ImageAmos 3:5 “The fact is, God the Master, does nothing without first telling his prophets the whole story.” 

“I see children,” was the prophetic word of Bob Lund and Jeremiah Hart, while kneeling in front of me and my wife. My wife cried after hearing this sentence. That’s all they said. Bob and his friend came to visit us 8 years ago. 
My wife loves kids, she likes to do feeding ministry. She thought of starting one while we were still in the process of dying. I love kids as well, but without strings attached to it: I don’t like to see them as “projects”.  Therefore, we waited until God would intervene. We were living in our parent’s house then. On one ordinary night in November 1999, it happened. The house where we lived along with 300 other houses in our community got burned down with fire. So we rented another place nearby to live. Albert, then an 18-year-old college student, came to our place that night and was made into a disciple of Jesus. He is our first fulfillment of the prophecy by Bob and Jeremiah. During one of the nights in that week when Albert was with us, I just couldn’t go to sleep. I got out of bed around 11 PM, and poured out my thoughts on “Intentional Discipleship” that night and it was 5 AM in the morning when I finished writing them down.  It became a 11 page article that I have now edited and shortened!
Albert was my first try. I made him a disciple that night and quite shortly, he made his friend Jomie, his classmate in high school, a disciple! Jomie went ahead to make Jillian, their closest friend, in their class a disciple. Then the three together made Louie Dan a disciple. This stopped here in the fourth generation. Not with Albert, he went on and made his two sisters, Arlen and Analyn, disciples! Arlen carried on and made made more disciple of her classmates and it reached to the 12th generation! Her younger sister Analyn, continues making her friend Shane a disciple. 
Albert, the unstoppable, joined college and continues making disciples of his college mates. Not only do they make disciples, they start to baptize them as well. Once with the help of Jomie, they baptized five of their college students. Jomie, went to his family and made his brother Ranel a disciple. His dad was the next in line. The dad then baptized his own wife,(Jomie’s mother). And the mother baptized her lovely daughter, (Jomie’s sister). What a joy! Satisfied fully, Jomie went to make disciples of Noel, Mark, Resty, and Ronron. Noel in turn continued making disciples of his high school classmates. 
Albert and Jomie, went together on a short trip to one of our islands here. There they made some 14 disciples. Albert’s sister Arlen sometimes accompanies them with her girl classmates, to reach out to other girls in the island. That’s how they grow and multiply up to the 12th generation! I could go on and on with names, dates, pictures of baptisms which we call “the burial”. We started to draw a chart of who buried whom! We blog our discipleship making stories for the next generation to learn. You can read about them here: 
Disciple making does not happen in a classroom course. If we have classes every Friday evening for the next two years that trains one on discipleship, what exciting life stories can come out of that other than your head is now full of theology? Discipleship happens in the fields not behind closed door, fee based teacher-student atmosphere of a classroom. Living stories change societies, not knowledgeable classes. We don’t want to write new “theories”; we want to write new “living stories” to tell the world of His love. 
By now, you may be itching to know how we do this. It is much simpler to know how not to do it than how to do it. Watch out, for it may shock you! Unless we stop doing what we know, God will not be able to perform what He knows!
We did church by continuing to give birth to the next “generation”.  It didn’t matter any longer for me to know who birthed whom. But, we made sure that the birthing stories were announced continuously among us. With today’s internet possibilities, communication has never been easier than ever before. So we could just use that, right? 
So, here is how not to do “it”: 
We don’t come together on Sundays. Therefore, we don’t have ‘Worship Services’, no ‘Sunday Schools’, no ‘Youth programs’, no one does the announcements,  no ‘Praise and Worship’ singing, so no music band, choirs and song sheets. There is no ‘Pastor’ and so no preaching because there is no pulpit and pews. There is no altar calls and follow-ups and house visits as well. No call cards and tracts to advertise ourselves. No testimony times, no offering boxes and no ‘tithes’ to pay. 
No ‘Church Office’ so there is no ‘board members and meetings and other committees’. There is no church phone number even to call for inquiry. We don’t number people into a ‘Membership List’.
We don’t do ‘Bible Study’ programs or ‘Prayer Meetings’ during the week. No cell groups and encounter meetings either. We don’t follow a curriculum or read course materials to make disciples. We care less about ‘Leadership Training’ as well, since we don’t have ‘leaders’ but men and women with a serving heart. 
We don’t do ‘Evangelistic Outreach’ programs, or do ‘Crusades’ and so we don’t let anyone do a repeat-after-me sinner’s prayer. We don’t even say grace for the food we eat.
Want some more? We definitely don’t treat children as programs and projects. So we don’t run orphanages to feed them, Far from it. We do have orphans among us, but we are a family. We have two of our own children and five orphans and another boy and a girl and sometimes we are visited for days of another two orphans. Some sleeps at our room! We are a family and that’s all there is. 
So far we have given birth and made disciples of 12 generations. Spiritual parents “produce” fruits (children in The Lord), they don’t “buy” them with their monies. They invest in them. You may ask, ‘how many years did it take?’ Three at most, is my answer. Not bad at all compared to the eight years of doing endless meetings and programs, leadership training and evangelistic out reaches, forever serving those who shamelessly surf from one institutional church to the other. Along with different kinds of experiences in my eight years of IC, I could, for example, do a great seminar on “How to rob members from other Churches” for a registration fee of $99.99 excluding meals and accommodation! Wanna join? 😉