I love doing things differently. That’s how probably one of the reasons why I put myself into trouble? ūüôā

When it comes to the command to “go and make disciples” to the world, we don’t do ‘discipleship’ to the found. We¬†make disciples to the lost. We don’t lock up people in the room and taught them ‘about’ God, we ‘cast’ them out to the field and taught them¬†‘how to live.’ We don’t create our own¬†‘discipleship materials’ but uses what Father has already created for us to learn. “See, I have told you earthly things and you didn’t get? How much more if I told you heavenly things?” Jesus said to Nicodemus.¬†(Paraphrase, Jn 3:12) “The Kingdom of God is like,….” “Faith is like,…” “If anyone hears my word and does them, I would liken him,…” We do ‘discipleship’ right there on the field, right there in the community where miracles happen. We don’t even call¬†it ‘discipleship’ anymore for when you start explaining and defining¬†things then it becomes complicated.

When it comes about “doing church” we don’t do meetings, we gather¬†as a “family” thus meetings becomes the by-product of our relationships. We don’t do “bible study programs” but we read and discuss the Bible a lot. We don’t do “prayer meetings” but we talk to God with one-another a lot. We live Jesus-Life Together Daily.¬†Thus, making our¬†days full of one-anotherings.

When it comes to¬†“be the church” we change our priorities. We live Acts 2:42-46. We¬†live “from house to house”¬†“shared everything in common”¬†“no buying, no selling but only giving and receiving” “no one is poor among them because they own everything.”

When it comes to giving, we don’t take up an offering. We voluntarily lay down our lives for¬†the sake of the brethren. We don’t pray for a need to be meet. We meet a need. The¬†best way to meet a need is to meet a need.

When¬†it comes to “orphans and widows” we took care of them. We have¬†them¬†among us everyday.

When it comes¬†on “how to handle children” we raise and treat¬†them as our own. Thus, erasing the ‘orphan’ mentality because we have become “hundreds of fathers and mothers” to them.¬†Take notice that a child in the orphanage is an orphan, but an orphan in the family is a child. Thus, we don’t build orphanages as we are not called to do so. We are called to be family with each other. Adopting those who are fatherless and motherless. Thus, eradicating spiritual orphans that are roaming around spiritual orphanages (churches).

And lastly, when it comes to¬†responding differently in this recent typhoon that devastated our country we want to do things differently. Red Cross and other organizations does their own thing by putting up their own names.¬†They have their own place but honestly, even¬†the anti-christ can do that. Watching an end¬†of the world¬†Christian movie “Megiddo” the cast¬†played as¬†anti-Christ¬†told¬†his wife to feed the hungry people and children of the world¬†using all his money. Indeed, he can as he owned the whole world. But, how do we respond differently? Giving food and clothing is not enough, we know better than that. Even building them a decent house won’t do. Well, as my friend Wolfgang Simson wrote to me, “Molong, now you can start as many apostolic hubs as¬†you can. What could be the purpose of wiping out many areas?” I know, we know that¬†he is only joking to make me laugh¬†right?

My heart is to start apostolic hubs around my country. Make “making disciples” a “movement” by unleashing the church to the barangays of the Philippines. Why not? (search ‘apostolic hub’ in google or my site)

When I started doing “house churches”¬†in the year 1999 for 8 years, I was so bored at¬†doing meetings and trainings and I¬†gave up and start from the ‘early church’ way – making disciples. Now,¬†after 4 years we’ve reach up to the 16th generation. We have our stories on our websites, (yes, that’s with “s”), names, photos of baptism, dates, videos are documented for the purpose of helping the next generation to make disciples. Chart is available too of who made who into a disciple of Jesus. I may not have a thousand house churches,¬†but¬†we’re connected to at most 600¬†individual families around the country.

When Felicity Dale wrote to me and ask me “how many ‘families’ should we plan to help?” I said a thousand. And suddenly that was translated into a “Molong has a ‘thousand’ house churches.” Well, I wish. But honestly, I was challenge by it. Who knows¬†what this tragedy would bring? Like the persecutions of the early church followers have pushed them to make disciples more! Can¬†WE really turned this “mess” into a “mass” production of disciples? The early did it first with 3,000 souls in one day. My uncle Victor Choudhrie did a million in¬†over a period of one¬†year in India! But the question remains “how?”

Many of you are so willing to hold the handle and¬†push us like a knife. We’re the tip that’s sharpen enough to penetrate, that means, we make disciples and baptize the person already within 3-6 minutes (see our sites for more stories). Actually, last month there’s 14 people that was made into a disciple, 14 people is not much but you got to know that the¬†one who made these people a disciple is a 2nd¬†generation mother who is widowed that was passed into a 3rd generation and fourth. Last week there’s two baptisms by a 4th generation. Today, a baptism by a 1st and 4th generation. And that is only happening in here. And as normal as ‘making disciples’ happens here spontaneously and around the country, there are numerous of us that does it. Like my recent trip in Butuan that 100 plus was made into a disciple in 4 months by just one couple alone. Another couple is planning to¬†have a “mass baptism” as she calls it that’s happening this month.

As we go and respond to this crises and as you continue pushing us like a knife, remember that our mission is not to feed a hungry tummy for awhile but our goal is to have a long-lasting impact to these affected families by showing Jesus love without strings attach by a group of disciples who doesn’t bear any name except “being” a disciple, and start a “making disciples” movement and establish apostolic hubs around my province, Cebu.