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14 11 2013

I Iive in northern part of Cebu. Half of my province was hit hard as the eye of the storm lands here also. My town wasn’t that bad compared to up north, about 30min drive from where we live it’s where the devastation started to taking place. My dad lives north at Daan bantayan, his house and properties was wiped out that to start all over again is the first thing one can do. Then there are those saints we have around the area and elsewhere like other small islands as we sent disciples to make disciples they we’re very affected too.

We make disciples for years reached up to the 14th generations. All our stories can be found in my sites and other sites that’s link to my site. Have time to scroll them and see how we started living Acts 2:42-47.

Anyway, as an ecclesia we respond by doing anything we could. So we started packing foods, have 300 packs now so far and we aim for 1,000 to help 1,000 saints and their families, at least. Today, we continue packing as foods I order will arrive. Also we sent people to other places to locate them. Like today very early morning at 4 o’clock two disciples went to Ormoc, Leyte to locate one of their families as they have no clear news. And we sent them some monies for that and food to support it. Be praying for their safety now. We also keep sending finances to any extended families that needed helps. Sent two disciples also to check and help my father up north bringing food and whatever. This Saturday is we start distributing what we have. All my family decided to give half of our clothing, towels, slippers, blankets even, etc to help the needy around.

North Cebu is like what you see on the news about Tacloban, it looks like it! Deaths are taking place as well, like one of my uncle’s side down generations were dead. Houses are damaged a lot. It says in news that 98 percent of houses were damaged at north Cebu. Check my fb wall for photos and videos that was taken there by one of the disciples named Albert, when I sent two of them to check on my dad two days after the typhoon they took those videos. ( Then you see what I just illustrated.  Many from Cebu and elsewhere were were shock seeing the videos as none expected it to be hit that hard.

Here are immediate needs. Money to buy food is the first one. I would suggest to be sent it by western union as it’s faster. Second option would be through my paypal account found on my site and third is through bank to bank.

  • For Western Union use this info below: (Use either these names, to keep WU asking questions)





    For Paypal, use my email: (Use either these emails to keep paypal withholding it) OR


    And for bank to bank use:

    Bank name: UNIONBANK

    Account name: ROMULOS J. NACUA

    Account: 109451245027

    Address: Mandaue city, Cebu, Philippines 6002

    And my cell number if needed is +639237312496

    Take note: If you’re currency is in US$, it is better to send it in dollars, do not exchange it to peso. I will be the one to exchange it here in peso in our rate as it is normally higher. I would gain a peso in every $1 you sent. Example, if you send $50 then I can earn another $1 for that amount. And that savings can purchase 1 kilo of good quality rice goof for 5 Filipino people to have a meal! OK

    Another way to help:

    Second way to help is start collecting clothing, shoes, slippers, toothbrushes, soaps, anything as you meet people everyday share our stories and I am sure they can play their part. There is a way to send it here cheaper in a big box through forex or LBC express. It called BALIKBAYAN BOX, that weight has no limit and anything you can fit in is able. It would reach here 5-6 weeks but it’s okay because it’s not that urgent and immediate compared to food now. As I said, my whole family is deciding to give half of our clothing etc, and other extended families that’s not so affected are happy also to do that.

    Well, this relief activities were not really special to us as many of you know that we are already functioning like this almost everyday! We don’t buy and we don’t sell. We only give and receive. Shared Jesus-Life-Together Daily from house-to-house. We help 13 widows around, orphans, needy saints that are among us, and lastly the poor.

    Some of you might have read this have shared already what you have, I thank you for that. Many who might like to respond if they knew it. As people are inquiring, please share our stories. It’s good to help, we have tasted the joy for quite sometime now.

    Leaving you a quote from Mother Theresa, certainly the hero for this kinds of stuff, she said, “I can do things you cannot do. You can do things I cannot do. But if we work together great things we can do.”





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17 11 2013

If I send via western union, do you receive it as cash at agent location, bank account, or receivers mobile wallet?

18 11 2013

Yes Peter, will get as cash at agent location.
Send it in my real name:



20 11 2013
Angela Clark

Does this go into a church account or your own personal bank account?

20 11 2013

Hi Angela, any money to help victims goes into my personal account. And is accounted for, receipt are kept and documented.
We operate this way for years. We are disciples of Jesus and made disciples up to the 14th generation.
We live like Acts 2:43-47, live from house to house daily, sharing life together everyday.

20 11 2013
Angela Clark

Hi Molong
Thanks for your reply. Accountability is important. Personally, I have a separate personal bank account for ministry donations.
May God bless and prosper you in what you are doing.
Angela (working with Healing Communities)

22 11 2013

Hi Molong,
I personally think your doing a great job. We can all see where your money is going. I think that only people who are making disciples and baptizing them in 3 or 4 minutes should have the right to question you…

24 11 2013
Angela Clark

I was asking because churches in the UK cannot easily support churches that do not have their own bank account and charity status, so I was wanting to explore that with Molong. It’s just part of the legislation and accountability that we have to work under. An advantage of this is that our government contributes an extra 25% if the donations come from tax payers. We can contribute as individuals, but donations that go through the church bank account have to go through an organisation such as Tear Fund or other DEC charity. I hope that clarifies things.

24 11 2013

Hi Angela. Thanks for your concern.
We are a simple church family of Jesus and I want to clarify that to those who wanted to give that we are not registered as a church organization and we already function as an ecclesia helping as many needy saints and poor people as
We can. People trusted us this way
However, this crises is big enough for us to see the need to have such systematic accountability. We have relational accountability, that is we function with relationships and trust. People needed receipts and reports because there is no relationships. We knew that that from biblical perspectives, getting a tax deductible from your donations is not the best giving, laying ones life is, for the sake of Christ.
However, on this mess that devastated my country we as a church here understand and consider the need to provide such accountability that people like you are asking and needing. Not in any way that it’s bad but it is good specially that these donations goes out to the victims of typhoon.
We keep receipts as we can and put in record whatever we spent. Although we decided to buy food and things from local market to support my community , that is ‘official’ receipts is hard to get.
So to those who give and ask we show it to them.

If anyone now that wants to give through a church that their giving can be used as tax deductible we can lead you on how to that. We ask a foundation that caters this need now. Just private message me at

24 11 2013

Thanks for your heart to give Angela. Your suggestion help us do best next time to serve God’s people.

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