He has proven it again and again.

The hardest thing that God has told me to do is to do nothing. “Molong, if you want to taste the fullness of the Holy Spirit you have to trust Me fully.” It basically just ask me to watch Him work.

And at the same time, this words have made people who misunderstood me and gives me trouble to many specially those who have past leadership positions in their churches. They allowed us to be different yet at the same time telling us what to do. Who loved to hear our stories yet trying to fit it into their theological thinking. And if it doesn’t find space in the mind that’s when they questioned our practices.

We make new stories, not new theories

Too many stories to tell, old and new, God Himself has proven many times what He told me that day when many disciples were made and I’m quite worried about their maturity. “Should i do follow-up works like visitations and bible studies like how I did before?” His answer is obvious: watch Me work Molong.

Again, we grow by stages. This is the reason why I don’t follow theological stuff much. I ask and obey God. It’s a journey. Our growth starts from ‘I work for God’ to ‘I work with God’ to ‘I watch God work.’

I always believe that for us to grow we have to leave some things behind. Leaving what I did before is the most freeing feeling I’ve felt. I was reminded that I am a human-being, not human-doing. That saves a lot of time and money.

Alright, here are my points. Just to highlight some stories that’s just happened this past 2-3 weeks ago apart from what we normally do everyday as an ecclesia.

A 23yo guy named Tonton was baptized by his own brother, who’s a 3rd generation disciple named Kristian who was made by his cousin Jason, a 2nd generation disciple. Jason was made by Albert, 1st generation. (photo caption of his own brother baptizing Tonton, 4th gen).

The same day (Sunday) while this very thing happened, a guy named Peter who’s a tired performing Christian brother in his church decided to become a follower. He’s bringing with him his first disciple that he made named Eric. I was present during Eric’s baptism along with his wife’s. And this was happened two years ago! Both see us at my house that day. And it’s my second time I saw Eric again after 2 years. While having coffee together, 8 of us sitting around the table (with some women disciples on other corner having their own discussions), shared stories from the Bible and how we should live as such. Eric, sitting in front of me starts throwing me words like “yeah, I read that in the Bible,…” And he keeps doing that ’til I stop and just politely ask. “It’s obvious that you have read your bible. Who gives you a bible? When do you normally read it?” He said that I gave Peter a Bible to give it to him of which I can’t remember. “Every night i read my Bible” Eric answered back.

“Peter,” I get his attention. “Did you encourage him to do this? Did you do some sort of Bible studies together?”

“No. We haven’t actually meet for a long time. Whenever I visited you, you remember that you ask me about Eric I have no stories to tell because after their baptism they transferred house quite far from where we live.” Peter explained.

“And you read your bible every night Eric?!! What made you do that?” I was excited to hear something.

“It was the last day of my job and my money would only be good for 3 days,” he shared. “I was reminded that I am a disciple and disciples doesn’t do bad thing like stealing. It won’t solve my problem. I grab my bible and starts reading, looking for answers and whispered to God my wish to have a job. And just when my money to feed my family of four is out, someone arrive at our doorsteps and offered me work! I was so thankful to God. That saves a lot of my problem. Since then I read my bible every night along with my wife.” It’s obvious because even in the midst of our bible conversations he quoted scriptures even from the book of Revelations. I was sharing about kingdom economics, how are we as disciples should positioned ourselves like Acts 2 and 4 kingdom life-together as family living from house to house, sharing things, etc. “because there will be a time where no man can buy or sell…” And he said “yeah, I read that in Revelation about 666.”

Simple stories like this leaves me dumbfounded. Simply because we cannot remember if we ever do ‘discipleship classes’ to any of the disciples that were made. God is at work here and to do anything that He doesn’t told us to do is only meant to disturb Him.

Now, here’s the story for you today. Yes, at this very date that I posted this. Hear it yourself.

We plan to do things quick and fast, we don’t sweat the small stuff most of the time. If some of us here agrees to do something then we just do it and later solve problems that may come along the way. We don’t expect problems to arise, oh well, going to the field is filled of it already! We just need to be available to solve it. Several of us agrees to go back to north of my province where we helped typhoon victims, build them houses and distribute food and water and shelter for four months after typhoon hit them last Year November 8. The purpose is to see those that were made into disciples. Peter and Tonton joined in the team that was formed for this purpose. We don’t choose who will go, anyone can but only a dozen came.

They all slept here last night at my house, woke up at 3 in the morning. Me and my wife didn’t sleep and just took care of them until they left at around 4 in the morning. As they arrived at my Dad’s place, they were being chased already by sick people! Yes, some sick people around the community came to my father’s place (my father has a house there that was hit also by typhoon) and have waited for them to get prayed and healed for! They have breakfast together and minister to each other. Then along with other disciples they roamed around the saints houses there and hand them packs of bags where some kilos of rice, canned good and clothing was shared. Then they went straight to the island called Malapascua where a handful of disciples are waiting also to be ministered.

A disciple named Christopher came whom Jomie made into a disciple during his last visit at the island where he made six disciples including this guy. (A full story about Jomie’s trip and how this guy was made into a disciple will be find here: www.pation.wordpress.com) When Chris heard of them he joined in where they set up their tents along the shorelines. Read from Albert’s report today:

This is Christopher, one of disciple here in malapascua island, Jomie made him into a disciple in one of his trips here. He just came now this afternoon to see us, and informed us that he made two disciples and baptized them just after he was made into a disciple of Christ. He is a cooked in one of the restaurants here in the island. He just escape for while from work to see us. Anyway, Thank you for your prayers as we all got here safe.***

This particular story reminded me again of what God said to me about trusting Him fully. Look at this guy Christopher, Jomie left him after his baptism without doing any ‘discipleship classes’ just like Phillip in the book of Acts has done to the Eunuch!

“Is Chris a matured disciple?” You make ask. Well, surely to most ‘Christians’ way of weighing him he is not. “But is he a disciple?” Indeed. A disciple is one who makes disciples. And I’m sorry to burst your bubbles here, what kind of maturity are we looking for than a person who can be able to make others becomes Jesus’ disciples?

How about Diosua’s story, a fourth generation disciple, below:

Nov. 21, 6:15pm

“Who made you a disciple then?”

I ask Diosua (‘dios’ in cebuano is Lord) who came here at the house from the mountain for his baptism.

“It’s Roel, Gabriel and Alai,” he replied while holding a shirt to be used for his baptism. These three people who made him a disciple are 3rd generation disciples who are also his friends. And they were made into a disciple together by Albert’s sisters named Analyn and Arlen (2nd gen).

“Geduot sad ko sa Ginoo oi samtang namalandong ko sa ilang gesulti.” (God has push me too while I meditate on what they’ve shared.) he said confidently to us all here as I interview him. His decision to be baptized today was being informed by Albert’s mother yesterday.

“Well, he came today, and that means he’s serious to become a disciple.” Albert’s mother said to me as Albert and Jomie took Him to the nearby ocean to be baptized at this time 6:27pm.