach the growing population. Jonathan did it simply, the quickest and hopefully we can learn from him. How? Watch out for part 2.
(I wrote this on my phone while laying on a hammock at his house)