A mom came today. While I do carpentry work making a toy house for my daughter, I let her peel some cranberry fruits to extract some seeds for planting and sell its seedling sprouts. Three things we talk I will highlight:
1. Sharing to her that as disciples it’s not a question to help other disciples. We should. It should be our heart to extend help as we are told to ‘carry each other burdens so as to fulfill Christ’s law’ and many other admonishments. The question is ‘how to help.’ We should let them help us too. Example: we plant something not just to eat but also to sell. And then someone just came asking for money or things? We work with our hands creating a product and sell it for 2,000 peso and someone just came asking 2,000 peso without working for it? At least give them something to work like cleaning the backyard or get some cows poo and fertilizer or plant some seeds. Anything for him to contribute something to the community. Love may be unconditional but it is not irresponsibility. Teach the person how to live. Let him set a good example for others. Two kinds of disciples in the kingdom: one is the ‘well done, good and faithful servant. And the other one is the ‘lazy and wicked servant.’
2. She is handling a couple of simple groups. She said that her busiest times is sit down and think what to teach. She murmurs that she’s tired of feeding them and yet they still do not know how to feed themselves. That’s a lot of discussion we have in that topic.
3. As she peels the cranberry fruits to extract seeds she said “a seed must die in order to grow. Is it really like that?” And we had a great discussions about the kingdom.
Get some faith lessons from what you do together with other believers. Don’t just sit and open your bible and share truths. Live truths, daily ‘from house to house.’ Do something together. Learn together. It’s discipleship by life, not by book.