While driving Albert and I saw this church building in the highway “Modern New Testament Church” and I said to myself while Albert is listening “What? Is there such thing as ‘modern’ NT Church? How does that look like today?”

And Albert saw another wordings, (it is traffic anyway so we read it all what it says in the signboard), and he said, “That ’10:15am to 11:15am praise and worship,’ that is singing for an hour right?” He has no traditional baggage for 8 years now being a disciple.

I smiled moving my head left and right saying back “Worship is not singing Albert.”

I compose praise and worship songs back when I was in traditional church for years. Here’s a chorus lyrics:

We lift up our hands
We lift up our voices
Declaring the You are King in this place
We lift up our hearts
Lord pour out Your spirit
We’re singing a song of praise
To seek Your face.

I then realize how stupid these lyrics could it be. Is this what we call worship? Lifting our hands and voices and sing how good great He is? Well, might be. Sounds biblical. And most of our song lyrics for worship are like this, right? Nothing wrong with it right? But what does it do to the other person?

The first word ‘worship’ appears when Abraham offered Isaac. He offered his dream, his future, his vision, he offered what gives him hope and excitement every morning. “Oh my son, you are God’s promise to me have many many many children! Yes, I will become great!” But he willingly laid down at God’s feet.

What is your ‘Isaac?’

Are you willing to lay it down at Jesus’ feet? I’m not asking you to sing. Please sing what you want. But are you willing to obey those words that comes out from your mouth?

Obedience is the highest form of worship.

Check out Romans 12, if offering our lives as living sacrifice is our reasonable worship then the question is ‘how?’ How to offer our lives as living sacrifice? By ‘lifting our hands and voices’ in singing? In John 4, the question of worship is not ‘when’ or ‘where’ but ‘how?’ The Samaritan woman ask the wrong question.

So how? Read the whole chapter. If whatever gift you have, use it to help your brothers and sisters in the Lord. If he or she is sad, then be sad “mourn to those who mourn”. If he or she’s happy, be happy “rejoice to those who rejoice.” If you are suffering “be patient in tribulation.” “If you’re enemy is hungry? Give him food. Thirsty? Give him drink.” And there’s a lot of more to do with your brothers and sisters. Worship has something to do with your brethren. It has nothing to do with singing.

Singing is singing. Worship is worship. “Sing unto the Lord a new song.” Sing, if it leads into worship it is acceptable. If it does not lead into worship, it is still acceptable. Unlike so many Christians in their churches that when the singing is good they say “oh the worship is great.” But if the singing is bad, they say “our worship today isn’t good.”

My friend, we are so good at worshiping Jesus but not so good at obeying Him. We are great singers but not great followers.