House Projects Update!

Bills of Materials in US$ per house in Phase One: Structure and Roofing
Days it takes to build one house 4 days (depends on weather conditions)

Woods from fallen coconut trees for house structure size 8ft by 16ft
$4.76 per fallen/damage coconut X 8 trees = $38.09
6 pcs 4x4x8ft
8 pcs 2x4x8ft
3 pcs 2x4x14ft
4 pcs 2x4x10ft
12pcs 2x2x14ft
10pcs 2x2x10ft

For chain saw need per house:

10 liters at $1.35/lit = $13.57
2 liters of engine oil at $2.85/lit = $5.71

Nails Average per house:
Umbrella nails 1.8 kls @$1.66 = $3
Common nails #5 -2.3 kls @$1.19 = $2.73
Common nails #4 -1.6 kls @$1.19 = $1.90
Common nails #3 -0.4 kls @$1.19 = $0.47

G.I sheet Roof 24 thickness x 8ft @$5.47
18 tin sheets 8ft @$5.23 = $94.28

Food (lunch only and 2 snacks) for 12 workers = $70.52/house
Each house has representative to work, help build each others houses (My father and our brother Andy included on list of workers.

Total: $236

Miscellaneous Expenses (not included on house building project) approximately:
$100 – for everytime (once-twice a week) a team of saints from the church here would come and bring additional supplies for housing project, food, medicines for sick children up north and gasoline for a 3hour drive up north ($50)
$250 for chain saw operator named Andy from the city, for one month of cutting woods for 10 houses. A chain saw needed someone who knows how to use it.

PHASE ONE: Structure and Roofing
PHASE TWO: Floor and Walls
PHASE THREE: Electricity Wirings
And along the way we provide them some clothings, solar lights, food from time to time, toys, sandals, bags, kitchen utensels, etc…

As of January 13th, 4 houses has been built, and all wood requirements to build the other 6 houses is finished. It has been raining for a week as there is typhoon down Mindanao area, so work ahs been delayed.

For sustainability, we purchase two boats for $119 each, still on the process of making, for two family fishermen. Given as gifts but encourage to feed other two families though their harvest.

We continue making disciples as we go up north Cebu, last time we went, January 3, we made 7 disciples and baptized them directly. Two days after, January 5, another 10 people has been made into a disciple of Jesus. After 3 days, Janaury 8, another 7 disciples has been made. Just in 7 days, we baptized 24 people! And what’s even better is that the disciple-makers were from 2nd,3rd and 4th generations!

Aside from building houses, we continue sending finances to typhoon victims around affected areas like Samar and Leyte specially brothers and sisters in the Lord. We just recently sent a couple who pastor a church in Tacloban, P3,000 as help. Another organic pastor named Willy and Mercy in Dinagat islands, we send some P15,000 to help saints there who were affected by typhoon Yolanda. A burnt child we send to the hospital that cost us some $350 for medicines and hospital bills. Several houses, aside up north we help repair by providing them tim sheets, saints like Jonathan, Roy, Dennis, Auling and some 10 families we help provide tin sheets.

About a hundred sacks of rice, thousands of water bottles and thousands of childrens food we distributed up north. Clothing, solar lights, blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen utensels, what else?

We could have done so little when we started helping typhoon victims on the first week. But because of your big heart we did all these together. My favorite quote from Mother Theresa is what I would liken us, she spit these words out in front of his invited politicians and leaders when she received a Novel Peace Prize, hear it:

“I can do things you cannot do,…” she paused for a moment and continue, “you can do things I cannot do. But if we work together great things will happen.”

The Saints and my family wants to say a “BIG THANK YOU” for extending your hearts and hands in mercy and generosity.

Molong and team.