“Hey uncle, thanks for the ice cream” says James, “and can you bring a cake next time?” He is about five years old.
Just got back from visiting a family of saints in the city. About an hour drive on my motorbike. The father of James came to visit us here and another father came too. We did some work together helping Albert and Jomie’s plant business. We ate together, laugh, discussed things and be encouraged. As it’s time for them go home I drop James father to their place. It’s when I bought some ice cream for everyday and bread. And here it is, James, certainly the younger giver I have ever witness. He prompted to write this story.
He holds one box of ice cream in his hands and roams around and told every kids, his cousins and nephews about 15-of them all I think. Pack in a small community in a small house. After he shows everyone the ice cream he took the other box, as I bought two for everybody, and again he roams around showing everyone. Then every kids brought their own cups to get a scoop of ice cream. James, is busy roaming around encouraging and calling every one to get some ice cream. He actually held in his hands different cups for everybody, one by one. “That son of mine loves to share.” The mother says to me.
As I watch him going back and forth giving every one their cups of ice cream, I heard him speak “Mom, how about grand pa?” Her mom told him to get a cup for grandpa. He went.
After everybody got their own ice cream, yes even me I got a cup too. James came back and says “where is mine, momma?” Her mom gave him a cup of ice cream and says “is this all? It is small!”
I burst with laughter.
Moving backward years ago when he was just about months old at the hospital, as he was sick, he is a sickly child. It’s when I met his father and his mom beside him. After a week or two, I baptized his father and his father baptized his wife and they baptized their son and so on.
Today, about 3 years since then, the relationship is still there. No need of ‘master of ceremony’ to have that. No meetings, no follow ups, no religious programs whatsoever but just a lot of relationships – family.
You know in most churches what a ‘family’ is to them? It is when you belong in the same ‘group’ or ‘denomination’ such as ‘Jesus Reigns Family’ because they attend the same gathering and they are on one group as a ‘committee.’ But have we really ‘become’ family to each other? Where were you when one of their child is sick? How about when a mother needed milk for her child? Can we meet together without an agenda? Just because we are family!!
Church is family. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.