Please read my story.

I don’t know. But what can you say about this?

My mom was saved through reading the book. She’s a hardcore catholic almost everyday at church and activities. Her friends are priests and nuns and leaders of groups. She reads the book four times and says how wrong the belief of the Catholic Church are. She has been listening to me whenever I share the gospel. She decided to get baptized.
I was surprised anyway. But what can I say? What’s more interesting to me she hasn’t stop being friends with her catholic friends and priests, she continued to communicate with them. Unlike us ‘the christians’ forget our old friends after we are saved.
More? The reason behind my mom indulge herself in catholic activities is because my dad has another woman. And what kind of woman? A born again christian woman. Yes, she too is hardcore born again believer, going to church and donating and supporting pastors. How’s that?
Want More? Yes. The reason I was saved and my entire family members ‘clan’ , yes, clan. Because she sends me to a youth camp meeting and I decided to follow Jesus and even heard God called me to minister to people someday. That’s when a bunch of folks in our clan got saved. And I was baptized next day at the camp. All it started because of that ‘another woman’ of my dad who’s a born again ‘christian’ and who’s the very reason why my mom indulge herself in being a catholic.
What can I say? What can you say? Even now, talking with my siblings how did that happen and where is the connection to make sense of that situation we could not fathom.
My life is full of surprises. I am sure if I write a book it be labeled as ‘heretic’ too?
Here’s a quote I cannot forget during my first year of being a christian: whatever Satan designed evil in your life, God can turn it into good.
Some younger generation watched the movie also and yes, all cried a lot. I ask them “what have you learn?”
“That we must forgive the person who does wrong to us.” They said in agreement. “Or else we cannot love them.” Sounds not bad at all.
The movie touch my heart. Yes, I lost our first son. That’s quite justifiable right? But you know what? Most ‘theologians’ I know have lost their feelings. Surely they win a lot of arguments but surely they’ve lost a lot of good friendships too.
Do you know why I am so open? A professor once told me: ten years ago your belief/theology now wasn’t there. So you think ten years from now it won’t change?
That professor have masters of divinity of whatever. He once challenge every one saying “want a debate with me? I am the first Hebrew and Greek scholar in the Philippines.” Everyone just responded with a laugh. When I shared to him about God being a woman, he replied: “God has a mother side too!”
“God’s ways is higher than ours.” I don’t need to quote a scripture to back that up. I know that most who will read this claims to know The Shack is heretic. “His thoughts are higher than ours.” Folks, should we demand a question from God? Question His method? Or should just enjoy His benefits. God is mysterious, live with it.