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Many Christians don’t just ignore their kingdom mandate which is to “seek His Kingdom” but also doesn’t know “how” to seek it because they’re seeking other things. Already filled-up with other things. Even the very area that only God can fill they filled it up with something else. They’re not seeking the kingdom first, as my friend Mike Peters would say “if we seek good jobs and good business and good weather and go after them then it’s obvious that we’re not seeking His kingdom first but second.”

Often I share to disciples, when it says “seek ye first the kingdom” it means first of all that the kingdom is hidden. It was meant that way or else Religious swines will find it and trample it on their feet. But here is the good news: Jesus promised that he who seek shall find! So if it’s hidden and we are told to seek it, it means then that it can be found. Yes?!

What is our job then? It is clear, ‘seek’ it. But how sad, many doesn’t know ‘how’ to seek it or simply because they don’t know ‘what’ to seek? Many also have tried ‘figuring it out’ first and see if it fits to their religious appetites. God’s heart is not found in ‘trying’ but it is found in seeking.

So, what is the kingdom of God then? Well, it’s within you and within me. His rule is where His domain is. “The kingdom of God is within you.” If it’s within each of us, then we’re not meant to live our lives individually eh? That’s why out of 75 commands of Jesus to us 58 of these is one-anothering. Simply put, our lives was never meant to live in isolation.

Like the early church, they ‘assembled’ themselves as one family, (imagine pieces of puzzles can be gathered but not assembled! Like many house- churches of today?) from “house to house.” One family, not many ‘Christian neighbors,’ and they live next door to each other in one city to obey their King as a body. Not one hand said to the other foot, “see you next Sunday!”

Acts 2&4 really is our pattern to follow. Many simple/organic/house churches who claim that they’re following the early church patterns, well, except Acts 2 and 4! They’re actually following the ‘result’ or the ‘fruit’ of their way of life. Example, they meet from house to house simply because they just live next door to each other!

A ‘way’ of life of sharing, of no buying, no selling but only giving and receiving, “no one is poor among them because they own everything” and other kingdom values. That’s why they’re called “The Way” simply because they have found the way to live. Seeing each other on house church meetings once a week or so cannot simply transfer kingdom values. Just as one’s good character will soon becomes bad because of his surrounding bad company guys so as the life of a person will change dramatically because he is surrounded with godly people. Honestly, after 3 yrs only of living Jesus-Life together with other saints here I can totally understand why Jesus could just retire and leave the disciples after that long. Now, we’re living together almost 9 years! And helping other areas we have where making disciples happen develop into Acts 2&4 Life!

So, let’s continue. If we seek His kingdom it means seeking His people who has the King’s rule, who obey the King. People who are living the kingdom life- together. Simply ask, when we found what we are seeking what should we do? Like a man who found a treasure in the land which not his own. Went and sold everything he has and bought that land. In other words, transfer location. Change our priorities.
This is what we are seeking, in time God brings in to us these kinds of people because God is also seeking people who are seeking His kingdom. He brings in connection and relationships and fulfill His own purposes in us, not our own individual selfish callings and gifting. Oh surely you’ll find them soon but make sure if you find it don’t use it for your own pleasure as gifts are not meant to keep but to be used and shared among the body.

When you find His kingdom, it ask you to align yourself not only to the King but also to His body. Being of ‘one mind’ and ‘one heart.’ It ask you to forsake everything you have and follow Him. It ask you to deny yourself and believe in Jesus’ words. Un-deny yourself is denying Jesus. It ask you to put down selfish ambitions and visions and dreams of your own. And you start putting other saints needs than your own. Simply put, start serving them. You are free to serve others because that’s how true freedom is designed for us as God’s people.

Ok? So, now go and start seeking your kingdom mandate. If you don’t have a seeking heart, ask Jesus for it. Surely He loves answering prayers to folks who are seeking His will!