A 4th generation disciple named Jimton arrived at my house with his cousin John. They came to help me set up something in my yard. It’s actually the iron grill that hit my foot and gave me ten stitches three weeks ago. I can start walking now and slowly back to work. The grill needed some finishing. It’s to put hammocks around and let my grape vine climb too.
Jimton was made a disciple by his brother named Christian. And Christian was made by his cousin named Jason. And Jason was made into a disciple by Albert. Among them – Jason, Christian and Jimton, it is Jimton who mostly is doing the job of making a person into a disciple. When I say ‘making a person into a disciple’ it simply means the introduction or introducing Jesus as King to the person and the person decided either to follow Christ or not. The next step to do is still need to be done after baptism.
We are working the whole day today(Sunday) together. Planting and replanting, arranging and cleaning. Albert and Jomie had their new business set up which is to offer company offices to put our plants for beautification. In other words, rent a plant. For so many many things that they have learned like fixing home appliances, cooking, sewing hammocks, building houses and toilets in our hubs and other things, finally something that stands out – landscaping. They love plants and they’re making a serious business with it. They found their niche.
Jimton, a disciple, came with his cousin John, not a disciple yet) to help something. When the iron grill/bar was fix with a cement, three of us sat together in the lawn relaxing. That’s when I started sharing the kind of life we have here and where we got it from – the early church.
After some explanations I decided to get my bible and started quoting Acts chapter 2 and 4. Along the way he mentions about religions, catholic statues and other belief. Quote some scriptures from Psalm 115 which is talking about idolatry. He also ask about ‘going to church’ and I quoted from Moses about the temple to Paul about us ‘being the temple’ now and ‘how do we worship’ in Romans 12. As jomie is cooking our dinner, surely he overheard us and says to me later after his baptism “he is serious.” As we went on discussing we are stuck talking about the King and His kingdom.
“From Jesus first words when He started His ministry” I started sharing, “He said the ‘kingdom of God is at hand. It simply means ‘I am the King and I am bringing My kingdom with Me to establish here on earth.’ And on Jesus last word in the cross He also said about His kingdom. When the thief says ‘Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.’ Means that this man believes that Jesus is the King! Because He has a kingdom. What kind of king who has no kingdom?And what kind of kingdom who has no king?
All these I spoke to John along with Jimton. While I’m in conversation, Rhuel came, who also was made into a disciple by Albert. He sat down with us, introduces him to John. Jimton and Rhuel knew each other already. Going back to our conversation.
“See, the thief got it right along this time in the cross. He heard about this Jesus as a king. If you and I were born in their time we would never hear about ‘going to church’ but only if you want to be a part of the kingdom or not. Are you in or out?
“Unlike the religions of today, all are the same. You go to church? They go to church too. In fact, their churches (buildings) are better than ours! You got a pastor? Well, they have priest and bishops, what’s the difference? You sing some worship songs? They sang too. You are slain in the spirit and crawled on the floor? They climb walls my friend. They cried, they dance, and jump. What’s the difference?
“Christians now a days made Jesus their Savior alone but not King. ‘Save us from sins Jesus’ they cried. ‘Save us from our sicknesses. Save us from our debts. Save us from calamities! But let me do what I want, when I want, how I want to live my life!’ Such a kingless statement. We prayed this prayer for a long time then ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven. Holy is Your Name. My kingdom come…!’
“But Jesus came as a King! And He has a kingdom! And He has subjects! He has a law!…..”
John made me stop and listened to him. He said “Yeah, I read the commandments of Jesus.”
I said “what?”
“I read it just there in your door.” He replied.
I left them for awhile as they work to drop something and that’s when he approach my door which has a poster of the 75 commands of Jesus. The Constitution of the Kingdom.
He got the idea there first. No wonder he is serious about it. I explained more about the Jesus as King and His Kingdom. About an hour or so. Then we are invited for dinner as Jomie done cooking chicken with onion, garlic, black pepper, green pepper, red chilli, mix with soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce. As we are together I ask John to make a decision. “So, do you want to be a part of the kingdom of God or not? Are you in or out?”
“I want to.” He said.
“There is something that we needed to do for that to happen.”
“What is that?” He ask.
“Denying.” I said straight. “What does this mean? Jesus says ‘if you want to follow Me you must deny yourself.’ It means that all you have believed at this time on going backward, yesterday, last week and month and years since you were young – you must not believe that anymore. The idolatry, the sorceress, the belief that that’s not based on God’s word you must believe it as a lie. And you start believing what Jesus said now in His Word, in His 75 commandments.
“Second, the wages of sin is death, means you are dead because of your sin, Ephesians 2:1. Yes?”
He nodded his head.
“If you are dead what are we going to do with it?”
“Bury me.” He said.
“It’s called baptism. The burial of your old self which is the result of sin. The burial of your sin also. And that how you enter into the kingdom.” I explained the difference between baptism in Catholics and other religions.
“Seek first the kingdom.” I continued. “John, do you know why Jesus as King ask us to seek the ‘kingdom’ first and didn’t say ‘seek first the king?’”
Without hesitation John replied “it is in the kingdom that the king can be found!”
Wow! His quick answer gave us some chills. “I didn’t expect answer from him!” Jomie says. “That’s a hard question” he added.
“Exactly. Wow” I am amazed. “You got it. Of course, where else unless it’s in His kingdom! It is in the place where He is obeyed. Where people do what they ought to do not do what like to do.”
I explained the difference of democracy style of governance and Anarchy. Our country is democracy. Jesus kingdom is anarchy. “In democracy we can say what we want to say” I shared “but in the kingdom your opinion is not invited.” And I shared many differences to make sure they get it.
After dinner we head directly to the ocean for baptism. It’s about 8:30 in the evening already. Albert, Jomie, Rhuel and Jimton does the baptism. I stayed at the shoreline watching the starts praying for them. After going up from the water they all laid hands on him to receive the Holy Spirit. John confesses his sins to God right there and then. As they walk back to the shoreline closing by I overheard Albert took the time to instruct John what to do next?
“Go to those people whom you sinned and ask their forgiveness. Example, you took his watch or money, go to him and confess your sins and ask for forgiveness. You may have to repay him back and do it.” Albert gave some instructions.
“And also go to those people who has sinned against you and say you forgive them. Example, say’do you remember that you didn’t pay me back your debt? I forgive you. You are forgiven. You don’t have to pay me back anymore. Debt canceled.’ Something like that.” Albert continued.
“And when you think you are done,” I said to John “come back for your next step ahead entering the kingdom of God. This stage is only the beginning to cleanse you and purify you.”
Handed John a new bible with a print out of the 75 commands of Jesus for him to start obeying. I shared a lot of daily stories of getting things done explaining the ‘teach them to obey’ commands that it didn’t say ‘teach them to have bible knowledge.’ One will walk limping without the other because they do not now how to obey. Worst than dropping an iron grill on your foot!