How we make disciples 2 – Baptism
A disciple is one who decided to follow Christ and be a part of His kingdom. How to make him decide depends on how we understand making disciples.
How to make him decide depends on how we understand making disciples. Jesus has the quickest way of making someone a disciple. He said “follow Me” and the person starts following Him.
Be a disciple first, then your life starts changing. Be inside the kingdom first then the cleaning starts. If you’re outside His kingdom then there is no power for him to help him change. We are powerless outside the kingdom.
In traditional evangelism we clean him first: you’re a sinner and needs to repent and do the evangelistic allegiance called ‘sinners prayer.’ Then we welcome him in the four corners of our churches.
In making disciples, we want them to become a part of the kingdom after explaining the ‘gospel of the kingdom’ to him. And he is ‘in’ that’s when we start cleaning him. Like in any marriage, the moment you say “I do” is the moment your life starts changing. You cannot buy things even for yourself, a joint agreement is signed to agree to buy a house or a TV set or a car.
If the making of a disciple is quick, if the making of a disciple is to make him decide to enter into the kingdom it means there is a point for you to know how to start and how does it end. How to make a person into a disciple of Jesus has a start and an end. But how?
If Jesus says “go and make disciples” it means our intention to the person is to make him into a disciple. Right? So we say it, “I will make you a disciple.” Or however you say your intention is to let him know what you want him to be. Let me remind you that he is your friend. A lot of us are afraid to say this to a person because we do not know if we are accepted or not. But if you make disciples of your friends who believe in you and trust you because he saw the way you live the righteous way, not the religious way, what are you afraid of?
But if you tell him our intention, that’s when the start to make him into a disciple. From then on you explain the ‘gospel of the kingdom’. What does it take to make him want to become a part of it. Next, I would go into detail on what is the gospel of the kingdom. Because there is a gospel of the church of which it says “come and will clean you, heal you and give you what you want to hear, what you want so sing and what group you want to be a part of.” The kingdom is not Christianity and Christianity is not the kingdom. One is too risky, the other one is too lousy.
Anyway, how does the making of a person into a disciple end? With Baptism! After he decides to follow Christ and be a part of His kingdom, dunk him underwater for 5 minutes to make sure he is saved! Nah…
So if one says “I know how to make disciples” means he knows what to say and do. He knows how to start making one and end it. See, many of us like to talk and talk about God, bible, church, and yes kingdom to the person, yet we do not know how to bring him into a decision to follow Christ.
Whenever someone shared to me that he shared to someone about God’s love etc, that he preached to someone, I normally ask, “so have you made him into a disciple yet?” They don’t normally get asked the question, so I paraphrase “did you baptize the person?” I normally get a silent answer.
Without baptism he’s only a half-baked believer. And if they answer “no, I didn’t baptize him” then I questioned him “why? What’s your problem?”