Wait til you hear this…

1 12 2014





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5 12 2014

Thank you brother Molong for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus.
I came across your ministry by way of the web site “before it’s news”.
Someone must have uploaded your video.
I have been a committed Christian for many years. 40 years in the Catholic church but always seeking more…there had to be more! Then I left and went to Protestant churches only to be disappointed.
Now I attend a weekly meeting at someone’s house where there is no official leadership.I like this very much but I still believe there is more that the Lord has for my brothers and sisters and me.
Your blog is very insightful based on the few articles I have read. I plan to read more and hope I can gather enough information to help our little group grow more and faster in the Lord.
I am 65 now with a wife,7 children and 3 grandchildren and I want to make every moment count for Him.
May God continue to bless you and your brothers and sisters.

5 12 2014

Ken. Thanks. My email is molong.nacua@gmail.com. Let’s chat.

15 03 2015

Ken, hello. Glad to connect.
Please let me know how I can help you. Feel free to ask specific questions as I normally not good at writing ;-). My email is molong.nacua@gmail.com

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