There is another kind of ‘church meeting.’ It’s Hebrews 10:24-25. It’s a kind of meeting that came out of relationship. It is the by-product of our relationships.
It’s guilt-free. “Is Monday night fine with you?” A brother ask.
“No. Tuesday would be fine” was the response.
“Ok. See you then.” That’s it.
Not based on schedule or routine. “We should always meet on Wednesday night at 7pm.” And if we could not for some reason then we cancel it and do it next week, same day and time and place.
Not based on program, “Our topic tonight is about Grace….next week is Love.” But our God-life itself becomes the topic. “You know I read something this morning,…and it makes me think…” someone might share.
“A brother talk to me about what I did is wrong” another sister opened up, “and it help me see myself how selfish I am…”
“You know what, earlier today as I went walking to the market I almost hit by a car,” one exclaimed, “but thank God it didn’t hit me at all.” A testimony, but you know it’s not the ‘religious way’ like “I want to thank God that I almost hit by a car,…(put up a smiley face with a little bit of reluctance to speak because you have to find the right words and phrase and yes religious terms) praise the Lord, I want to give all the glory to Him.” The person cannot normally speak.
“I had a vivid dream last night,…” a single mother said, “what do you think is the meaning?”
“The saints in our community just sent some help to another group of saints in another city” another brother shared, “they help a widow sister there to have her own room. And they needed more help.”
“Where can we send? We want to help” said a couple who’s doing some business.
Sounds familiar?
It may not be because we have not realizes it or value it as ‘spiritual life’ because Christianity for us is not ‘living’. This is a relationship-based meetings, not meeting-based relationship. When we truly know each other and have become family to each other then our relationship is not ‘maintained’ by meetings.
When I went to India and a friend pick me up with his car full of saints. “Molong, tell me” he ask “are we church? Right now, this car is full of Christians.”
To be safe I said “I’m not sure. Maybe?”
“No.” He said straight “because we just knew each other. We do not have relationship with with each other.”
Church is about relationships. Many churches have people yet lack relationships. Church is not just because you have relationships with the people there but because you also serve one another. Many churches have people and relationships but does not serve one another.