If I take a little of bit of here and there from everything of what I have been through and learned for all those 20 years experience in ministry, I can. I could. It’s easy to start all over again and would be reaping many ‘traditional ministry’ benefits from it. But honestly, I actually did that already but I stop everything because it is not about Jesus as King and His kingdom. It is still about ‘little-me and my little-churches.’
What you gain from ‘seeking God’s kingdom and His constitution’ takes all what you’ve learned to lay it down at Jesus’ feet first and deny yourself before it can actually works. It means, you CANNOT add what you gain to what you have learned, you have to take it all off first, empty yourself, fill up that garbage bin. And only then you can start walking as a ‘legal’ person in His kingdom.
Many people keeps adding and adding what they’ve gained from ‘seeking’ to their existing churches, structures and leadership, and therefore they subtract a lot of kingdom authority. Instead of acting powerfully they started justifying themselves behaving like powerful actors.
Many here wants to share their ‘past and present’ ministry experiences to us that suggested to do likewise. I would just respond with a smile knowing I have been through to many things. “I handled myself 12 bible study groups a week plus discipleship trainings on Monday nights apart from Sunday’s and revival nights services” I would think, “how many you’ve got? And you thought we better do it again only this time with a kingdom ‘mindset’?” Such kind of faith God does not allow.
Kingdom Dismantling
One thing I will not want to do as I seek His kingdom is do what I did before. When we want to die and deny ourselves to seek His kingdom not only our religious belief system died with us but also ‘what we did before’ died with us too.
Seeking God’s kingdom ask us to stop doing what we are currently doing and do something new. You cannot find new things by doing something old. Seeking God’s kingdom is not doing or ‘adding’ more to what you already did. Seeking God’s kingdom is ‘seeking His ways’ not ‘your way’ to fulfill His plans.
Seeking the kingdom seeks to kill us! Kill our own dreams and visions. We don’t have visions on our own, we are only ‘captured’ by the vision of Jesus.
You want to live the kingdom life? Deny yourself.