Discipleship By Life

19 09 2013

“Discipleship” in today’s implications is based solely on ‘teachings.’ Teaching for a purpose of having the ‘right doctrine’ that leads to more mere knowledge about God. Example, on Discipleship Lesson 3: Prayer. But teaching a group about prayer doesn’t lead them to pray. To learn how to pray is to pray. God will give you the work, and the work will teach you how to do it.

“How do you do teaching Molong?” someone ask me. Although, the tune is obvious: if no one is teaching, then the disciples doesn’t grow. But Jesus is the Vine, we are not. How do we do teaching now in a family-community context without ‘going to church’ but being one?

Well, I don’t do ‘discipleship’ but I do make disciples. We go out and walk and make friends and make disciples. We don’t stay and sit and soak and sour in a religious box. I don’t do “Bible Study” but we do discuss and study the Bible, we don’t do “prayer meetings” but we do pray a lot. We don’t do “meetings” but we meet a lot because it’s a family. And because it’s a family, there are ‘fathers and mothers in the Lord’ as well as ‘children in the Lord’ and because you don’t raise a son or a daughter by the book but you teach him/her how to cook, how to clean, how to plant, how to read and write, how to weld, how to sew, how to fix the light, how to paint, how to make a table, how to create something, how to invent something, ….. that’s how we do ‘teaching’ here.

All happened in the house, in a family atmosphere where there are “hundreds of mothers, brothers, sisters, houses, possessions, persecutions and even eternal life!”

When a native tribal leader was asked, “What did the missionaries did to you?”

“Well, they taught us about God” was his quick reply. And with a sad face he added, “but they never taught us how to live.”

I would rather teach the person how to cook an egg than teaching him how to do Sunday school on Sunday’s. Christianity is a way of life, not a series of religious meetings.




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15 09 2014

Hello Molong and thank you for your blog…i will like to ask you a question: you said: we don’t do “prayer meetings” but we do pray a lot.
how does it look practically? how will a prayer Meeting look like? will there be someone leading? it seems to me like the early church use to meet for prayer only for a specific purpose? am i right? what’s wrong with having a regular “prayer meeting” each week?
Thank you for your answers and Stay blessed

16 09 2014

We don’t wait for a meeting to pray. We pray directly when needs arises. At times we don’t even have to pray because we directly meet the need. The best way to meet a need is not to pray but to meet the need.
Prayers happens anytime at any day of the week.
The context of my article my friend is that we live-life together as family. We live next door To each other like Acts 2:42-46, from house to house.
If we follow their way of life, Acts 2 life, next door to each other then what is a scheduled meeting then if we can just have coffee or a meal under the tree or in our house or in my house?
We’re a family, that’s how we look up to each other and treated each other. Like families don’t do meetings, they just meet a lot anytime, anyday.

16 09 2014

Hey Molong:
you said “we don’t do “prayer meetings” but we do pray a lot…”

in traditional “churches” they sometimes meet once a week to pray for the subjects and the city or the land…usually someone will lead the prayer-meeting

How does it looks like your Ekklesia? Do you have special gatherings for praying? how does this gathering will look like? will someone lead or you just collect subjetcs and start praying? do you also pray for your city or land?

can you please write a Post on prayer and Intercession in “organic” Ekklesia?

thank you for your answers

16 09 2014

That’s a good suggestion topic my friend. I shall try my best to share on how the organic church prayer stuff look like.
One thing, it’s very relational. No one would even notice that it’s a program. Sometimes someone would suggest to pray for something. Sometimes someone will just pray directly in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes, we’re led to meet to pray specific stuff. Sometimes we just normally met and right there and then we all prayed.
It’s crazy I know. But that’s how relational folks operate with trust in one another.

31 10 2014
Eli Belinario

Besides Cebu, do you have outreaches elsewhere, like in Metro Manila?

31 10 2014

We got few disciples around there Eli. Where are you at?

18 11 2014

Eli, only some disciples up
Manila. I mean, those that I made disciples there. I only work and build something to them.
I knew many people in Luzon and Mindanao as I coordinated groups around doing seminars and conferences but as I evaluate it it’s hard to get real fruits like ones that is commanded to make disciples so I stop.
I only travel and meet people who are really sooo interested about seeking His kingdom and nothing else. Many folks seek nice church with nice people who drives nice cars, seeking jobs with nice salary, seeking groups with nice leadership skills, seeking nice weather, it’s obvious they don’t seek the kingdom first but second.
Many seek house church or simple church or organic church or whatever their seeking. I was there even a part of pioneering it since 1999 but self has to die. Vision has to be recaptured. Dreams must die at Jesus feet. Lays it all down at Jesus feet.
We got some extended
Families around the country – that is unbelieving friends whom we’ve made into disciples. And some Christian friends who me we’ve made into disciples. Yeah, Christians goes to church, disciples follows Christ.
So we go around sometime and be family with them. No seminars or conferences. No more. Jesus never did any of that. What he did is eat with people build relationships with them. Ok

24 11 2014

Eli. Did you get my reply? In not sure. Let me know

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